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Strategy Two: Tapping The Power Of Our Whole Community

Objective 2.3:        Partnerships with Businesses

Executive Sponsors:        Brian Flones, Superintendent; Diana Haglund, Coordinator Wenatchee Learns

Three-Year Benchmark Objectives, Actions, Barriers and Outcomes


  1. Expand role of school-to-work liaison.
  2. Locate school-to-work liaison to WL Chamber office twice a week.
  3. Develop a collaborative partnership with Eastmont school-to-work liaison.
  4. Locate WL Partnership Center to WV Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Expand College and Career Expo to a regional event for all of NCW.
  6. Create targeted Work-Based Learning marketing pieces.
  7. Serve on workforce development board at WVC and participate in other community workforce development events and workshops.
  8. Cultivate stronger relations with local union reps and Young and Emerging Labor Leaders (YELL).
  9. Pilot Pizza Pop and Power Tools and Fast and Furious Futures – Events for 8th grade students.
  10. Explore teacher’s closet concept.
  11. Connect businesses/professionals with school advisory committees.
  12. Increase visibility in business community by attending networking events, workshops and professional organization meeting.
  13. Create advisory committees for events and initiatives.  


  1. Develop external outreach campaign for promoting school-to-work to employers.
  2. Increase online career coaches.
  3. Increase employer participation in school-to-work program.
  4. Develop outreach plan to promote school-to-work program to students/staff.
  5. Develop WSD internal job shadows/internships in operational departments.
  6. Pilot mock interviews with Apple Valley Human Resources Association.
  7. Expand North Cascades Bank financial literacy partnership to 1-2 elementary schools.
  8. Improve business partner communication.
  9. Pilot Business After School event partnership with the WV Chamber of Commerce with an emphasis on STEM careers.
  10. Partner with Chamber and WorkSource to host business summit and job fair
  11. Improve NCW College and Career Expo logistics and quality of exhibits.
  12. Increase number of online company profiles.
  13. Identify potential list of teacher closet materials needs, possible location and list of potential business partners and communication methods for outreach. (We are not longer pursuing this)
  14. Continue to increase visibility in business community by attending networking events, workshops and professional organization meetings.
  15. Continue to create advisory committees that include business partners for various events and initiatives.
  16. Develop career connected learning event for 5th grade students in partnership with businesses
  17. Host partner appreciation event for business and community partners


  1. Secure space for teachers closet.
  2. Continue to host NCW College & Career Expo and increase area school and exhibitor participation
  1. Continue to promote work-based learning ( job shadows, worksite learning and PBL) opportunities to business partners and students
  1. Pilot volunteer and student club fair at WHS
  1. Conduct employer satisfaction survey.
  1. Increase number of classroom presenters and students exposed to presenter topics.
  1. Increase number of job shadow company hosts by 10%
  1. Develop new career connect learning partnerships within the agriculture industry
  1. Increase the number of WL company profiles by 10%
  1. Continue Careers After School event series
  1. Continue to host partner appreciation luncheon
  2. Identify co-marketing opportunities with Chamber to increase career connected learning awareness
  3. Continue office co-location and collaborative partnership with Chamber
  4. Continue 5G Future Fest for 5th grade students
  1. Partner with Central Washington Home Builders to develop construction careers event
  1. Partner with UW, WVC and community health organizations to host a healthcare careers event
  1. Continue to host Pizza Pop and Power Tools at Wenatchee Valley College.
  1. Host second annual summit in partnership with Chamber of Commerce, SkillSource and WorkSource. Focus on soft skills development and customer service
  1. Business partner communication
  1. Support WHS Career Center for development of “Things I need to know” workshop series to help high school seniors prepare for life on their own.

  1. Explore apprenticeships youth apprenticeships, identify businesses and industry partners who can host apprentices.



What action steps or strategies need to be explored or developed to reach benchmarks?

What obstacles or barriers need to be addressed?

Who needs to be involved in the planning discussion and action steps for this objective?

What measures need to be developed to monitor the outcomes of the objective benchmarks?

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