CLIL Activity-Applications

Opening Warm-up Question

  1. What are some examples of applications you have on your computer?
  2. Did you have to install them, or did they come pre-installed on your computer?
  3. What are some examples of mobile apps?


  1. Download
  2. Application
  3. To install
  4. To launch
  5.  Smart phone
  6. Desktop
  7. Web browser

a.) To start or set an activity or enterprise in motion

b.) To copy data from one computer system to another

c.) A mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer

d.) To place or fix something in position ready for use

e.) A self contained program or software designed to fulfil a particular purpose

f.) A software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web

g.) The primary display screen of a graphical user interface, on which various icons represent files.


1.) How old is the boy in the video?

2.) Was the app created for Apple or Android?

3.) What is the name of the game Robert has created?

4.) How many times as the app been downloaded in total?

5.)  How many times was it downloaded on Thursday?

6.) What sum of money would he have made if he charged $1 per download?


-Open applications run inside the operating system T/F

-All applications are free to download T/F

-Some apps are available on TV also T/F

-Having more than one application open at one time is called multitasking T/F

-A less common word processor is Microsoft word T/F


In pairs or small groups think up a new idea for an app of your own. Create a presentation telling us these things:

What the app is about

(Powerpoint presentation linked to the app design exercise, includes persuasive writing techniques for higher level speakers)