We are a diverse community of engaged learners ready for the world!                                     


Parent-Student Handbook


1150 Mount Sopris Drive                                                         Office:         970-384-5400

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601                                        Attendance Line:      Option 2                                                 Fax:      970-384-5405

Dave Lindenberg, Principal                                        Emergency/Snow Line:         970-384-6075                   

Carrie Hassel, Assistant Principal


Dear Parents:

Welcome to Sopris Elementary School, home of the Eagles!  We are looking forward to another successful year of learning and growing.  We are honored that you have chosen Sopris Elementary School for your child’s learning experience and invite you to join us in reaching our vision of having “A diverse community of engaged learners ready for the world!

The purpose of this handbook is to help parents become better acquainted with our school and its operation.  Briefly described are expectations of our students and the services we have to offer.


Our day begins and ends with ‘Crew’ time; when we 1) Greet kids, 2) Build relationships, 3) Provide a service to our community, 4) Set academic goals, 5) Journal, 6) Provide additional physical activity to activate the brain, 7) Learn about the Habits of a Scholar (Executive Functioning, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Teamwork), and 8) Launch students into their day..  Crew is an important, very deliberate part of our day of which we know your child will love.

Regular, punctual attendance is a college and career ‘success’ habit and not taught over one year, but through a lifetime of respecting one’s own and others’ time by being present. This year, we will acknowledge high attendance to honor those who work hard to be at school and on time.

We want to work collaboratively with parents to provide a high quality educational experience for your child. By doing so we can maximize our effectiveness and demonstrate the importance of school and education to your child. We invite you to visit, volunteer, and/or participate in classroom and school activities so you can see the great nurturing and learning that takes place at SES.

Education takes everybody’s involvement; the future depends on it.  Please, contact us at school with your questions, comments, or concerns.  Working together, we can be assured that our Student  Experiences Success!                                                                                                                                


Dave Lindenberg, Principal and

Carrie Hassel, Assistant Principal                                                                                                                                                              


It is our mission to make strong connections with students, families, colleagues and our community to create a safe, warm learning environment while challenging learners to be their best in all that they do.

As an example of working closely with our community, we recently engaged our stakeholders to identify the following six themes important in guiding our ongoing strategic planning and continual improvement efforts:


8:10 a.m.:        First Bell

8:15 a.m.:        Tardy Bell

3:30 p.m.:        Dismissal

2:00 p.m.:        Wednesday - Early Release

*Students should be in class ready for learning by 8:15.  Crew time starts promptly and is a very important part of how students integrate into their class in the morning and prepare for the day!


Through community-wide meetings, parents expressed that they value character education. Our district and Sopris Elementary School have adopted the following ‘Habits of a Scholar’:

Executive Functioning, Persistence, Enthusiasm, Compassion, and Teamwork:  

Parents will receive a report at the end of each quarter showing how their learner is progressing with each of our ‘Habits of a Scholar’.



We expect our students to follow our school wide behavior expectations including our one school rule:  

“We are responsible, respectful and kind to ourselves, each other, and our school.”                                                                           

Table of Contents:

I. Administration         

Legal Documentation  

Student Records  

II. Parent Information         


Sources of School Information: Website (        

Check in/Check Out


Due Process Rights

Emergency and Inclement Weather Procedure

Lost and Found Articles



Registration and Transfers

Reporting to Parents  

School Visits

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program

III. Resources        

Family Resource Center


Monthly Newsletter  

School Supplies

Weekly Enews from the Principal

IV. Student Expectations        



Character Traits

Terrific Kids


Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades and Toys

Bus Rules


Cell Phones (Student)

General Student Regulations

Safety and Welfare

Special Events

Student Insurance

I.  Administration:


Under Colorado State Law, schools may not deny access of a child to a parent unless there is a court order on file at the school.  If such documentation has been established, it is important that it is on file here at school.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Principal.


Student educational records may contain, but will not necessarily be limited to, the following information:  identifying data, attendance data, academic work completed, level of achievement (grades, standardized achievement test scores), scores on standardized intelligence, aptitude, and psychological tests, teacher or counselor ratings and observations, interest inventory results, health data, family background information, and reports of serious recurrent behavior patterns.

All requests for inspection and review of educational records, and requests for copies of such records, as well as disclosure of personally identifiable information except as provided by laws, shall be maintained as a part of each individual’s records (such request/inspection record shall be made available to the parent of eligible students upon request).

II.  Parent Information:


Colorado State Law requires that all children of school age regularly attend school.  Children are required to bring a written excuse for absences or tardiness to the office the immediate day following the absence.  By attending school regularly, and being on time, your child can make the most of his or her educational opportunity.  Excess tardiness or absences may require a letter to be sent home or a conference to be held to address this issue.  

We make the effort to make a home contact when children are absent to assure his or her safety.  If you know that your child will not be attending school, please call the office between 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.   It is also important that we have a current phone number on file for this reason.

Parents will be notified by auto-dialer of each unexcused absence at 10 a.m.  When a student accumulates 5-10 absences during a school year, the principal may convene a meeting with the teacher and the parent/guardian.


Please check our website and Facebook page for updated information about Sopris Elementary School.  Further, we send out monthly newsletters via “Constant Contact” as well as ongoing school oriented updates and reminders to parents via text, e-mail, and voicemail.  We ask that you please keep your contact information current to ease communication.  


Facebook page


All students (and visitors) are required to check in and check out at the main office for safety and security during the school day. Teachers will expect students to have a pass and parents to have a ‘Visitor’ sticker. Please enter through the front door if late or checking back in to school.


Our day begins and ends with ‘Crew’; which is a time to 1) Greet kids, 2) Build relationships, 3) Provide a service to our community, 4) Set literacy goals, 5) Journal, 6) Provide additional physical activity to activate the brain, 7) Learn about the Habits of a Scholar (Executive Functioning, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Teamwork), 8) Launch them into their day with a meaningful end of their time together.  Crew is an important, very deliberate part of our day of which your child will love.



Roaring Fork School Board Policy - It is the policy of this Board to provide due process of law to students, parents, and school personnel through written procedures consistent with law for the suspension or expulsion of students and the denial of admission.


In the event of severe weather or emergencies, the decision to close school will be based on  student safety. Our school district phone number for closure information is 384-6075. Information will be broadcast over KGLN, KMTS, KSPN, KISS and COMCAST Cable in Glenwood Springs, KDNK in Carbondale, and Denver Channels 4 and 9.

If the district decides to close school after students arrive, we will try to notify all parents by phone.  We will also keep all buildings open as long as necessary to evacuate all students safely.  If it is necessary to evacuate buildings in an emergency, students will be moved to a safe location and parents contacted.  Parents can help by making sure we have current home, work, and emergency phone numbers and make sure their child knows what to do and where to go if dismissed early.


Please write your child’s first name and grade (teacher name would be awesome!) on the inside of all outerwear including hats, coats, etc. Lost articles are taken to the lost and found area outside the gym. Items not claimed within a reasonable time will be given to charity.  Items of value (i.e., phones, wallets, etc.) are taken to the office to be claimed.


Any child who must take medication during school hours must bring the medication in the original labeled container.  Please request a Medication Permission Form in order for medication to be administered to the student.  We must have a parent and physician signature to administer prescription and nonprescription medication.


Necessary plans should be made with children before they leave home in the morning.  If it is necessary for you to leave a message for your child, it is important that calls are received at the school office prior to 2:30 p.m. to assure delivery of the message to the child.


All students must be registered in the school office prior to the first day of school.  Students registering for Kindergarten must be five years of age on or before October 1st.  If a student is withdrawn from Sopris Elementary, the child’s new school will send a release of records to Sopris Elementary.  At that time, the student’s records will be forwarded to the child’s new school.


Reporting to parents will be accomplished in two ways.  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held in the months of November and February.  Report cards will go home at the end of each quarter. Report cards and conferences will share the latest information about your child regarding academic and social growth. Included will be current assessment results and comments regarding your child’s progress.


We encourage your visits to school.  It is through first hand experience that you can really come to understand and appreciate the educational program provided for your child.  We recommend, however, that visits to the Kindergarten be deferred for several weeks.  This allows the kindergartners to make a smooth adjustment to school.  Also, we feel that your visit will be more enjoyable for you if you are not accompanied by small children.  Small children tend to become restless and are often distracting to the pupils in class.  Please notify the office when you are in the building.  Please remember all volunteers must be fingerprinted for a background check.  The office can provide the necessary information for you.  If you are interested in visiting your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly.

WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) PROGRAM

        We encourage all of our dads to get involved with our Watch D.O.G.S.  (DOGS=Dads of Great Students) program. It’s a great way for dads to get involved with school and to get to know his child from a new perspective. Dads help provide an eye for security, read books to kids, work with small groups, do playground duty, have lunch with their child and supervise the halls. If you would like more information about this exciting and impactful program, contact the school office at  384-5400.

III. Resources:


The Family Resource Center (FRC) is the best place to ask questions about services in the area.  We believe a safe and strong school begins with healthy, happy children. Sopris Elementary School has, on site, a representative from the Family Resource Center. Call 384-5400 to arrange a meeting with our family liaison.  The FRC provides information, referral services, and coordination for the following:

*   Food and clothing banks

*   Physicians, dentists, eye care, and mental health services

*   Tutoring, recreational, and enrichment activities

*   Alcohol and drug prevention groups

*   Parenting classes, childcare, and after school activities

*   Financial assistance as needed


Each child at SES is assessed a $15 fee for technology purposes. This fee goes towards the purchase of Ipad covers, mouse pads, printer toner, software subscriptions, Ipad apps and other consumable items that are needed in the area of technology during the school year.

As classes/grades go on field trips and other activities, a fee will be assessed to help cover driver and fuel expenses as well as other expenses included with the specific trip.


Grade-level supply lists were sent home in the spring and will also be sent to local retailers in Glenwood Springs for parent convenience.  They are posted on our web site as well. These lists may vary each year according to the various projects planned.  

IV. Student Expectations:


Students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly and take pride in their appearance.  In the case of any student dress or grooming that is inappropriate or a disturbance to the classroom, parents will be notified.  Hats and articles of clothing with drug/alcohol/scary symbols are not allowed in the building. Please assure that your child is dressed appropriately for snow or cold weather.  All outerwear should be labeled clearly with your child’s name and grade. If your child rides the bus, it is recommended that outer clothing and/or backpack contain reflective material.


In order for our school community to learn, live and work together in a productive, safe environment, appropriate behavior is necessary.  The school system, the school and each class has established realistic and reasonable guidelines for students to follow.  We ask that parents and students read the Roaring Fork School District’s established policies which are sent home at the beginning of each school year.  The best method to avoid behavior problems is to recognize and praise positive behavior.  However, we believe that mistakes can be valuable learning experiences.  We will provide strategies for and encourage students to solve their own problems when appropriate.  However, constant behavior that disrupts the educational process or infringes on the rights of others will not be tolerated and may subject the student to corrective measures.  

Weekly Eagle “Wowzer” Awards

Students are recognized weekly by any staff member for their great behavior based on our Habits of a Scholar Program:  Executive Functioning, Persistence, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Teamwork

Terrific Kids

This is a collaborative program between the Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club and Sopris Elementary.  Each month, we will recognize 5th grade students who exemplify our new positive character traits through our Habits of a Scholar.


Children may ride bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades to school as long as they adhere to safety regulations, park them in the designated areas, and do not ride them on the school grounds.  We urge parents to equip their child’s bicycle with a lock to help prevent damage or loss.

We discourage bringing toys to school. This includes Pokemon Cards, iPods, Game Boys, etc.  If taken, the toy will be collected and available for parents to pick up at the office.  We cannot assure their safe return if they end up missing.  Dangerous-looking or disruptive toys are not allowed on school grounds.


Bus schedules are published in the local newspaper and the district web site prior to the beginning of the school year.  Teachers have copies of the schedules and will help the children with any questions they may have.  Please review the bus rules and regulations with your child.  These are included in the District Handbook in this folder.  For any concerns you may have with busing, please call the Transportation Department at 384-5981.

Occasionally a student will miss their stop.  If your child does not get off the bus and you were expecting them, please call 384-5981 first and then call the school if necessary. The driver will return to that stop or the bus barn with the student.  Often the driver knows before the school does and will radio the transportation office, and they will call you (another reason to make sure we have a current phone number to reach you).

The parents of any student who has been reported for misbehavior on the bus will be notified in writing.  The second misbehavior during the current school year will cause the student to lose the privilege of riding the bus for one week.  If the student commits a third infraction, the Principal will suspend the student’s bus privileges and refer the matter to the School Board for determination of bus privileges.


Breakfast, lunch, and milk/juice are available for children in our cafeteria.  Menus are included in our monthly newsletter and on the SES website. Breakfast is from 7:45-8:05.  Lunch varies by grade level.  All students will be required to eat lunch in the cafeteria.  We encourage parents to recommend to their children that they eat all their lunch so that they can gain a well-balanced and nutritious meal.  Parents are welcome to join students for lunch.  

The computer and accounting system in the lunchroom makes it easy to track student expenditures.  Each student’s picture is on their account; this will help ensure that the account stays accurate.  Also, each child will be given a number to enter, and the lunchroom can access the account. If your child uses funds from their account for a la carte items, we must have a signed note from the parent giving permission to do so.  If you do NOT want your child eating breakfast, please call the cafeteria (384-5428) and let them know.

Free and reduced lunch is available through the school through the State of Colorado.  Please fill out and return forms at the beginning of the year if your family may qualify.

Questions regarding the school lunch program can be directed to our school’s Lunchroom Manager, (384-5428), or the District Food Service Manager, Michelle Hammond at the District Office (384-6007).


Students are to keep cell phones and other electronic devices in the OFF position and in their backpack during school hours. SES is not responsible for the loss of any electronic device.


The following rules are listed for your information:


Every effort will be made by the school staff to safeguard the safety, health, and welfare of all pupils.  Parents can be of great assistance to the staff by reinforcing the efforts in such areas as:


Many of our children attend district sports events and assemblies.  We ask that parents help us emphasize to their children that we expect them to behave in a manner whereby we can be proud of them.  When they attend such events, they represent Sopris Elementary School to everyone in attendance.  We expect our students to exhibit good sportsmanship, fair play, and common courtesy.  Student behavior at special events is a reflection upon the parents and the school.  Through our collaborative efforts, we can be proud of them and their actions.


The district does not carry medical insurance on the students.  If you wish to purchase insurance, the district offers information on an accident plan that may be purchased at the beginning of each year. Check with the office for more information.