1.        Authority

        SC 1301

        Title 22

        Sec. 11.12, 11.41

The Board shall establish age requirements for the admission of beginning students which are consistent with law and regulations.

2.        Guidelines

First Grade

        SC 1304, 1326

Beginners are students entering the lowest grade of the primary school above the kindergarten level. They shall be admitted to school only during the first two (2) weeks of the annual school term, except that a child who is eight (8) years of age may begin school at any time during the school year.

        SC 1304

        Title 22

        Sec. 11.15

A beginner is eligible for admission to first grade if the child is not less than five (5) years and seven (7) months old before September 1, nor more than six (6) years and no months old before the first day of the school term.

        Title 22

        Sec. 11.16

The Board may admit as a beginner a child with a chronological age of five (5) years who demonstrates readiness for entry by the first day of the school term upon the written request of the parent/guardian, recommendation of the school psychologist, and approval of the Superintendent.

        Title 22

        Sec. 11.16

The Board is not required to admit as a beginner any child whose chronological age is less than the district's established admission age for beginners.


        Title 22

        Sec. 11.14

A child is eligible for admission to kindergarten if s/he is five (5) years and no months old before September 1st. Kindergarten registration appointments will not be scheduled after September 1st except for children who are already registered in another public or state-approved private kindergarten program and are seeking transfer.

3.        Delegation of


        Pol. 200, 203

The Superintendent or designee shall require that the parent/guardian of each student who registers for entrance to school shall submit proof of age, residence, and required immunizations.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 503, 1301, 1304, 1326

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.41, 11.12, 11.14,         11.15, 11.16, 11.41

Board Policy – 200, 203

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