Bio: Alexander Anderson is an American composer and musician born in Oceanside, California. Raised in San Diego, Alexander began studying music at five years of age, and has been performing professionally since age sixteen. Raised in a diverse musical background, Alexander began studying classical music at an early age, before embracing jazz, hip-hop, rock, soul, and electronic music to meld a unique sound. Alexander has toured internationally, and performed on national radio, television and in major motion pictures. Alexander has produced three albums as the musical director of Unidentified Fusion Orangement, and two albums as a solo artist. Alexander graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Jazz Composition, and is currently recording his third album “Oceanside”.


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Alexander Anderson’s composition for choir and orchestra “We’ll Find Our Peace”

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“This young man is the future of music” - Julius P. Williams

You did an amazing job of translating the essence of my original arrangement into your own sphere” -  Herbie Hancock (after viewing Alexander’s cover of “I Have a Dream”

“ Alexander has found a unique voice… a distinct sound that is his own”. - Kenny Werner

“Alexander Anderson, a [alumni] of Berklee College of Music, leads a trio of jazz fusion madness. Blending some of the spacy free-form wildness of Sun Ra with the down and dirty textures of Miles Davis, the Alexander Anderson Trio take an egg to expectations, creating deceptively comoplex songs that blend the psychedelic headiness of free jazz and the formality of the genre. On Fender Rhodes and synthesizer, Anderson’s fingers trip and skip down the keys in a way that can be dangerously unpredictable.”

 - Adam McKinney

 Olympia Arts Post Critics’ Picks, Washingtons

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