Name of Performer and Song: Lover of the light - Mumford and Sons

Media Form

Duration: 5.54

Ratio %:

Performance 100%

Narrative            0%

Theme / subject matter:


No letting his disability affect him through his everyday life.

Intertextual references:

  • Blindness

Generic Features

The conventional  ingredients

Look of the video/star:

Generally smartly dressed man in work clothes.

Sound of the music:

Folk. Shows the emotion of the person in the video in the situation, shows when he is lost and alone due to the way the music slows down. However the music does change to more upbeat once his life seems to change.

Narrative Analysis


Does it illustrate the song?

...amplification :

Does it add another layer of meaning to the song?


Does it seem to work in juxtaposition to the song?

What does this contribute to your understanding?

The amplification adds a new type of meaning to the video as it follow majority of the words said however if you didn't watch the video you would vision something different. You would vision that there was a women in the video however there is never anyone else in the video only animals. This shows that he has no one and has been left alone, the words do not explain this as clearly however the video shows that he is alone.

The man is blind however when he leave the comfort of his home his world has opened up to new sounds and more of an upbeat lifestyle.  

What is the relationship between the narrative and star?

What does this suggest about the star?

The narrative suggests that there is someone their that he can ‘have and to hold’ however the video shows that there isn't anyone there at all even though he would like. This is shown how he sets up the table for breakfast for two people and how he looks very deeply into a conversation however there is not anyone their. This is showing that he is lonely and would like company.

The narrative explains a different story to the video.

Technical Conventions

Visual Rhythm

Camera Movement and Editing

  • Slow transition cutting speed showing that he is in a relaxed calm situation.
  • Medium close-ups are used to show the emotion of the actor.
  • Aerial shot shows he is lost and alone.

Representation of  The Star

What ideas are communicated about the star image (brand) and how are these communicate through micro?

He is a well dressed man, which you can tell is blind through the way his eyes at the beginning never had a focus. He seems to be lonely and would like someone their to be with as he sets up the table for two people and how he has a deep conversation with an imaginary person.


Waking up through the night to realise that his wife has left him not to be seen again whilst he looks for her and she not to be found. However the narrative gives you the suggestion that she is found. Through the word ‘hold’ which is used consistently throughout the song, making you think there would be someone else in the music video.

Someone waking up to a new level of love and contemptment with the realisation that his relationship isn't going to plan and is becoming destructive to his path in life.


How is the video designed to look good?

  • It’s designed to look like their is someone else there with him. However no one else is ever shown.
  • To say no matter what disability you have you can overcome it and do what you would like.
  • Shows the expectations of how life should be - happy and have partner to eat and talk too.
  • Acts very childlike - rubbing hand along wall whilst running.