TRB Task Force on Knowledge Management (AB010T)

Spring Teleconference – April 10, 2019, 12-1:30 PM ET

Dial in:

(877) 402-9753


Alex Linthicum (Volpe), Frances Harrison (Spy Pond Partners), Leni Oman (WSDOT), Becky Burk (MDSHA), Jayme Johnson (WMATA), Sandy Brady (LTRC), Enid White (Wyoming), Jez Arroway (ITD), Ron Curb (ODOT), Glenn McRae (NETWC), Carin Michel (FHWA), Jessica VanDenBogaert (FDOT), Michael Molina, Chris Senesi (WSP), Stuart Thompson (FHWA), Tony Geara (WSP), Stephanie Clark (DDOT), Mike Leegard (MnDOT), Michelle Farabough (OU), Derrick Grimes (AKDOT&PF), Elizabeth Phillips (INDOT), Michelle Tucker (Caltrans), Amanda Holland (AK), Mary Moulton (NTL), Bob McQueen (Bob McQueen and Associates), Jack Stickel (Independent Consultant)

  1. Strategic Plan and Action Tracking (Alex)
  1. AASHTO Committee on KM Update (Leni)
  1. Research Subcommittee (Leni)
  1. Call for Presentations (Frances)
  1. Leni: desire for KM on the part of communities, but gaps in terms of business processes
  2. Bob: could be some parallels in other parts of the world in other industries, health care
  3. Develop provocative draft for other people to tell us how it really should be
  1. Workshops
  1. Webinar Plans (Becky)
  1. Website/Communications (Jessica)
  1. Collaboration on Content Posting (Frances)
  1. LIaisons (Alex)
  1. Slack @ TRB (Alex)
  1. Review of Document Collaboration platforms
  1. Other News
  1. Next meeting