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“Deaf 101: Can Deaf People Talk?” video


TEXT: DEAF 101 – Can deaf people talk?

A young black man has buzzcut hair and a small goatee style beard. He wears a navy blue polo shirt. He uses sign language.


Some can speak and some don’t. As I mentioned earlier, it is going to depend on the person’s

lifestyle. Some deaf people don’t really have vocal capability but will try their best to speak.

Others have some residual hearing left. They may be hard of hearing, and may be able to speak. Then there are those with even more residual hearing who may speak well and use speech reading to follow along in conversation.

I identify as being hard of hearing. I went through the experiences of trying to verbally communicate with my family and going through speech therapy, which was a challenging experience, but I can say that yes, some deaf people speak and no, some don’t.

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