Community Investment Team (CIT) Member Job Description

CIT Purpose & Member Profile

The CIT actively participates in United Way of Rome & Floyd County’s (UWRF) efforts to identify and achieve measurable outcomes addressing Rome & Floyd County’s most critical issues in the areas of Education, Health, and Financial Stability. The CIT evaluates all Community Impact Grant applications and programs. It is comprised of engaged and knowledgeable volunteer community members who live and work in Rome & Floyd County and are knowledgeable about the needs of the communities we serve. CIT Members have strong communication skills, a high level of integrity and the ability to place community interest above self-interest.

CIT members are recruited from across Rome and Floyd County to ensure a thorough understanding of local needs and representation from all communities served by UWRF. CIT members are thoroughly vetted for any conflicts of interest and may not be employed by or hold a leadership position with any organization or program seeking UWRF funding. Each CIT member spends time vetting and identifying the programs that best align with our work in Education, Health, & Financial Stability. A list of each campaign’s CIT members will be made public on the UWRF website.


Programs are evaluated for alignment with UWRF Community Impact goals, financial and organizational management, collaboration with other organizations, capacity to achieve projected goals, ability to show measurable results, and the resources it takes to obtain those results. Teams of CIT members conduct site visits to each applicant program. A representative from each program will also have the opportunity to answer questions and make a brief presentation to the full CIT during the review process. The CIT deliberates and makes funding recommendations to UWRF’s Board of Directors, who make the final decision on grant awards.


CIT Members are accountable to the UWRF Board of Directors. They are supported and managed by UWRF’s Executive Director.

Service Term

The CIT is active for 3 months, from September through November, committing to the following dates:

September 21, 2019

☛ CIT Training Breakfast

September 30, 2019

☛ CIT Program Review Appointments set (thru October)

October 1 - October 30, 2019

☛ CIT Members conduct Program Reviews

November 1, 2019

☛ Program presentations to full CIT

November 2, 2019

☛ CIT Final Allocation Determination Breakfast



The opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the human services of Windham County in the areas of Education, Health, & Financial Stability. Membership in a vital UWRF team, including staff, board members, nonprofit representatives, and community members. The opportunity to help lead UWRF’s vital work in identifying and addressing social challenges no one agency can take on alone.

Interested in joining our team? Please contact Alli Mitchell, UWRF’s Executive Director at