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Welcome to Global Health Club 2021-2022!

As a club, we:

Functioning as a chapter of the grassroots global health organization, Partners in Health Engage, Global Health Club fundraises, educates and advocates for Partners In Health and wider global health issues. Our mission, alongside Partners In Health, is to transform health into a universal human right.

All GHC meetings contain a global health education segment, and all members are given the option to get involved in projects the team is working on. The amount of participation is up to you, but even just showing up to meetings helps further our mission.

We meet every Monday beginning 9/13 right after school from 2-3:00pm. Come to the wagon wheel after school and look for our sign to walk with us to our meeting room in Commodore.

Everyone is welcome to join at any time; no prior knowledge or experience is ever required!  Simply pop into a meeting or join our email list through this form. We are happy to have you!

Join Us in Our Mission Alongside Partners In Health to Transform Health Into a Universal Human Right.

If you have any questions, email us at

Our Instagram: @bhs_global_health_club