21 Questions for Grandparents

  1. What games did you play?
  2. What was your old houses like?
  3. What were your Elementary School Years Like?
  4. Who were your friends and what were some of the things you did?
  5. What kind of pets did you own and what were their names?
  6. What do you remember about your baptism/ordinations?
  7. What do you remember from your Jr. & Sr. High School days?  (Prom Night)
  8. What types of Jobs did you have?  What was your first Job?
  9. How did you meet your spouse?
  10. What is your favorite memory?  What is your earliest Memory?
  11. What traditions were most memorable (Christmas, Birthday, Etc.)?
  12. What talents did you use/have (canning, quilting, whittling, etc.)?
  13. What's is the most memorable World Event that occurred in your life?
  14. Do you remember any new discoveries/inventions that you thought would not succeed, but did?
  15. What Church or Civic positions did you have?
  16. Have you met any important/famous people in your life?
  17. What personal trait do you admire most in yourself?
  18. What was the most important day in your life?
  19. What was your greatest joy and your biggest sorrow?
  20. What was the most important lesson in life that you learned?
  21. Have you had any prayers answered?