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                                Area 75 Assembly Zoom Guidelines

General Etiquette

1. PLEASE, Stay MUTED unless called upon to share.  Mute function is in left hand corner of your screen on laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.  If you call into the meeting, *6 will mute and unmute your cell phone.

2. Please keep your VIDEO ON, unless you are going to be moving around the room then you should turn your VIDEO OFF until you return.

3. For most participants using SPEAKER VIEW is the least distracting way to use Zoom.  

Assembly Specific Guidelines

1. If you have a TECHNICAL QUESTION, You can use the CHAT FUNCTION, to ask a Co-Host for assistance.

2. During the Roll Call, everyone will be able to unmute themselves, If you have a laptop you should be able to unmute yourself by PRESSING AND HOLDING THE SPACE BAR WHILE YOU RESPOND. You should be able to see your microphone unmute when using the spacebar. Other devices will have to be unmuted in the normal fashion.

3. We will be utilizing the YES/NO function to approve the Area Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report.

We will be only asking for anyone who disapproves the Minutes or Report to use NO.  If you click on Participants these functions will be at the bottom of the participant panel.  On a computer it will open on the side of the screen, on a cell phone, you will get a list of participants and you will have the yes/no, raise hand, etc. functions on the screen, it will be the same for tablet.

4. During REPORTS a timer will sound when the presenter has 20 seconds of their allotted time left. A second timer will alert them that time is expired.

5.  If anyone has a QUESTION OR COMMENT during a report or during discussion, please use the RAISE YOUR HAND FUNCTION on Zoom, (not physically raising your hand).  This function can be found on Participants panel.  You will be called upon and will be asked to unmute yourself.  You will be called upon in the order that the hands were raised. Similar to “going to the mike”.

6.  The Area 75 Assembly on Zoom will follow the Assembly Procedures as listed in the Area 75 Assembly Actions, utilizing the Robert’s Rules of Order and the normal operating procedures.

7. Area Officers and Chair’s should rename themselves with 1 space and then there name. Example:  1 Pete W. DCM’s should rename themselves with their District number, space, then name, then DCM after their name.  Example: 36 Pete W. DCM

GSR’s should rename themselves and apply a hashtag # before their name, and District number after their name. Example: #Pete W. 36