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May 21st, 2018

RE: Proposed job and service cuts between now and the 2019/2020 school year to limit deficit spending and maintain financial solvency.

The CMLSDs’ attempts to increase revenue via both property and earned income tax ballot initiatives have failed.  As a result of the future financial uncertainty combined with the request of the voters to understand what the money would be used for we are making public the list of proposed job/service cuts and fee increases needed to limit deficit spending.  To be clear this school district will not be able to cut its way to financial solvency, but these cuts will limit our level of deficit spending over the next few years.  This list is fluid, and as revenue numbers change or savings from cuts are realized this list will be adjusted accordingly.  

This is a position that no school district wants to be in.  The 5-year forecast is a tool to help budget expenses into the future.  The level of state aid provided to CMLSD has been flat for several years, and we are projecting that to decrease slightly into the future as talks continue to swirl about districts like CMLSD, which are on the state foundation funding model, to lose money over the next few budget cycles.  CMLSD has been lucky to get bumps in funding at critical times over the years due to a gas pipeline, open enrollment and local property tax assessments as examples.  We project that those types of events will be less frequent in the future as the economy has stabilized and the most recent reassessment in Clinton and Warren counties is completed.  The generation of this list was not easy, and we want to ensure that we are respectful to those who may be affected.  Mr. Baker has had a chance to discuss this list with the employees impacted.  Please be respectful of individuals who may be impacted by this list.

The most commonly asked question is what will the additional funds from a levy be used for, and the answer is to maintain the current level of teaching jobs, student services, and district infrastructure for the students and community members of the district.  After an emergency board session on May 11th, 2018, the Clinton-Massie Board of Education, along with operational input from the Superintendent of Clinton-Massie Local Schools, constructed a list containing the following items for possible elimination between now and the start of the 2019-2020 school year (August of 2019). The following list is not in any order of priority and as mentioned above is fluid and will be adjusted as factors that affect this list could present themselves at any time.

List of Proposed Position and Service Cuts

It is the intent of the Board of Education and the Superintendent to be transparent with the community regarding the financial impact on our ability to make the best student-centered and district infrastructure decisions.  It gets more difficult by the day due to lack of new revenue and the above list is the transparent list that has been requested by district residents. Although no list would be agreed upon by all community members, this list provides insight into the decisions district leadership is facing.  A levy will be placed on the ballot in November to ask the district voters for a revenue increase.  At this time, the type of levy and the amount requested are still in process through the Finance Sub-committee and the CMLS Treasurer. Passage of this levy does not mean a complete dissolution of this list but likely sweeping changes would be postponed.

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