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The following guidelines have been established to help everyone enjoy a happy and safe experience with the Danville Girls Chorus. Please read the rules carefully, and return a copy signed by the Singer and a Parent/Guardian.


  1. Have a "Pleasant and Positive Attitude." Attitude and participation are vital components to a successful choir experience. Always be cooperative and give 100%.
  2. Be Courteous. At all times, choir members are to be respectful of their fellow singers and follow the guidance of their directors, classroom helpers and board members. Choir members must also display special courtesy and respect toward Charlotte Wood Middle School teachers and staff who graciously allow us to use their facilities for our weekly rehearsals.
  3. Be Respectful and Willing to "Stop!" DGC operates under the Golden Rule and climate of respect. If someone says "Stop," then you must stop whatever action is unacceptable to others -- without question or complaint. DGC has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying.
  4. Safety First! Choir members are to act in a manner which respects the safety of the group and the rights of their fellow choir members.
  5. Be Punctual. Promptness is vital if rehearsals are to run smoothly.  Please try to be at Charlotte Wood by 4:20 so that we can begin promptly at 4:30.  Remember: "On Time is Late!"
  6. Illegal Substances/Cigarettes. No choir member will consume or have on their possession any illegal drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Any girl found to be in position of any of these will be sent home immediately and will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from participation in DGC.

We know that you will make every possible effort to follow these guidelines. However, the following should be clearly noted: if a Choir Member is in violation of any portion of the DGC code of conduct, the behavior will be addressed by Mr. Abrams or the President of the Board. If the same type of behavior is addressed multiple times, DGC reserves the right to dismiss the singer from Danville Girls Chorus.


I have read and agree to the above guidelines for participation in Danville Girls Chorus.


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Revised June 2018