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Links - MCAP Webinars (EDUCATORS)
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2023 MCAP Biliteracy Webinar Series:

Pathways toward a Multilingual California

CABE Multilingual California Alliance Project (MCAP)

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May 9
3:30-4:30 PST

Pt. 1: Biliteracy Attainment Recognition &

State Seal of Biliteracy (See resources below)

May 16
3:30-4:30 PST

Pt. 2: Home Language Development Recognition & Biliteracy Program Participation Recognition (See resources below)

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CDE information on recognitions:

Requesting State Seal & Pathway Recognitions for all students who qualify:

State Seal of Biliteracy:

Highway scene

Biliteracy Attainment Recognition:


Home Language Development Recognition:


Biliteracy Program Participation Recognition:

May 16: Resources shared 

May 9: Resources shared

Some examples from districts:


Resources & tools to continue the conversation: