13047 S.W. 47 STREET


PH: (305)221-4452 FAX: (305)220-6238


Pre-K to 1st Grade                  8:20 a.m to 1:50 p.m.

2nd Grade to 5th Grade         8:35 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.


BEFORE SCHOOL HOURS:                 7:00 A.M TO 8:15 A.M.

STORY HOURS:                         1:50 P.M. TO 3:05 P.M.

AFTER SCHOOL HOURS:                 3:05 P.M. TO 6:00 P.M.  




Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida

Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair

Dr. Martin Karp, Vice Chair

Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall

Ms. Susie V. Castillo

Dr. Lawrence S. Feldman

Dr. Steve Gallon III

Ms. Lubby Navarro

Dr. Marta Pérez 

Ms. Mari Tere Rojas

Bryce Febres, Student Advisor

Mr. Alberto M. Carvalho

Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. Valtena G. Brown

Deputy Superintendent/Chief Operating Officer, School Operations

Vision Statement

We provide a world class education for every student.


Mission Statement

To be the preeminent provider of the highest quality education that empowers all students to be productive lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.


Excellence - We pursue the highest standards in academic achievement and organizational performance.

Equity - We foster an environment that serves all students and aspires to eliminate the achievement gap.

Student Focus - We foster an environment that serves all students and aspires to eliminate the achievement gap.

Innovation - We encourage creativity and adaptability to new ideas and methods that will support and improve student learning.

Accountability - We accept responsibility for our successes and challenges and seek to transparently share our work in an ethical manner, as we strive towards continuous improvement.


Message from Principal

Message from Assistant Principal

School’s Mission Statement

Faculty Roster

Feeder Pattern Schools

School Information

Important Dates

Academic Programs – Student Progression Plan (SPP)

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)


Closing of School



Emergency Contact Information



Interscholastic Athletics/Intramurals

Mealtime Environment

Parent Academy

Protocols for Addressing Concerns


Safety and Security

School Activities/Clubs

School Center for Special Instructions (SCSI)

School Class Pictures Process

School Transportation

Special Education

Student Records

Student Services

Student Success Centers



        Verification of Residency

Volunteer Program

Appendix A – School Calendars

Appendix B – School Board Policies and State Statutes

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Royal Green Elementary School. This handbook has been prepared to provide you with relevant information concerning procedures and guidelines for the school. With your support and cooperation, we will have a successful school year. Our teaching is directed to the whole child; making our school a caring community, conducive to teaching and learning. I look forward to working with the Royal Green Elementary School community as we continue to commit ourselves to excellence in education.

The administration, teachers and staff would like to thank our wonderful Royal Green PTA for all their support and for purchasing the school agendas for our students in first through fifth grade for the 2017 - 2018 school year. We appreciate our PTA!!!


Ms. Alba M. Misas


Message from the Assistant Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

I am once again honored and excited to start another “SUPER” year at Royal Green Elementary. I am eager to begin this new year and start what I know will be a productive school year full of learning and memorable experiences! Please know that I will again work very diligently along with the teachers and the support personal at our school to ensure that our children feel appreciated and are excited about learning!

Once again Royal Green Elementary has proven to be an “A” school and this is thanks to the team effort that has been evident throughout the years. As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child."  We, together as parents and school professionals are in the perfect position to provide the greatest educational benefit for our students. With your assistance and support, I know that our children will continue to make significant academic gains as well as develop both socially and emotionally.

I look forward to continue creating positive lasting relationships with you and your family so that we could make this 2017-2018 a “SUPER” year!


Martha Ortega









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Feeder Pattern Schools

Elementary Schools                        Middle Schools                           Senior High School

Bent Tree Elementary                        Miami Arts Studio                G. Holmes Braddock Senior

Greenglade Elementary                W.R. Thomas Middle

Royal Green Elementary                Paul Bell Middle                

Zora Neal Hurston Elementary        Howard McMillan Middle        

Ethel K. Beckham Elementary        

Joe Hall Elementary

Village Green Elementary

Marjory Stoneman Douglas El.

School Information

The early release of students causes disruption to the academic performance of all students and may create safety and security concerns. No students shall be released within the final thirty (30) minutes of the school day unless authorized by the Principal or Principal’s designee (i.e., emergency, sickness).

Students who are tardy to school must report to the Attendance Office to secure an admit. Excessive tardies may result in loss of privileges, detention, parent conference, and/or suspension.

Please be sure your child’s name is on all personal possessions such as coats, sweaters, lunchboxes, raincoats, book bags, etc.  

Lost articles will be placed in the “Lost & Found” box located next to the students’ bathrooms in the cafeteria. Items unclaimed will be donated to charity twice a year.

Important Dates

School Level

Window Period

School Date

Elementary/K8 Center

September 11-15, 2017

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

Middle Schools

September 18-22, 2017

Senior High

September 25-29, 2017

Special Centers

September 25-29, 2017

Grading Period

Interim Progress Report Distribution

Report Card Distribution













Academic Programs – Student Progression Plan (SPP)

Provides guidance to teachers, school and district administrators, parents and other stakeholders regarding the requirements and procedures for students to progress from one grade to the next, kindergarten through grade 12 and adult education.  The information presented in this document is derived from requirements set forth by Florida Statues, State Board of Education Rules and Policies established by The School Board of Miami-Dade County.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device allows students, parents, staff and guests to use their own technology during the day to enhance the learning experience. Examples of the types of technology which can be used are Windows laptops/tablets, Mac laptops, Android tablets, and iPads.


The health and physical well-being of all students is a matter of great concern to us. Royal Green Elementary is Health Connect School with a clinic and a team of professionals including a nurse , nurse practitioner and social worker.  Students who become ill will be sent to the clinic to see the nurse or nurse practitioner, and parents will be contacted. For this reason, it is most important that we are notified immediately if a telephone number is changed and that emergency contact information be kept up-to-date.  We appreciate your making arrangements to take your child home promptly in order to receive adequate care. In the beginning of the school year, the clinic personnel will send home information along with a consent form giving permission to them to treat your child(ren) with first aide.

Closing of School

The emergency closing of a school for any cause, such as weather or in which the safety of individuals may be endangered, is only at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.


Dismissal by Grade Levels

-Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten – will be dismissed at 1:50 p.m. and will be in lines for parent pick up outside the Kindergarten building (SW 47 St.)

-First Grade – will be dismissed at 1:50 p.m. will be picked up in the dismissal area on SW 129 Ct.

-Second thru Fifth Grade – will be dismissed at 3:05 p.m. and are to be picked up in the dismissal area on SW 129 Ct. For the safety reasons, all parents must abide by the rules and follow the guides of our security monitors, teachers and/or administration while picking up children.

Teachers will be supervising the students for 15 minutes after dismissal time.  Students who have not been picked up by that time will be escorted to the cafeteria where they will wait for their parents.  Parents must sign a log indicating the time that they have picked up their child(ren).  Please be reminded that the school cannot assume responsibility for children after the dismissal time unless the child is involved in the After School Care Program.


Students who walk home must provide teachers a written consent from parents. Please be advised that student walkers will not be allowed to walk home during rainy days.

Rainy Day Dismissal

Each parent and child should develop a plan for rainy day dismissal. Because of the limited availability of phones, the plan should not be "call home". Pre-K and Kindergarten students are to be picked up in their classrooms. First grade students will be dismissed from the First grade wing. If rainy/stormy weather occurs during dismissal time, second through fifth grade students will be held in the cafeteria until a parent or authorized adult comes into the main building by the front entrance to pick them up. Parents will not be allowed to come into the cafeteria by the back entrance of the cafeteria (faculty parking lot). The private buses will be stationed in the faculty parking lot to pickup students only.  Also, please remember that dismissal during rainy days can be hectic. We must all be patient and considerate of others. The most important consideration is the safety of our children.  Students will not be allowed to walk home alone when it is thundering.


On rainy mornings, PK-5th students will wait for their teachers in the cafeteria. Teachers or school personnel will pick up students in the cafeteria following the schedule delineated above. Also, Kindergarten gates will open every morning from 8:15-8:20 including rainy days.

On rainy afternoons, there will be a sign on the sidewalk indicating Rainy Day Procedures should be followed.

Rainy Days Pick up procedures are as follows:

Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade students are to wait for their parents in their classrooms.

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade will wait to be picked up in the cafeteria.


The school elevator is to be used by individuals who are handicapped/injured and cannot use the stairs.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Student Data Forms are distributed during the first week of school. Students are expected to bring the forms home and present them to their parents/guardians. The form must be carefully completed and returned. The information provided on the Emergency Student Data Forms will enable school staff to contact the parent/guardian immediately in the case of an emergency. Students may only be released from school to the persons listed on the form after presenting a picture identification. No persons, other than school staff, will have access to the information submitted.


All fieldtrips must be approved by the principal and Region Superintendent. Participation in fieldtrips requires that the student present a fieldtrip form signed by the parent/guardian to his/her teacher(s) in advance. In addition, at times vendors who have a “no refund” policy will require schools to pay the full amount of the fieldtrip prior to the event. In this case, students/parents will be notified in advance of the vendor’s “no refund” policy.


Principals are encouraged to work with teachers and parents to implement guidelines found in Homework Policy 2330. Teachers are required to provide students with make-up assignments once the absence has been excused; however, it is the responsibility of the student to request the assignments from the teacher(s).

Interscholastic Athletics/Intramurals 

The Division of Athletics, Activities and Accreditation works with M-DCPS school sites to provide students with opportunities to participate in athletics at various levels. Athletic programs are offered at K-8 Centers, middle schools and high schools.  At the middle schools, athletics consists of intramural and interscholastic programs. At the high school level, interscholastic programs are offered at most senior high schools.

For participation in interscholastic athletics at the middle school level, a student must have a 2.00 GPA in conduct and academics to participate. His or her parent must sign the M-DCPS Middle School Athletic Program Consent and Release from Liability Certificate. For participation in interscholastic athletics at the high school level, a GPA of 2.00 in conduct and academics is required except for incoming freshman. All participants must purchase athletic and/or football insurance to participate and must have a current physical form on file.

The parents and student must also sign the Contract for Student Participation in Interscholastic Competitions or Performances. The District also has policies concerning transfer students and participation in athletics. If a parent has questions concerning these policies, he or she should contact the Division of Athletics, Activities and Accreditation.

Mealtime Environment

School lunchtime should be an opportunity to encourage healthy lifestyle, promote socialization that will affect early behaviors.

The Department of Food and Nutrition serves healthy meals daily. Please visit for details on menus, programs, and services.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools offers breakfast free of charge to all M-DCPS Students. The breakfast at no charge is not dependent on the student qualifying for free/reduced price meals at lunch.

The USDA Child Nutrition Programs as administered by Miami-Dade County Public Schools provide free and reduced priced lunch for children unable to pay the full price. In place of the paper application, School Meal Program Brochures are distributed to all students informing parents on the application process and meal program. Parents are encouraged to complete an online application at:

 Paper applications are available in the school front office upon request. Many students are approved through Direct Certification and do not submit a lunch application. If approved for meal benefits, the approval status is valid throughout the school year, the summer, and approximately the first twenty days of the next school year.


School Lunch


All Students No Charge

Elementary Students

$ 2.25

Adults $ 2.00

Middle/Secondary Students

$ 2.50

Reduced Price lunch, all grade levels

$ 0.40


$ 3.00

Miami-Dade County Public School’s Department of Food and Nutrition allows parents/guardians the convenience to pay online for their child’s meals with a credit or debit card at Parents/guardians create an account in PayPams for the child, and will be able to access the following:

a. view the account balance

b. schedule automatic payments

c. receive low-balance e-mail reminders

d. view a report of daily spending and cafeteria purchases

Parents/Guardians should notify the school principal of any allergy or other medical condition their child has and request the appropriate forms for completion.

Parent Academy

Miami-Dade County Public Schools created The Parent Academy to bridge the gap between home and school by connecting parents to valuable resources and information, which answers questions on topics that impact children’s lives, including helping children learn, parenting skills, financial management, and health and wellness.

The Parent Academy supports parents in becoming more involved in their children’s education and empowers them to set and achieve personal empowerment goals for higher education and career advancement by providing free, year-round workshops, classes and events at schools, libraries, parks, colleges, private businesses and neighborhood centers across the county.

Parents can participate in workshops and classes that are aligned to their needs and convenient to their homes and workplaces.  Upcoming events and workshop offerings are listed on The Parent Academy website at  For additional information, please call The Parent Academy at 305-995-2680.

Protocol for Addressing Concerns

For issues involving an individual teacher or class, parent/guardian address their concerns to the following individuals in the order below.


Recess is supervised, unstructured playtime where children have choices, develop rules for play and release energy and stress.  Recess will be conducted outdoors when weather permits.  In the case of inclement weather, appropriate recess activities will be conducted indoors.  

Schools shall provide at least 100 minutes of supervised, safe, and unstructured free-play recess each week for students in kindergarten through grade 5, so that there are at least 20 consecutive minutes of free-play recess per day.

Safety and Security

In the event of an emergency, the primary responsibility of all school personnel is to provide for the safety of all students. In the event a school administrator announces a possible threat to students and staff safety exists within the community (Code Yellow), or an imminent threat to students and staff safety exists within the school (Code Red) students, faculty and staff will comply with all the procedures outlined in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Critical Incident Response Plan and remain on lockdown until a school administrator makes an “All Clear” announcement.

Student and employee safety is a primary concern of the Miami-Dade County Public School (M-DCPS) System. The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) was created to provide school personnel with the necessary leadership skills and knowledge needed to respond to critical incidents or other related emergencies that may occur in our schools/community.  All schools have a site-specific plan to address all types of critical incidents. These plans address the individual needs of the school, and provide guidelines for devising methods for communicating with the staff, students, parents/guardians, and the media during a critical incident or an emergency. Some of the protective action procedures include the evacuation of students/staff from the building(s), evacuation of the disabled and if necessary the relocation of students/staff from the school campus, lockdown procedures and holding/dismissing students during school and community emergencies.  Some important tips for parents/guardians to remember during a Critical Incident are as follows:  

All school administrators, Region Center Superintendents/Directors and all M-DCPS Police officers have been adequately trained in the school EOP and are prepared to respond immediately during a critical incident or emergency to provide safety for all children.

BeSafe Anonymous Reporting System (Insert Flyer)

Ten fire drills will take place during the school year according to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Policy and Emergency Procedures. At the sound of the emergency bell, students must stop what they are doing and follow the teacher’s instructions. Students must clear the building promptly by the prescribed route. Any student who is in the hallway or the restroom at the sound of the emergency bell must proceed to the nearest exit and locate the teacher. Students, teachers and staff must remain outside the building until permission is given to re-enter.

Due to legal regulations, students are not permitted to have guests attend school with them at any time. Parents/guardians are always welcome and tours may be arranged to view the school. Classroom visits require a 24-hour notice. Visitors must first register with security at the main entrance, sign-in, produce photo identification, and then proceed to register in the main office. Anyone who fails to follow these procedures will be considered a trespasser and is subject to arrest.

School Activities/Clubs

All School Activities, clubs, and organizations must be approved by the principal and conform to the district policies 5845 - Student Activities, 5830 - Student Fundraising and 9211 – Parent Organization, Booster Clubs, and Other Fund-Raising Activities.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ students may participate in a wide variety of activities, including student council, subject-area clubs, honor societies, service clubs, school publications and class activities. School-sponsored clubs may be curriculum-related or noncurriculum-related.

Curriculum-related clubs are student groups whose goals are an extension of the activities and objectives in a particular subject area within the school's curriculum. Conversely, noncurriculum-related clubs are student groups whose goals are special interest oriented and not directly related to the curriculum. Meetings of noncurriculum-related clubs may be scheduled only at times when instruction is not taking place, either before or after school.

School Center for Special Instructions (SCSI)

School administrators may elect to assign students to the School Center for Special Instruction (SCSI) as an alternative to suspension from school. SCSI is designed to provide strategies and resources to students focused on learning new behavior skills.  When misconduct in a class results in an assignment to SCSI, the student should be removed from only the class in which the misconduct occurred. Continued misconduct can result in the removal from all classes.

School Class Picture Process

The school class picture monies will no longer be collected by school staff for this activity.  Collection of monies will be conducted by the photographer and/or photographer’s staff.  

At no time, shall a staff member, parent, volunteer, or member of a school-allied organization such as the PTA handle school class picture monies.

School Transportation

Miami-Dade County Public Schools will transport more than 60,000 students a day this school year, using a fleet of 1,300 buses on nearly 1100 school-bus routes. The service is for students who live more than two (2) miles from their assigned school and for special needs students.

Before school begins, parents/guardians of all students eligible for bus transportation will receive a post card from the school district identifying the student's bus stop and times of pick up and delivery.  Information on student bus assignments will be posted on the Parent Portal at  The information on bus assignments on the Parent Portal is updated each night.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to check the Parent Portal throughout the school year to obtain the most current information on their children’s bus assignment.

Parents interested in determining their child's transportation eligibility should contact their child's school for information.

Special Education

The School Board of Miami-Dade County ensures that all students suspected of having a disability are identified, evaluated, and provided appropriate, specially designed instruction and related services, if it is determined that the student meets the state's eligibility criteria and the parent/ guardian consents to initial placement.

As the parent/guardian of a child with disabilities, you are a very important member of the team that plans your child's education.  Be informed and get involved.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's school.  Staff from the special education department and your child's student service provider will help to answer your questions. Additional information may also be found at

Student Records

Parents, guardians and students are protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Florida Statutes from individuals’ access to information in students’ educational records, and are provided the right to challenge the accuracy of these records. These laws provide that without the prior consent of the parent, guardian or eligible student, a student's records may not be released, except in accordance with the provisions listed in the above-cited laws. The laws provide certain exceptions to the prior consent requirement to the release of student records, which include, but are not limited to, school officials with a legitimate educational interest and lawfully issued subpoenas and court orders.

Each school must provide to the parents, guardians or eligible students annual notice in writing of their right to inspect and review student records. Once a student reaches 18 years of age or is attending an institution of post-secondary education, the consent is required from the student only, unless the student qualifies as a dependent under the law.

Student Services

The program structure supports educational reform initiatives and takes into consideration current social climate and the unique issues faced by the multicultural/multilinguistic populations enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Student Success Centers

The Student Success Centers provide an educational setting and safe-haven for referred students (ages 11 and older) exhibiting Level III-IV behavior and (with Region approval) habitual Level II infractions of the Code of Student Conduct.   



The School Board of Miami-Dade County has adopted comprehensive anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies that require all students be treated with respect regardless of their unique characteristics, including sexual orientation or gender identity.  Every student has the right to learn in a safe and accepting school environment and schools have a responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students, including transgender and gender nonconforming students.

These guidelines are intended to promote a positive, proactive approach that upholds and protects the rights of transgender and gender nonconforming students; and best practices to ensure that transgender students and gender nonconforming students have equitable access to all aspects of school life (academic, extracurricular and social) in ways that preserve and protect their dignity.

Verifications of Residency

If verification is not provided or acceptable, the Superintendent may verify the student's residence.

Anyone who knowingly makes a false statement in writing with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his/her official duty is guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor of the second degree under F.S. 837.06. In addition, anyone who knowingly makes a false verified declaration is guilty of perjury, a third-degree felony under F.S. 95.525.

Volunteer Program

The School Volunteer Program is responsible for electronic registration, background checks and trainings of volunteers. There are two different levels of volunteerism.

Level 1 - complete a database background check

Level 2 - complete a fingerprint background check

  • Day chaperones for field trips
  • Classroom assistants
  • Math and/or reading tutors.  
  • Certified Volunteers
  • Mentors
  • Listeners
  • Athletic/Physical Education assistants
  • Overnight chaperones.

Any individual interested in volunteering in Miami-Dade County Public Schools must:

APPENDIX A – School Calendars

APPENDIX B –Commonly Referenced School Board Policies

Please refer to to

view full policies


Accident Reports/Incident Reports/School Safety

The District Critical Incident Response Team (DCIRT) is responsible for assisting schools with emergencies/critical incidents as needed and coordinate District resources.      

Admission, Registration and Immunization Requirements

Animals on District Property

. Anti-Discrimination Policy


Attendance Policy/School Hours

Student attendance is a means of improving student performance and critical in raising student achievement. Together, the staff of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, students, parents and the community must make every effort to lessen the loss of instructional time to students

Ceremonies & Observances

Class Size


Code of Student Conduct

Digital Conversion/Social Media

                      DISTRICT NETWORK SYSTEMS

Equal Opportunity


Fieldtrips/School Social Events

Financial Obligations

Food & Nutrition/Wellness Policy



includes student solicitation and collection of money for any purpose including collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, or any other goods or services. Student fundraising in school, on school property, or at any school-sponsored event is permitted only when the profit is to be used for school purposes or for an activity connected with the schools.

the name of the school from the public for any purpose without prior approval of the school principal and the Region Superintendent or his/her designee. All approvals must be in writing using the approved District forms and must be retained at the school for audit purposes.


Health Screening



Parent Choice Student Transfers


Parent Involvement

Pledge of Allegiance


Schools of Choice/Magnet Schools

School Transportation/Bus Safety Conduct

Special Education

The School Board shall provide a free, appropriate, public education for students with disabilities according to State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations and shall implement the procedures document entitled Exceptional Student Education Policies and Procedures.   


Student Activities

Student Records/Access to Student Records

Parents and eligible students have the right to access education records, including the right to inspect and review those records, and have the right to waive their access to their education records in certain circumstances. Prior written consent of the parent, guardian, or eligible student shall be obtained prior to disclosing personally identifiable student information, except under certain circumstances.

Student Services

Title I – School wide Program


Volunteer Program

Anti-Discrimination Policy

                                                                         Federal and State Laws

The School Board of Miami- Dade County, Florida adheres to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and educational programs/activities and strives affirmatively to provide equal opportunity for all as required by:

Title  VI of the  Civil  Rights Act of 1964  -  prohibits discrimination on the  basis  of race,  color,  religion, or national origin.

Title  VII of the  Civil Rights Act of 1964  as amended -  prohibits discrimination in employment on the  basis of race,  color, religion, gender. or national origin.

Title  IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 - prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender.

Age Discrimination in  Employment Act  of 1967  (ADEA)  as  amended -  prohibits discrimination on  the basis  of age with  respect to individuals who are  at least 40.

The  Equal Pay  Act of 1963  as  amended -  prohibits gend0r discrimination in payment of wages  to women and  men performing substantially equal work  in the  same establishment.

Section 504 of the  Rehabilitation Act of 1973  -  prohibits discrimination against the disabled.

Americans with   Disabilities Act of 1990   (ADA) -    prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in employment, public service, public accommodations and telecommunications.

The Family and  Medical Leave  Act of 1993 (FMLA)- requires covered  employers to provide  up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave  to "eligible"  employees for certain family  and  medical reasons.

The  Pregnancy Discrimination Act  of  1978  -   prohibits discrimination in  employment on  the  basis   of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

Florida Educational Equity Act (FEEA)  -  prohibits discrimination on  the  basis  of race,  gender, national origin,  marital status, or handicap against a student or employee.

Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992  -  secures for all individuals within the  state freedom  from discrimination because of race,  color, religion, sex, national origin,  age,  handicap, or marital status.

Title   II  of  the  Genetic Information  Nondiscrimination Act  of  2008  (GINA)  -   prohibits  discrimination against employees or applicants because of genetic information.

Boy Scouts of America Equal Access  Act of 2002 - no public  school  shall deny  equal access  to, or a fair opportunity for groups to meet on  school  premises or  in school  facilities before  or  after  school  hours, or discriminate against any  group   officially  affiliated with  Boy  Scouts of America or  any  other youth   or community group  listed in Title  36 (as a patriotic society).

Veterans are provided reemployment rights in accordance with PL. 93·508 (Federal Law) and Section

295.07 (Florida Statutes), which stipulate categorical preferences for employment.

In Addition:

School Board  Policies 1362,  3362,  4362,  and  5517  -   Prohibit  harassment and/or  discrimination against students, employees,  or  applicants on  the  basis  of sex,  race,  color, ethnic  or  national origin,  religion, marital status, disability,  genetic  information, age,  political  beliefs.  sexual  orientation, gender,  gender identification, social and  family background,  linguistic  preference,  pregnancy,  citizenship status,  and any other legally prohibited  basis.  Retaliation for engaging in a protected activity is also prohibited.

For additional information contact:

Office of Civil Rights Compliance (CRC)

Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator

155N.E. 15th Street, Suite Pl04E

Miami, Florida  33132

Phone: (305) 995·1580 TDD: (305) 995·2400

Email:  crc@dadeschools. net Website: