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In these trying times of Global Pandemic, the APS Money Train Program makes you a CASH-FLOW WINNER! Hello from Chris Hollinger the former KS teacher turned entrepreneur and welcome to the American Prosperity Systems Money Train Program! I’m a former Kansas history teacher and I’m paying $1000.00 commissions every day! Join for FREE now and I’ll prove that my simple system can make you RICH in 2020! Please take a little time and learn how my simple system works to put extra money in your pocket every month!

Program Highlights: Remember, there is no computer needed to make serious money!

What we sell? All sales are based on our APS Entrepreneur’s Library levels. The higher you join, the more of the library you receive and the more money you earn per sale! (See the chart below for all our levels) EXP: Free Level One gets Level 1. Library access, Level 10 gets the entire 11.5 Gigabyte library. Delivered digitally only. It would fill my truck if I printed it and mailed it all to you.

We sell for you! Our mailing and online systems do all the selling for you! You never have to talk or try to sell all your friends and family, unless you want too! Soon, as the commissions roll in, you’ll want too!

What you get? A complete start up packet mailed and emailed. A complete online back office system that tracks your sales and downline. (Even if you don’t use computers, you will have a complete website and full back office suite.) “State of the art” systems that work!

The APS Money Train has it all and we are kicking the crap out of the competition! Why? It’s because the more we pay in commissions, the more we make! The way it’s supposed to be, right? I’ll always shoot straight with you and do what I say I will do!


No Selling... No Parties... No Inventory...

Easy... Fast... Simple and Best Of All... FREE!

No Computer Needed! Commissions Paid Daily Automated Super Simple Marketing Systems That Work

Chris Hollinger, Former KS Teacher Turned Entrepreneur, is Dedicated to Your Success.

The best of both worlds working for you 24/7! Here’s why! 1. FREE Start up! 2. High Ticket Items that pay big Commissions! Plus, residual income that GROWS and GROWS! In 2020 we are targeting the millions of folks who like low cost, residual systems and the millions of folks who like higher ticket, higher commission selling! Plus, the millions of folks who like networking and affiliate systems. Bottom line is... You WIN! But ya gotta act now!

Don’t Miss Out On Our Super Fast, Exponential Growth In 2020 Here’s how it all works to put thousands in your pocket this year! (And Keep It Rolling IN!)

APS Has Ten Levels. Every Level Delivers High Quality Information from our enormous APS Entrepreneur’s Library. For example: Join at APS Level One and you receive all the information granted in Level One Access. If you join or upgrade to Level Eight Double Boost (For Half-Price, Club 1799 until June 15th, ) you receive Level Ten Access and a whole lot more!

You could have $1000.00 upfront commissions for the Club 1799 sales coming in every week! Would and extra $3000.00 to $7000.00 per month help you make ends meet? Absolutely! Right! Well with the APS Money Train you could do that and build your monthly residual income three levels down and unlimited width! Every sale your letters and advertising make goes on your 1st RIC (Residual Income Calculator) level. After your one up is given to your sponsor. Then all the sales your people make, go on your 2nd RIC Level. Then their sales go on your 3rd RIC level. ALL RIC LEVELS ARE UN-LIMITED WIDTH! So all the sales you make and all the one up qualifiers you are given go on your 1st RIC level, the process repeats and you are building an awesome RESIDUAL INCOME! The best of both worlds! Big upfront and upgrade commissions and monthly residual income that grows! Simple! I want to close as many Club 1799 Sales for you as humanly possible and pay you $1000.00! Each! Here’s How Fast and Easy It Stacks Up For You! We boost you to the next level: FREE! APS Level Boost To Total Upfront Cost What It Pays RIC Commissions Paid Monthly Per Affiliate Per Level

1 2 $14.95/ Mo. RIC Only RIC Level 1. 1.00 RIC Level 2. .50 RIC Level 3. .25

2 3 $232.00/ $14.95/Mo. $139.00 RIC Level 1. 1.00 RIC Level 2. .50 RIC Level 3. .25

3 4 $336.00/ $14.95/Mo. $201.00 RIC Level 1. 1.00 RIC Level 2. .50 RIC Level 3. .25

4 5 $432.00/ $14.95/Mo. $259.00 RIC Level 1. 2.00 RIC Level 2. 1.00 RIC Level 3. .50

5 6 $499.00/ $14.95/Mo. $300.00 RIC Level 1. 2.00 RIC Level 2. 1.00 RIC Level 3. .50

6 7 $999.00/ $14.95/ Mo. $600.00 RIC Level 1. 2.00 RIC Level 2. 1.00 RIC Level 3. .50

7 8 $1899.00/ $14.95/Mo. $1140.00 RIC Level 1. 3.00 RIC Level 2. 2.00 RIC Level 3. 1.00 8 10


Choose the level that best fits you and get going today! Waiting costs you money that could and should be going into your pocket! Be a winner and act NOW! The Club 1799 Half Price Offer Ends June 15th So Lock It Down And Max Out Your Profits!

$1799.00/$14.95/ Club 1799 Mo.

Paid $1000.00!! Daily!

SUPER RIC Qualified! $4.00, $3.00 $2.00 Per affiliate, per month!

Best Deal! 06/15/20 Double Boost! To 10 L-8 Is Best! All RIC Levels are Un-limited Width!

Join For FREE 24/7 Hotline: 206-402-0103 Replay ID: 117-371-046#

APS Club 1799 Double Boost: 206-402-0103 ID: 119-561-241#

Do Your Homework! Dedicated to your success, Chris Hollinger APS Money Train

P.S. Once you listen to the APS L-8 Double Boost, Club 1799 hotline and are really interested...

Then Call Chris! 316-619-2391 (500 FREE Letters When You Join The Club 1799!)

APS Money Train Mail or Fax Order Form.

Step One: Choose The Level That Fits You Best.(It won’t be long and you’ll upgrade! It works!)

Level Five And Above Are Auto-Qualified! You won’t give up your 1st sale! O Level One: Boost To Level 2. $14.95 per month 30 day FREE Trial.

O Level Two: Boost To Level 3. $232.00 upfront then $14.95 per month after 30 days.

O Level Three: Boost To Level 4. $336.00 upfront then $14.95 per month after 30 days.

O Level Four: Boost To Level 5. $432.00 upfront then $14.95 per month after 30 days.

O Level Five: Boost To Level 6. Fully Qualified:Just $499.00 upfront and $14.95/ Mo. 30 days

FREE! Great Value! (Pays a $300.00 commission, plus you never give up a qualifier sale!) Join At Level Five And Get 100 FREE Letters Mailed For You Immediately! O Level Six: Boost To Level 7. Fully Qualified! $999.00 upfront and $14.95 per month.

O Level Seven: Boost To Level 8 $1899.00 (Obviously, the Club 1799 is a better deal!)

Before signing up for the Club 1799, L-8 Double Boost: Dial: 316-619-2391 O Level Eight Double Boost To Level TEN! Just $1799.00 Upfront and then $14.95/Mo.

Normally Level Ten is priced at $22,000.00! We slashed it 60% like everything else and then cut that price in half! Offer ends June, 15th, 2020. The Club 1799 is a great place to totally “MAX-OUT!” Your position from the start! Awesome Value! Best Ever!

(Half Priced Club 1799 Level Eight Double Boost Only Available With This Order Form) Join Here And Get 500 FREE Letters Mailed For You Immediately!

O Level Eight Double-Boost (Club 1799) Installment plan! $250.00 Per month for nine months. Comes with 50 FREE Letters mailed per month for 9 months, with your tracking code included.

Step Two: Do you want to start mailing your letters right now? If so: Choose the APS Quick Start.

O APS Quick Start: 100 of these letter coded with your website for tracking mailed to a great Home-

Based Buyer List. Just $110.00 (My professional mailing house will perform your mailing.)

Step Three: Complete this form and mail or fax it ASAP! We accept checks and money orders for upfront payments, but monthly fees must be set up on credit/debit or by automatic bank draft. Send a voided check if you want to use bank draft.



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Today’s Date_______________________ (Your signature and order signifies your agreement to our terms and agreements at: https://americanprosperitysystems.com/legal-information Plus, you understand that advertising cannot be guaranteed and that no refunds can be given for advertising purchases) Use return envelope enclosed or FAX IT FASTER: 316- 768-6130 Questions? 316-536-9598 Mail to: APS 2020 W. 21st ST. Wichita, KS 67203

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