Ucon parent involvement plan-English 20-21
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               Ucon Elementary School

                              Bonneville Joint School District No. 93

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                                                Shelley Andrus, Principal, andrussh@d93mail.com                                                        



The purpose of the parent involvement plan is to increase parents’ capacity to help their children become better learners and more successful in school.

Parent Involvement:

“Parent involvement” means regular, meaningful, two-way communication involving student academic learning.  It includes ensuring that:

To facilitate meaningful parent involvement Ucon School will:

  1. Develop a Parent Advisory Committee
  2. Annually review the following:
  1. Parent Involvement Plan
  2. School/Parent compact
  3. Review how Title One Parent Involvement funds will be allocated
  4. Review allocation of other Title One funds
  1. Facilitate regular, meaningful two-way communication by:
  1. Having Parent Advisory Committee meetings
  2. Relating information in a timely manner and in the parent’s native language
  3. Sending home reports to parents on their child’s learning progress
  4. Having parent/teacher conferences
  5. Providing reasonable access to staff
  6. Providing parents opportunities to volunteer and participate
  1. Build the capacity of parents to support their children’s learning by:
  1. Providing materials and training to parents
  2. Arranging parent meetings
  1. Build the capacity of school staff to better work with parents by:
  1. Training staff to reach out, to communicate, and work with parents as partners
  2. Encouraging staff to build ties between parents and the school