#270 - The Angry Chicken: “Spectral Hair”


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Upcoming Minion Type Adjustments





Spectral Beasts

We also discussed how to address spectral beast cards like Witchwood Grizzly and Arfus. Are they Beasts or not? For Witchwood Grizzly, we liked the gameplay interactions that it had with Witching Hour and Kathrena Winterwisp. We decided to update its art to make it look like a beast instead of a ghost. Arfus meanwhile, is seeing a lot of play because he is being Discovered by Deathstalker Rexxar, which is really fun, so we're leaving him as is for now.


HCT Summer Finals

A lot of slow methodical matchups.

Bunnyhoppor ($60k/30 pts), A8 ($40k/25pts), killinallday ($20k/20 pts), and Viper ($20k/20 pts) have all qualified for the World Championship.



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Big Spell Mage


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Hello chickens,

I was recently playing a game as a big spell mage against a quest priest and had my heart torn right out of my chest. During the game my opponent stalled, filled their deck back up by playing Benedictus twice and cleared my board by playing Psychic Scream 4 times. They healed up by playing Amara twice as well and I kept myself alive with a horde of life-stealing elementals.

After over half an hour we both finally ran out of cards and my opponent had ran out of answers. I had lethal on board and was just waiting for them to click end turn so I could finish things up.

They sent me a Well Played and I responded in kind. They clicked end turn and then we both exploded. As that had been the 90th turn of the game, we finished the game in a draw. I haven't been able to open the app again since.

With a deck like the current quest priest in the meta, do you think they should revisit the 90 turn limit on games?

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Greetings TAC crew,

I was thinking over the nerfs that have caused this 'balanced meta' and started to wonder about if all the classes have had the same treatment when it comes to nerfs.

Using Hearthstone Wiki, I broke down how many cards have been nerf'd from each class since the game was officially released. It makes for some interesting thoughts that the classes that have had the most nerfs are Druid and Hunter whilst those with the least is Mage. I then considered Hall of Fame cards as this could be considered an alternative to nerfs and Mage has the most. It's worth pointing out that these stats don't take into account neutral cards that were nerf'd that had a bias towards one class e.g. Molten Giant and Warlock.

Why do you guys think that certain classes have had more nerfs than others? Is it the hero power? The cards from the classic set? Or possibly Blizzards design philosophy towards certain classes that causes an imbalance?

Would love to know your thoughts on the matter, keep up the great work!

Mr. L

Hey Furious Peeps,


I was getting bored of the June 2018 meta and at the suggestion of one of your recent shows I decided to give Even Shaman a try. In order to do so I needed to craft Hagatha but had more than enough dust to do so without a looming sense that I was losing out on crafting a future legendary. I had a great run from 8 to 5 with the deck and also really enjoyed playing the game again for the first time since the most recent patch.

Question/Talking point:  

What do you think about blizzard giving us the option to temporary craft/use cards? If I didn't have the amount of dust that I do I, might not have crafted Hagatha and would have missed out on a deck that was fun for me to play. And on more than one occasion I've crafted a card only to regret it in the near future. I think most players would benefit from being able to temporary have access to some cards they don't own to get the feel for how they work in a deck before having to commit to crafting them. There are a number of way this could be implemented. Full card refunds for 5 days after crafting, being able to craft a certain dust's worth of cards that you would have access to for a week; this would give you some flexibility if you didn't have dust to spend.


Greetings Flexible Fowl,

I found your conversation about casting pairs very interesting last week and thought I would offer some insights which might further explain the continuous pairing of the same casters.  I wanted to remind you the head of esports for Blizzard is Pete Vlastelica.  He’s from Fox Sports and it’s important to remember that background for this.  I’m sure Blizzard is continuously trying to push their games as legitimate spectator sports, and a large part of growing that fan base is familiarity in the voices.  Whenever Fox shows an NFL game with huge implications to playoffs or high profile players, you bet you will hear Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.  The same goes for the other three major sports in America.  

My theory is Pete is attempting to replicate that with Blizzard games in order to help establish broadcast team hierarchies to help grow the casual viewership.  The high profile games and players will get the number 1 broadcast team.  While I definitely agree with Joce’s point about needed more broadcast teams, I can also see the mindset of minimizing the number of teams for the sake of the casual viewer who watches maybe one or two tournaments.  Either way, I feel using the same people over and over is and attempt to liken esports to normal sports and to establish Frodan and Kibler as the Hearthstone version of Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth.  Given the quality of esports broadcasting nowadays is such high quality, we now live in a world where League of Legends is winning Sports Emmys for their esports and beating ESPN. I would only expect this mentality to continue for the bigger tournaments at least.

Keep up the good work, thanks for all y’all do.


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