~ MassCUE Notes ~

October 25, 2017

I went to 4 presentations today and got tons of info! Here’s what I learned from each class:


  1. Integrating Meaningful Tech with Purpose
  1. More geared towards K-3, but I took some things from it
  2. We talked a lot about Padlet and how it can be used for EVERYTHING (post objectives, standards, activities)
  3. Briefly mentioned ThingLink
  4. DK Find Out  is a great resource for student to look up info
  5. Workspace - by Facebook but for work colleagues to share


  1. Maximizing Classwork to Minimize Homework
  1. Seemed like a great class, but it was more or less the presenter’s theory on homework and why she chooses to do more worthwhile activities in school, rather than assign busy work (she was rated 2 out of 5 stars!! yikes)
  2. I did hear about Showbie - looking forward to discovering it
  3. Used PollEv - very cool and instant feedback from kids


  1. Pencils Down! Authentic Assessment Using Digital Tools
  2. Here’s their slideshow.
  3. Talked a lot about how to move away from traditional assessment methods - look at the whole child by assigning authentic assessments
  4. Adobe Spark is a simple movie maker for all grades; kids can write a response/essay/how-to and read in front of camera
  5. Screencastify is an extension where students can use in a writer’s workshop, share ideas, and talk about their writing
  6. #Shelfies, not a “techy” piece so to say, but it’s a way to promote on social media how your students are learning in your school. After reading a book, they write a summary about it. The thought is that children will talk in a more public forum about what they’re interested in, leading to authentic writing.


  1. Back to Basics: Using Tech in Meaningful Yet Simple Ways That Redefine Practice
  1. At first I wasn’t sure, but I was really glad I went!
  2. She started with a quote that resonated with me: “If your data isn’t used to drive your instruction, then it’s not worth it” - find sites that gather data to HELP you, not just to play
  3. Here’s what you all asked for: Edulastic!!!
  1. CCSS aligned by grade level or standard
  2. Assesses students with pre-made tests
  3. Has some similar MCAS features like drag and drop
  4. There is instant computer generated feedback so that the students can review their mistakes
  5. Individual feedback option for constructed response
  6. Data syncs with Google Classroom
  7. Tracks mastery of skills over time
  8. Ability to download data

**There were some other sessions I peeked in on, but they were either too full or I grabbed the link to look at later. These can be found here:

**Unfortunately, the vendors were lacking. I did catch a few I liked and took some handouts from:

I can’t wait to talk to you all about it!