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Issue 9  · Spring 2020


Lingva News

by Kalina Petrovic

I have been learning English at Lingva since I was six years old. During this time I passed Young Learners Cambridge Exams (Starters, Movers and Flyers) and FCE last year. Next year I am planning to take CAE. Learning English used to be a lot more fun before because when we were younger we learned English through writing stories with Lego bricks, learning scripts for the end-of-the-year plays and playing various games. Now everything is a lot more serious and formal. We have essays to write and different kinds of tests.  

30  years of Lingva

Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages Vlade Danilovića 40, 14000 Valjevo Serbia

CAE Group in an online Lingva English class  with their teacher, spring 2020

News from Serbia


In the period from May to June 2020, YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia set up a series of five online spring meetups in English for its students.

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Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages

On the Right Course with Lingva !

  • First private language school in Valjevo, founded in 1990
  • Pioneer in integrating internet in English language teaching
  • Accredited member of YALS Association of Language schools in Serbia
  • YALS is an associate member of Eaquals, an international organisation for Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services
  • British Council Authorised Exam Centre Partner

Lidl by Alper Çuğun 

The Valjevo chronicle

by Teodora Beljić

Lidl in Valjevo

                   For years it has been talked about building Lidl in our city, but this is year is the year it is finally going to happen. The German retail chain will open its facility at the Vladika Nikolaj and Pop Lukina Street intersection and its surface area is planned to be larger than two thousand square meters.  

The first land parcel Lidl bought for this purpose turned out not to be big enough and the need for another one appeared. Construction works were supposed to start this spring, but because of the state of emergency due to the pandemic of coronavirus they were postponed.  As we all know, Valjevo was the first city in Serbia where the retail chain wanted to build Lidl when it bought the parcel six years ago.

        The only problem occurring right now is traffic related. The Lidl company asked for roundabout, so that the supermarket would be more accessible, to which our city assembly replied that traffic engineers consider it impossible. This problem is yet to be solved.

                   Lidl is a great retail company because it does not offer only many kinds of foods, but also an assortment of other seasonal non-foods which customers can enjoy. Citizens hope for cheap prices and a wide variety of offerings. This might trigger competition among the other big supermarkets in our city. A great number of unemployed people would find a job with the opening of this supermarket, and the city’s economy would improve considerably.          

Lingva News - continued

This year we had a new way of learning English via Skype because of the Covid-19. My classmates are Teodora, Sofija, Jelena, Iva, Uros, Ignjat and Filip, but since we have been divided into two groups for this news report I am going to write only about Sofija, Jelena and Ignjat. Sofija is a very bright and fun person, she is very outgoing; hence she has such a great number of friends. Contrary to her I am introvert; so is Jelena. She is quiet but she is very smart and funny once she opens up a little. Ignjat is really tall and he always knows the strangest phrases or facts when they are brought up in class.           In the future my hopes are to go abroad to pursue my career in music and I am sure my knowledge in English will contribute to making it easy in a foreign country.

YALS Online Meetups Spring 2020 - continued

 YALS Online Spring Meetup 1 held by Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović & Marija Pejatović

This entertaining and useful project was launched by YALS president Marija Pejatovic from Oxford School Leskovac, and workshops were authored and held by teachers from Lingva Belgrade, English Only, Zaječar, Oxford School Leskovac and Britannica, Niš. There were around 40 students in each of the workshops from as many as six cities with YALS schools: from Kula, via Belgrade and Valjevo, Zaječar and Niš, down to as far as Leskovac.

The first of such meetups on 23 May, with our 5th and 6th graders, covered a story on the clever monkey who outwitted the greedy crocodile. This workshop was authored and held by Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović, from Lingva Belgrade, with the technical assistance of Marija Pejatović, Oxford School, Leskovac.  

On Tuesday, 26 May, students gladly took the opportunity to attend another joint lesson planned and hosted for Yals schools by Marina Jovanović from English Only, Zaječar. This time, the pupils (4th graders and 5th graders) introduced themselves and practised giving personal information about their daily lives and routines.

The third YALS online spring meetup, organized by Oxford School Leskovac and led by teacher Jelena Spasic, took place on Wednesday, 27th May. The topic of the workshop was Media Literacy and the materials used were part of the Fulbright TEA Program that teacher Jelena attended during February and March, 2020 at Kent State University, Ohio, the USA.

On Friday, 30 May, 7th and 8th graders had the opportunity to participate in the fourth joint lesson organized for Yals schools. Students were led through the murder mystery by teachers from Britannica Niš, Jovana Kostić, Marija Vojvodić, and Milica Gojković.

The 5th YALS workshop was meant for the youngest and the cutest students. It was held in the early afternoon on 4th June, and Centar Britannica had the pleasure of being the ’virtual’ host of 1st and 2nd graders. Teachers Milica Gojkovic and Marija Vojvodic, with the wholehearted technical and logistical support of Jovana Kostic, guided the students through dance, a story about a sloth and a  rabbit. and various language and logical activities.

This project proved to be interesting and useful not only for YALS students, but also for their teachers who were given the opportunity to test their teaching skills with unknown students from different environments, as well as share their approaches and techniques with colleagues from all over Serbia.

Photo by Paul Stewart

Around the World

Can Sun Kill Korona Virus?

by Uroš Uverić

        A question many people all around the world ask every day is whether UV light can kill the corona virus that ravages today’s world. First we need to talk about the source of UV light, the bright shining star that we see every day in the sky - the sun. In the past we didn’t know much about the sun, so there was just speculation, but science has made huge progress since our first appearance at the moon, and owing to hard-working people that are thirsty for knowledge we know basically everything about that brilliant celestial object above us.

The Sun is a huge burning star that you definitely shouldn’t touch or gaze at its beauty. Its surface temperature is 5,600 Celsius, which is extremely hot. It is centered in the solar system, or should we say that the solar system is centered relative to the sun; in any case other planets circle around it because of its immense gravitational force. The sun also keeps us alive, since without its heat and light all plants would die and all other living beings would perish from the big decrease of temperature.

With our knowledge of the sun we should now be able to answer the question above “Can UV light kill the corona virus?”  However, it’s not that simple. Firstly, the sun emits three types of UV light. UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA makes around 80% of the UV rays in the air, it is not as deadly as the other two, and it can’t kill the virus. UVB is the one penetrating the body and causing cancer, but it’s proven not to be effective in destroying the corona. Because of the UVB light our skin peels when we are on the beach having fun. Finally there is UVC light, which is the deadliest one by far and you really don’t want to get exposed to this stuff. On the other hand, it’s proven to be effective in disabling the virus ability to make more copies of itself. It doesn’t kill the virus - it just makes it ineffective, but still you could get infected. So could you use UV light to kill corona virus? Yes you could, but you shouldn’t rely on it too much..


C1 Lingva students creating an interactive activity

Lingva C1b/a students, in their first face-to-face class

 after relaxation of coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020

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