The following is the answer key for the questionnaire sent out prior to the Spring 2018 season:



Which of the following changes to roster management are included in the policy update?

All of the above:

Maximum roster size is now 25 players;

Pre-populated game rosters not printed using the current week's update will result in team fines;

Countersignature by the opposing team's manager is required, before the second half, for borrowed players.

Is a player who registered to my team AFTER the weekly add/drop deadline eligible to play in the game if she is not pre-printed on the roster?

Yes, if: she is properly self-registered to the league AND is hand-written in as a BORROWED player.

How can I add players to my roster?

Ask players - even if they have played in the league before - to quickly fill out the registration link. Added bonus: waivers and name/contact changes will all be updated!

How can I drop players from my roster?

Email the registrar and she'll do all the work for you. (Seriously for dropped players, she will. :))

How many players can I borrow per game?

7; the first FOUR are free ($0), but EACH additional player (after the initial 4) up to 7 will trigger a team fine of $15/player ($45 max).

Which of the following are highlights of changes to the fine table?

All of the above:

Use of invalid roster (1st strike) - $25;

Use of invalid roster (2nd strike) - $50;

Use of invalid roster (3rd strike) - $75;

Exceeded number of allowable borrowed players - $15/player .

Which of the following ID formats can be used for player check in?

A government issued ID showing the date of birth (or, a clear digital or paper color copy).

Wait - so what is the SI Play app good for?

ONLY to verify proof of League eligibility.

I propose we should be able to use the SI play app as ID substitute since our ID is loaded and verified by PWSL to gain league eligibility in the first place.

Many people have had success with creating and keeping a clear, color paper photocopy of their driver’s license in a ziplock in their soccer bag.

Originally, we thought that SI play might be able to streamline the ID process too.  But unfortunately, the feedback from the referees has been that it takes too much time and that there is too much room for user and internet error for them to verify (correctly) identification presented on a cell phone.  The details in the pictures are often too small and the glare from the sun is frequently prohibitive as well.

We enforce our Policies about having a clear headshot, but sadly, players sometimes select photos that have multiple people in them, are taken from too far away, have too much shadowing, or aren’t even pictures of a human (we’ve had at least 1 picture of a turtle).  And even when non-compliant photos get corrected, the web site’s permissions let players update their photos without the Board receiving a notification of the change.  So, it’s really hard to ensure that the photos selected by players for their profiles are consistently reliable as a form of identification.

The Board does not have the administrative permissions or bandwidth to provide technical support for the app in real time (and it does not always work as anticipated). We’re also mindful of the possibility of changing database systems/apps in the future, and this process provides flexibility if available features change.

Ultimately, the same ID we all have to use for everyday business (banks, bars, employment, etc.) works best to ensure the person on the field is the person on that document.

Also, the weekly printed rosters are hard for some people to print out each week, I personally only have access to a printer Mon-Thurs.

Have you considered delegating this to a teammate who may have easier access to a printer?  The hyperlink to the rosters works for everyone, so you could share it with your teammates.

We should be able to print out rosters sooner than Thursday.

A calendar reminder might help make sure folks remember to print the roster.

We can look into sending out an email to remind Managers to print the roster.

We are open to a more detailed suggestion, but how we currently operate makes it infeasible to have the rosters ready any sooner than Thursday:

If we have extras printed for back up, we should be allowed to add any additional players in the borrowed section and not be penalized, especially for teams like ours who rarely change their roster.

This is difficult to enforce fairly across the league - which is why we have the policies defining add/drop deadlines and borrowed players. We have earnestly worked hard to make it as flexible as possible for volunteers to administer, and still be able to add players on short notice.

So, we think this becomes one of the trade-offs (at least for now) of giving Managers the flexibility to add/drop players throughout the season.  Even teams that are typically static sometimes have unforeseen added players due to injuries, pregnancies, etc.  This fluidity helps keeps teams viable and free of avoidable forfeits.


There should also be an option for a digital roster so we aren't wasting paper each week.

We think so too! The referees likely would have concerns similar to their concerns about using the SI Play app for ID (glare, technical difficulties, readability, reliability).  However, if you have practical input on how to make this work on the front end for both refs and managers, as well as the back end for the Board members, let’s talk. (We’ll keep working on it too, but we’re currently still celebrating at least getting rid of player cards… we’re moving in the right direction!).

How do I get my SI Play app to refresh?

To reflect changes, like a new season, or changes to your roster, you need to refresh the app.  First, make sure your app is updated to the current version (1.16.1 as of 12/17/17). Log in, and go to the “My Teams” tab on the bottom.  From there, click on “Favorites” in the top left.  Click on Edit. Toggle on your team(s) and player (yourself).  Your app should now be refreshed.