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Our client is seeking an experienced Stewardess to join their Private 55m+ Motor Yacht.  This position is ideal for a young lady who has already had a solid season on a yacht and is now looking to commit to a full time position.

As a Stewardess, you will be doing the usual interior work - heads and beds, laundry, detailing, etc.  But please note, you will also be doing some service.  The position is low-drama as the owners (described as “lovely people”) enjoy a casual service (no silver service required) but your ability to take drink orders and deliver with a smile is a huge plus!

They do require a trial period as they are seeking a happy, energetic, low-drama Stewardess who enjoys the work and fits in with the rest of the team.

If you are proactive, self-motivated, and genuinely like other people - this is the spot for you.  Although they are generally not crazy busy, they do have quite the December / January every year - so bring your great work attitude!

The crew are generally sporty, happy people - and would love a team player who is a happy extrovert.

They are happy to consider candidates with any passport - but candidates must be able to enter both US waters and those around Southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Monaco)

Of course, STCW Basic Training and a valid ENG1 is required.

The vacation package is 36 days per year.

We do not share wages in either direction, but we will only bring positions to you where we think you can secure a wage that you will find acceptable.

If you are interested send your interest to

To be considered for this position, you must meet all of the requirements in the post above.  

If we have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to you, please be aware that:

90% of our clients have yachts that are:

- Motor Yachts

- Moving (without a home base)

- Seeking Full Time Crew (not freelance or seasonal)

- Between 30 meters and 90 meters

- Require us to only consider candidates with a proven history of making commitments.

- Commercially registered (and require licenses for the Minimum Manning Document).

- Are unable to consider teams.

100% of our clients require:

- STCW Basic Training including Security

- ENG1 or other Medical Fit For Duty

- Passport that is valid and in hand.