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11+ Tuition and Mock Exams
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Summer Course

Our summer course is a series of ten lessons running over the summer building up to the 11+. We share with students all of our experience of the 11+ exam. We look at the most popular question types, we teach them about the most common mistakes, we show them all of the short-cuts and we help them perfect their exam technique.

Knowing the curriculum is only a small part of doing well at the 11+.  Most marks are lost from poor time management, not reading the question properly, working too much in your head, rushing, not checking your answers and not making intelligent guesses. We’ll help with all of these

The course is particularly useful if a student has prepared by themselves from a book or with the help of someone without much experience of the 11+. It is also open to everybody that came to our Foundation Course or any other tutor.

All lessons are 90 minutes long and cost £20 (they can be paid for with childcare vouchers). The lessons will include a short break in the middle. Anybody attending a double session will be given a break between lessons.

They all take place in Leehurst Swan School, Campbell Road, SP1 3BQ. Children will be provided with our own worksheets which they can take home and finish.


S1 – Exam Technique.

A session for parents and child to learn some techniques for improving exam technique.

S2 – Core Maths

Basic arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percentages, scale and ratio.

S3B (boys) - Verbal Reasoning

Looking at the most common verbal reasoning question types and how to manage the paper.

S3G (girls) - English

Looking at all parts of English apart from the comprehension.

S4 - Maths

Averages, probability and algebra.

S5G (girls) – Verbal Reasoning

Short-cuts and tricks for some of the verbal reasoning question types..

S5B (boys) - Non-Verbal

Nets of cubes, rotation, find one like two on the left, analogies, sequences and odd one out.

S6 -Maths

2D and 3D shapes, area, perimeter, angles and volume.

S7 – Comprehension

Sessions S1 to S7 will generally take place during the summer holidays and you can either sign up to all seven or just pick and choose the sessions you want.

Sessions S8 to S10 will mainly take place in September, in the last few weeks building up to the exam. They last 75 minutes. They will follow the same class pattern as our Foundation Course and we expect anybody on the course to continue on the same day and time, unless you tell us otherwise.

You can’t just pick one session - you have to sign up to all three of them.

S8 – Three to go

S9 – Two to go

S10 – Last one

Booking Lessons

Plan the courses you would like to attend using the calendar at and then book them at

Paying for Summer Lessons

Details of how to pay, including with childcare vouchers, can be found on our website: All lessons must be paid for at the time of booking.


To view the latest schedule of lessons, please visit


Lessons will be given by our regular tutors John and Jan Stringer, Alison and Mike Gale, Janette Diomede and Natalie Drummond.

Mini-course or ad-hoc

We’ve tried to design our timetable so you can, if you wish, set aside a week or a regular time to cover the main subjects. As well as attending every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 9 to 10:30 or 10:30 to 12. You could also come fortnightly and come from 9 to 12.

Alternatively, you can mix and match as you like.


All of the worksheets can be ordered. They cost £2 for each session and will be delivered, with answers, by e-mail.

No available sessions?

If you cannot find a workable session for a class you would like to attend, please select "Yes please" and put in the comments when you will be available.

If there is enough demand then we will look to add another class at a time that works for those who have registered an interest.

Cancelling Summer Lessons

We have tried to make things as flexible as possible to allow for changing holiday plans, so there is usually no charge for changing or cancelling lessons. Please just email us the request. The only time that we will charge is if you pull out of a full class, and we don't fill your space. You will be charged £10 if this happens.

Summer Recaps

These sessions are for those that want to look at certain topics in more detail. We’ve picked out the fifteen most important parts of our Foundation Course that we think are worth looking at.
Because our pupils have already seen the worksheets they can attend these sessions for £15 rather than £20.

For Boys

Verbal Reasoning [WT]

Antonyms, synonyms, cloze, shuffled sentences and double meanings. All with an emphasis on exam technique.

Non-verbal – 2D [NU]

Rotation, find one like two on the left, analogies, sequences and odd one out.

Non-verbal – 3D [NV]

Nets of cube, view from above, building blocks.

For Girls

English – Spelling [ES]

Tactics for tackling the spelling and grammar sections of the English paper.

English – Punctuation [EP]

Capital letters, apostrophes, commas, speech marks and full stops.

Verbal – Codes [VC]

Crack the letter code and crack the number code.

Verbal – Letters [VL]

Create words in the same way, complete the third pair in the same way, find the missing letter, move a letter.

For Boys and Girls

Maths – Decimals [MD]

Adding, multiplying, dividing and subtracting decimals.

Maths – Percentages [MP]

Creating a percentage, finding a percentage, growing and shrinking by a percentage. Short cuts.

Maths – Fractions [MF]

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Maths – Ratio [MR]

Ratios, scale, maps. proportion, converting from ratios to fractions.

Maths – Algebra [MA]

Creating expressions, solving equations, working with n.

Maths – Graphs [MG]

Pie charts, bar charts, histograms, distance/time graphs and data handling.

Maths – 2D Shapes [MU]

Triangles, quadrilaterals, angles, perimeter and area.

Maths – 3D Shapes [MV]

Volume, surface area, estimating distances, volumes and weights.

Maths – Short cuts [MS]

An overview of the various methods you can use to answers questions in seconds rather than minutes.

Maths – Worded Questions [MW]

Practise breaking down worded questions into mathematical sums.