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Feedback from participants of BBFC 2018
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Dylan Malpas (goalkeeper of the English national team, recently awarded the best goalkeeper prize): A massive thank you to Jitka Graclíková and Tomáš Bukovský for hosting the 6th Bučovice Blind Football Tournament. By far the best club championships in Europe. Fantastic to play against such strong competitive opposition as well as having a great laugh off the pitch with incredible people who share the same passion for Blind Football as us. Couldn't be any prouder of our lads beating a very strong and talented Bnfit Once Madrid 2-0 in the final by playing some great football. None of this would of been possible without the organisation of Dan James, so a huge thank you for giving us all the opportunity to play and be part of this tournament. Finally a great honour personally to be named the best goalkeeper of this tournament, an achievement that I am very proud off. Thank you once again for having us all, for me events like this really puts the love back in playing blind football!!!!!!

Five-a-side Anderlecht team: Thanks a million all the people who worked for the success of this tournament which, once again, was organized by master hand : Avoy MU Brno, Jitka Graclíková and Tomáš Bukovský ! Many thanks also to the volunteers, supervisors, canteen managers, photographers and referees! As every year, it was a real pleasure to participate in this high-level competition where the good atmosphere is always there! No words enough to thank you Jitka and Buky! Brussels 5-a-side Anderlecht is so happy to join that wonderful tournament!

Kevin Vanderborght (player of the Belgian national football team, Anderlecht’s team forward): Exactly for such moments we love the blind football! Thanks to Jitka Graclíková and the whole team, without you this great tournament would not exist!

Gerson Countinho (ICB Bahia team’s coach, Brazil): Congratulations to everyone. It's a huge tournament and very well organized.

Darren Harris (player of the British national football team, Worcester team’s player): You truly amaze me once again. How can you all be so beautiful? Thanks for another brilliant event, tell me where you want me to post my raving testimonial if it will help continue this superb tournament. I love you all more than ever. Do take care. You guys give so much, I hope you get what you want in return.

Martin Demonte (coach of the Argentinian national team): Congratulations!!! Very good work!!

Luis Antonio Castaneda Tenjo: Congratulations to Jitka Graclíková because she’s one who supports so great a sport called Blind Football in the world. I send all greetings from Colombia.

Mateusz Krzyszkowski (player of the Polish national team, Tyniecka Krakow’s defender): There are only three sure things in the world - death, taxes, and #BBFC! Thanks a lot for being part of the best tournament in the world! We would like to thank the Avoy MU Brno team for the invitation and the opportunity to create such a fantastic blind football history together with the best teams in the world for the third time. It is an honor to compete in these competitions, which should be called the Champions League in blind football!”

David Stirton (International Blind Sportsmen Association): “Big congratulations on another great tournie!”

François Carcouët (French referee at the top level - participated in the World Cup and the Paralympics): Thanks again Jitka, spirit of blindfootball is there. You and Buky are the guardian of this temple ! ;-)

Stuart Winton (British referee at the top level - participated in the World Cup and the Paralympics): Thanks & huge hugs Jitka & Buky. You are both truly inspirational - amazing work - awesome people. The spirit of the family of Blindfootball at BBFC.

Aimilios Kaklamanos (goalkeeper of the Greek national team, Keravnos team’s goalkeeper): Another year in Czech Republic, another year in bbfc... all these mean one extra year of incredible experiences with incredible people and very nice football (our big love!)! On behalf of the greek team of KERAVNOS we would like to thank you all for the perfect organization of another bbfc! Jitka, Buky, and all the rest people who put their effort and time and energy for this perfect experience, we want to thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy ourselves one more year in beautiful Bucovice while playing football! Everything was perfect and we have the feeling that everything was rolling even better than last year! You helped us with anything we needed from beforehand and everything worked perfectly! We also want to thank the rest of the teams without whom this experience would have been incomplete... of course we owe a huge thanks to Niko and Michael, our two german players, for helping and upgrading us in this tournament!!!

Once again we want to thank all the people involved in bbfc 2018 for giving us the opportunity to participate in this amazing experience! We hope you will get even more funding for the next years in  order to make your life easier while organizing the next bbfcs and because you simply deserve it!!! We really hope to meet you all next year and every year thereafter… The whole KERAVNOS team from the extra hot Athens!”

Andreas Sorsky (coach of the Vienna team): From 30 June to 1 July 2018, we took part in a top tournament with our B1 team. Many thanks to the organizers of the 6th annual Bučovice Blind Football Cup 2018. The tournament was very well organized and planned with great passion and professionalism. Our players could not only find new friends but also gain a lot of knowledge and experience. The results were not what they should be ;) But we have left a good impression that we can play against high-quality rivals, better results will soon come. In this respect, we are going with great hope for the summer break and with fresh energy we will start preparing for the next matches.

Adrien Bonaert (goalkeeper of the Belgian national football team, goalkeeper of the Anderlecht team): Thanks a lot for all the help with all our needs and also for the brilliant organization. Once again, the tournament was amazing ! :) Congratulations to you and all the organizers and volunteers (especially Boris ;-) Once again, thank you for all !!! :)

Daniel James (coach of the winning Worcester team): Thank you once again for an incredible tournament. All of your team are fantastic people. Thank you for what you do for Blind football and giving us a chance to play :)

Jitka Medová (physiotherapist): Jitka, it was terrific! Thank you very much for the chance to be around your team. It was a really unique event, well, that's probably what everyone says and what everyone looks forward to all year long!

Tanja Hengl (goalkeeper of the Vienna team): It was a great tournament in Bučovice. We gained a lot of experience and found new friends. The result is not important for us, the main thing is that we had opportunity to play football. Congratulations to the winners of the tournament from Worcester.

Jan Bango (Avoy MU Brno’s player): This is the second BBFC I could attend. I have been playing blind football for one year and a half, and I haven’t attended a better tournament so far. Not only because we took third place but also thanks to the great atmosphere there. The former British national team’s captain Keryn Seal played with us at BBFC and gave us a lot of valuable advice. Thanks to Keryn we got so far. I appreciate this result very much because we played against the best. I have deep respect for Jitka and Buky for organizing the tournament so well. I had a great time the whole weekend, met lots of new people, and most importantly, I played soccer. I believe there will be another BBFC!

Michal Jašek (photographer): Jitka, thank you. You and Buky are incredible pros and I honestly believe that the number of people who happily (in most cases :)) volunteer shows how much they love you and what an outstanding atmosphere you are able to create.

Vojtěch Polášek (Avoy MU Brno’s player): Being a player of the Avoy MU Brno team I consider the Bučovice Blind Football Cup the height of the season. The team has the opportunity to capitalize on the experience gained during training sessions and other football tournaments. It is also very motivating to play in front of local spectators. As an added benefit, we get the chance to play against teams we wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Chloé Goussin (Anderlecht’s team navigator): It was a great tournament, congrats for all the work done and the organization, I was impressed!