Homecoming 2018

University of Alaska Anchorage

October 6th - 13th


Welcome to the UAA Homecoming Spirit Competition!


The University of Alaska Anchorage’s Homecoming Week 2018 will be held October 6 – 12 and features a variety of fun-filled activities designed to unite the campus and instill a sense of University pride.


The 2018 Homecoming Committee invites you to get involved this year and celebrate Homecoming with us at UAA. All recognized student organizations, clubs, residence halls, and sports teams are encouraged to participate in this year’s Spirit Competition. Student organization teams will compete against one another in a variety of events throughout the week and have the opportunity to become the 2018 Homecoming Champions. 2018 Homecoming Champions will win a $1000 prize which will be added to their organization accounts.


This guidebook is a reference for all student organizations, clubs, teams, and halls interested in participating in and contributing to the success of Homecoming 2018. Please read the information carefully. It is extremely important that the information in this guidebook is communicated to your fellow organization team members. Please review the attached documents with all of your team members. If you have questions, please contact us in the Office of Student Activities & Commuter Programs at 907-786-1272.


We encourage the participation of all students and organizations in the Spirit Competition. Don’t belong to a student organization? No problem! Sign up with the students that live on your wing, your intramural team, or your classmates. What better way to show your UAA pride than celebrating with your fellow students and dominating the competition! The deadline for student groups sign-up is September 28th, 2018 at 11:59pm.


This year’s Homecoming will have something for everyone, and the 2018 Homecoming Traditions Committee is working extra hard to create a memorable week of events! Be sure to join the fun and help us continue building this great tradition at UAA.



Your 2018 Homecoming Traditions Committee


University of Alaska Anchorage




  1. Student teams eligible for the competition will be defined as any recognized student organization, club, residence hall, or a sports team in good standing with the University and with the Office of Student Involvement. Due to college sports team rules, the grand prize must be donated to an affiliated student organization or club IF you are a college sports team.

  1. All team members must be registered students to participate in the events for points.


  1. All student teams are expected to adhere to all policies as stated in this Spirit Competition Manual as well as the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Code of Conduct.


  1. Any team whose members are deemed by the Homecoming Committee to be acting in an inappropriate manner, including but not limited to, disorderly conduct, vandalism, theft, and verbal or physical threats, will be automatically disqualified from Homecoming 2018.


  1. Any and all issues regarding a team’s eligibility and/or disciplinary actions are up to the discretion of Homecoming Traditions Committee.


  1. Spirit Competition registration must be turned in by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 28th at to ensure you get a shopping cart and banner!


  1. Recognition will be given to the student team with the highest point totals. Competition winners from the red and gold division will be announced at the Homecoming Dance on Friday, October 12, 2018. All members from your student group are invited to attend.
  2. Student teams MAY combine into one team. Winners will have monies evenly distributed to both clubs/organizations/or teams.



The student group with the most points at the end of the week will be named the overall spirit week competition winners, will win a $1000 co-sponsorship, will be recognized and announced at the Homecoming Dance, and will have bragging rights for an entire year! Even if you don’t win the grand prize, many of the solo events have their own prizes, whether it be free swag, gift cards, or food!

Note below that some events offer points for participation, AND points for winning the particular event competition (Minute 2 Win It, for instance, gives points for both participating and winning).

Event Points Breakdown


Participation Points

Winner Points

Participation Selfies

5 per Homecoming event


Shopping Cart Decoration



Banner Decoration



Minute 2 Win It



Free Little Library Design



Lip Sync Battle



Homecoming Royalty Member Nomination



Homecoming Circle Dance



Canned Food  Drive

1 point / 5 cans



Homecoming Week


Homecoming Teams can compete by posting a selfie of their team members to #2018uaahomecoming for various events throughout the week. This will demonstrate your school spirit and bring excitement and energy to Homecoming Week.

Teams must sign up in advance by completing the Homecoming Spirit Registration at

Guidelines & Rules

Teams must take a clear photo of themselves at Homecoming related events and post to social media under the hashtag #2018uaahomecoming . Teams will get FIVE points if they have at least 3 team members in their photo. Teams will not get additional points for students or non-students not registered on that team. To get points for the selfie teams should do the following:

Participating Homecoming Events

Teams can get 5 selfie points for each of the following Homecoming events:


Monday, October 1, 2018 - Decoration Begins @ 8am

Monday, October 8, 2018 - Shopping Cart Parade @ 5pm



Show your creativity and ability to construct by creating a miniature parade float - with a shopping cart! A time honored tradition, UAA’s Shopping Cart Parade has showcased carts built like anything from airplanes, board games, and tanks. Teams have nearly a week to work on their shopping cart in the Student Lounge- from October 1 to October 7th. On October 8th, at 4pm, teams will prepare their carts for the Shopping Cart parade, beginning at the Coffee Shop Lounge.

This year, teams will also be given a CANVAS banner to decorate in addition to their shopping cart. Showcase your banner during the parade in order to get points as well!

Shopping Cart Parade Rules

Shopping Cart Decoration Station
The Shopping Cart decoration station will in the Student Lounge in the Student Union. There will be tape and scissors available to students. Some paper will be available - first come, first served!

Shopping Cart Parade Route

The parade will exit the coffee lounge, take a right, go to the other side of the staircase, and go West towards the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.  The parade will go all the way through the Wells Fargo until it reaches the entryway to the Rasmuson Hall Bridge.  

The parade will go outside. Participants may bring a coat with them.  Judges will have already scored participants so they can wear a coat at this point without it affecting them.

Then the parade will turn left and exit, go down the wheelchair access ramp outside, cross the street underneath the Rasmuson Hall Bridge, circle the Lucy Cuddy Quad (counterclockwise) and then come back the same way to the Judging table in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.  After the scores are announced, the winning carts will go to the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office and the rest will be disassembled.                


Monday, October 8th, 2018

7pm in the Den


Minute 2 Win It is a gameshow with plenty of small one-minute games that will be played in an hour. Points are earned for the Spirit Competition that go towards Homecoming if you represent a club or organization.

Guidelines & Rules

Minute 2 Win It will have an array of different games, including games that necessitate at least two members of the Spirit team. If only one member of a team shows up to Minute 2 Win It, they will not be able to get points for certain games. Teams do not need to sign up in advance.


Homecoming Week

The University of Alaska Anchorage Royalty recognizes student leaders who, through their leadership, involvement, and commitment, have made significant contributions to campus life. This award recognizes students for leadership that goes above and beyond the norm, while sustaining quality academic performance.

For information about the Homecoming Royalty and Court, the application, as well as important deadline and requirements, please see 


Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

7pm @ Fine Arts Building


Lip Sync Battle is a performance-based competition for any team, organizations, or individual wishing to participate. Teams of up to ten or single individuals will choreograph a dance of up to 5 minutes. Student organizations, teams, and individuals can sign up in advance by completing the google sign up form.

Teams/individuals must sign up in advance by completing the Homecoming Spirit Competition Packet at by October 5th.

Guidelines & Rules

Judging Criteria


Monday, October 8-Thursday, October 11, 2018  

10-11AM, 2-3PM in the Student Union Den

The Daily Den will be accepting food donations throughout the week of Homecoming. Approved food donations will be delivered to UAA’s Emergency Food Cache & the Food Bank of Alaska.

Guidelines & Rules

UAA Emergency Food Cache

Food Bank of Alaska

Macaroni & Cheese, Cereal, Ramen Noodles

Tuna, Chicken, Pork

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Spinach, Mixed Vegetables, Tomato Sauce, Beans

Instant Coffee


Easy Open Canned Meats, Fruits, Soups


Design due on Thursday, October 11th, 2018

UAA is getting its very own Free Little Library installed in the Student Union near the Union Station coffee shop! Free Little Libraries give students the opportunity to access free books: you give one, you take one!

However, the Free Little Library is not designed yet which is why the clubs and organizations of this spirit competition are tasked with creating a design!

Here is what the Free Little Library currently looks like sitting in Dean of Students office:

Guidelines & Rules

Judging Criteria


Name of Club/Organization: _______________________________________________________