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Solopreneur Accelerator Summit May 2021 - Information for Speakers
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Information for Speakers

The Solopreneur Accelerator Summit - May 17, 2021


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Contact: / +1 248-787-2926 (SMS)

About me: About Steve - Midlife Solopreneur

Next Steps

  1. Click here to register your interest to speak
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  3. I will review your application within 72 hours
  4. On approval you will be sent a link to booking your speaking time in the calendar

Summit Info

The summit was created for new and early-stage coaches, experts, authors and speakers who are just starting their coaching career, or making 5-figures or lower 6-figures.

Over 5 days and 38 sessions, we're bringing a set of amazing coaches, mentors, authors, experts and leaders sharing actionable, useful advice and tips for solopreneurs.

This is the second time we are doing the Summit. We had fabulous feedback the first time, both from speakers and attendees.

The first summit was from August 31 to September 3 2020, with between 25 and 55 attendees for every single session.


Each session is LIVE - a 45-minute introduction (1 minute long max) and presentation, and 5 minutes of questions from the audience.

The summit will be held using Zoom MEETING - not webinar. The audience will be able to submit questions in the chat or raise their hand digitally.

You will be able to share your screen (Powerpoint, video etc) during your talk.

Before your session, you can submit questions which I can ask in case of radio silence from the audience.


The audience are new and early-stage coaches, experts, authors and speakers who are just starting their coaching career, or making 5-figures or lower 6-figures.

The audience is often struggling with their marketing and technology, and are looking for advice that can help them get more clients, reliably.

Suitable Topics

Any topic relating to:

I am open to other suggestions; please feel free to enquire.

Speaker Requirements

If you do not fulfil the criteria below, please contact me - exceptions are possible.

As a speaker you should:

Your talk/presentation is the most important requirement:

The Small Print:

Promotion Opportunities

You may promote any offer that has no charges, including:

Do not promote any paid offers in excess of $50 until February 8, 2021.

Note - you may promote an offer of $50 or less - any upsell to a higher program must take place after February 8, 2021.

We recommend that you provide an evergreen (affiliate) link as your talk will be made available to VIPs as a recording.

You are invited to do an interview with the host Steve Eriksen. The interview will be featured as VIP content and may later be used for podcasts, website content, part of paid offerings and more.

Speaking Fee Refund

The cost to speak at the summit is a refundable $97.

The refund will be made if:

Qualify for FREE Entry into a PAID Giveaway

Your lead magnet / offer will be included for FREE in a paid giveaway running from February 15 - 21, 2021 - at no cost - assuming you meet the criteria.

This is a PAID giveaway with paying contributors; if you are included there is no cost and no promotion required from your side.

You will be able to participate in the giveaway for free if you qualify for a refund.

Monetization / Affiliate Opportunities

You will receive 50% affiliate commission on any VIP ticket upsells (cost $47).

All registrants will be encouraged to attend a 3-day event February 5-7, 2021.

Sponsor Opportunities

We are selling 2 sponsorships.

The sponsorships will be promoted on every slide introducing speakers and during breaks. The size will be 1/8 of the screen, with a “Sponsored by” caption above and your website address below.

There will be a 30 second mention video opportunity at each 15-minute and 50-minute break (3 per day). Each of the video plays will be accompanied by a call to action and a clickable link in the Zoom chat.

You may promote an offer of up to $997 before February 8, 2021.

The cost of the sponsorship is $497 (non-refundable).