Democratic Socialists of America Fort Collins


Article I: Name

Democratic Socialists of America Fort Collins (DSAFC).

Article II. Purpose

We are socialists. We share a vision of a social order which ensures total liberation and governs the control of resources and the means of production by democratic means. To these ends, our vision of society includes democratic economic planning, solidarity and mutual aid, equitable distribution of wealth and power, liberation, and non-oppressive relationships. This vision is completely incompatible with our current capitalist system.

We reject an economic order based on brutality and violence in defense of the capitalist system. Such violence includes or results in private profit, alienated labor, squandered human potential, gross inequalities of wealth and power, discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability status, age, religion, and national origin. We believe these to be the natural and required bases for a capitalist system, purposefully implemented and maintained to advance the interests of the capitalist class. We reject these bases in their entirety.

We are building a concrete strategy to make democratic socialism a reality in Fort Collins, the nation, and the world. We believe we must vehemently condemn the class structure of society and the purposeful damage caused by wealthy capitalists, who seek personal profit at any cost, against the interests of poor, working, and middle class people who simply want to live comfortably in a just and free society. The destruction of our futures, our lives, and our planet can only be righted under a democratic socialist system.

Article III. Membership

Section 1.

Membership shall be open to every person who subscribes to the purpose of the organization.

Section 2.

Membership in DSAFC is not contingent on membership in the national organization, nor is it dependent on any dues or financial contributions.

Section 3.

Members may be expelled from DSAFC with a 75% vote at any General Meeting. Committee Chairpersons may be suspended given a 75% vote. Said Chairperson will be given one week advance warning prior to any suspension vote. Suspended Chairperson must return all committee funds within 10 days.

Section 4.

As of January 2019, DSAFC is in the process of becoming an official chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Article IV. Officers & Elections

Recording Secretary

a. The Recording Secretary is responsible for the agenda and minutes at General Meetings. Recording Secretary may chose to take minutes electronically or manually, but all minutes must be electronically transcribed following the meeting. The Recording Secretary will maintain an electronic archive of all previous meeting agendas and minutes. Minutes of all General Meetings will be shared electronically with all members as soon as possible after the meeting.


b. The Recording Secretary is a voluntary position, with anyone eligible to serve. Individuals may volunteer, or be nominated by group Members either the week prior, or before the General Meeting begins. Recording Secretary must be organized, attentive, and able to take real-time notes throughout the course of the meeting.


a. The Facilitator will propose agenda points based on business from the previous meeting, review of committee notes, and consultation within the group. During all General Meetings, the Facilitator will maintain the speaking stack and call on Members to speak. The Facilitator will ensure order and civility during meetings.

b. The Facilitator is a voluntary position, with anyone eligible to serve. Individuals may volunteer, or be nominated by group Members either the week prior, or before the General Meeting begins.

Social Secretary

a. The Social Secretary is responsible for the list of Voting Members, elected positions, social media and email accounts owned by DSAFC, and committee status information. It will be the responsibility of the Social Secretary to maintain the privacy of data in these lists.

b. The Social Secretary will be re-elected with a 67% vote every six months. Terms and votes will be tracked on Google Drive.


a. The Treasurer is responsible for the income, expenses, and budget of DSAFC. The Treasurer will receive and account for any money donated to DSAFC. As of March 2019, DSAFC is in the process of opening a bank account at a local credit union; the Treasurer and an additional DSAFC Member (voted on at a General Meeting) will be the signatories. If DSAFC engages in any business resulting in taxes, rents, or fees, the Treasurer will be responsible for paying these. If DSAFC engages in any electoral activity, the Treasurer will be responsible for any required campaign reporting. Any payments will be made from the DSAFC checking account. The Treasurer is not personally responsible for any debts accrued after consultation with Members. Debts resulting from willful negligence or intentional mismanagement by the Treasurer may result in personal liability and/or legal action.

b. The Treasurer will be elected with a 67% vote every six months. Terms and votes will be tracked on Google Drive.

Article V. Meetings & Committees

Section 1

General Meeting will be held once a week.

Section 2

Quorum will consist of all Voting Members present, but no fewer than five people.

Section 3

Group decisions regarding any conflict with protocols or documents are given first priority at General Meeting. Decisions are made via 67%, or 75% vote of quorum (depending on the content of the vote).

Section 4

When possible, online attendance to General Meetings will be facilitated via real-time notes and a live audio feed. Those attending online will be given equal priority to address the group.

Section 5

Forming a Committee requires a proposal presented at a General Meeting. At least one person must be elected as Chairperson, and a second person as Second of Committee. The proposal to form the Committee and election of both Chairperson and Second of Committee will pass with a 67% vote.

Section 6

Committees may pursue activities based on Committee group decisions. To pursue a given activity, a committee member must be willing to take a leadership position. DSAFC may officially endorse Committee events with a 67% vote by Voting Members.

Section 7

Committees may be suspended upon a 67% vote at General Meeting. If a Committee no longer has both a Chairperson and Second of Committee, and the Committee is unable to find individuals to fill both these positions, the Committee will automatically be closed, and can function as a working group within DSAFC. The Committee may be reinstated following election of a new Chairperson and Second of Committee.

Article VI. Amendments & Dissolution

Section 1. Amendments

Proposals to amend this document may be presented by any Voting Member at any General Meeting. Proposed amendments will be announced publicly at least five days prior to voting. The vote will pass with a 75% vote.

Section 2. Dissolution of DSA

All moneys under the control of DSAFC will be donated to a charity decided by a 67% vote at the final General Meeting.