Cove Creek School

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Behavioral Expectations







Be a responsible


Pick up litter

Respect hallway displays*

Respect the ideas of others

Work together

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Follow bus rules and school rules**

Use appropriate language

Keep the bus clean

Get what you need the first time through

Clean up your mess

Speak up for yourself and others

Share equipment

Play safely

Keep restrooms clean

Flush toilets

Wash your hands

Make good


Stay to the right, on the white

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Be prepared

Be a problem solver

Follow directions

Give your best effort

Seat to seat, back to back, feet to floor

Remain seated until your bus stop

Use good manners

Quiet voices

Stay seated

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Follow playground rules

Respect the privacy of others

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Achieve Success

Be a good role model

Walk quietly so others can learn

Show respect

Produce quality work

Set goals to make better grades

Demonstrate self-control

Respect the driver and others

Stay safe

Be polite

Respect others

Follow cafeteria rules

Include everyone

Demonstrate good sportsmanship

Report bullying

Complete task in a timely manner

Report problems