Registration, Cancellation and Refund Policies

REGISTRATION POLICY: First come, first served!

Depending to the registration options available at your child's school or camp, registration priority will be handled differently:

  1. Registration online or by phone

  1. Paper registration - only if a reply coupon is supplied

Registration confirmation

Incomplete or incorrect registration

IMPORTANT: In case of disparity between the paper registration document and the information posted on our website, the online version will be considered correct.

*** Act of God ***

Please note that in the case of an act of God (example: Covid 19) and until the resolution of the situation, we will apply a special policy regarding the cancellation of extracurricular activities. No refunds will be issued except for extenuating circumstances.  (example: Child is in grade 6 and will be attending highschool without the possibility of transferring the credit to a sibling)

If the situation prohibits a supplier from being physically present in the school, the classes will be automatically offered online at the usual time (or variations will be communicated to the parents by email) if the type of program permits it.

In the situation where some children cannot attend the class (example: need to Quarantine due to Covid 19), these children will be able to make up the class online or through a video. If the class doesn’t allow a virtual option the parents account will be credited for the classes missed.

If it is impossible to complete the session within a reasonable delay (example: in excess to a month) with a physical presence in the school and that the type of program is not suitable to online classes (example: Sports), a credit will be applied to the parents account for the classes that could not be completed. This credit can be used for online classes or for the following school year.  


Registration after the deadline, but at least 7 to 10 days before the start of the semester

Late registration, 5 days or less before the start of the semester

Late registration, after the start of the semester

* Educ-Action adds a 8$ fee for every late registration because it causes a surplus of administrative work.


Each registration includes a 15$ non refundable fee for the opening and processing of the file.

The opening of a file fee (15$) and an penality fee of 10% of the total amount per activity is included in the activity fee, no matter which mode of registration is used (on-line, by phone or with paper coupon) or which method of payment is chosen.

Registration cancellation BY Educ-Action (lack or surplus of registrations)

  1. Alternative activity suggested

Educ-Action will credit the parent’s Educ-Action account for the amount paid for the cancelled activity and will contact the parent (by phone or email) to offer available alternatives.

If the alternative activity costs less than the initial choice, the residual credit will be left in the parent account for a future registration.

If the alternative activity costs more, the parent will have to pay the difference following the 48 hrs of registration without any other administrative fee.  After the 48 hours, late fee may apply.

  1. Full credit (no administrative fees) if no suitable alternative is found. Any credit will be applied to the parent’s account.  See the section Credit in the family account below.

  1. Full refund (no administrative fees) if requested.

Credit to the family account

 All credits are visible online when the parent is connected to their Educ-Action account. This credit is valid for any future registration, for any child of that family. The system automatically uses the credited amount when calculating the balance due for a registration to a new activity.

Registration cancellation BY THE PARENT

More than 2 weeks before the beginning of the session (2 options)

  1. Full Credit (No fees will apply)
  2. Full Refund (No Fees will apply)

One week or less before the beginning of the semester (2 options)

  1. Full credit (no penality fees)
  2. Refund minus the 15$ account opening fee

After the beginning of the semester (2 options)

  1. Credit, minus the cost of the classes taken and the administrative fee of 10%

  1. Refund minus the 15$ account opening fee, minus the cost of the classes taken and the penality fee of 10% 

Refunding a parent

Explanation of the calculation for credit or partial refund

The calculation of the refund is only applied to the remaining weeks of the activity, minus the registration fee of 15$ and the penality fee of 10%.

Ex: 8 week session priced at $100.00 and unregistration after 2 of 8 weeks :

$100 - $15 Account fee = $85 for 8 weeks, therefore 6 weeks = 63.75$ minus the 10% admin fees = 57.39$ to be refunded for the remaining 6 weeks

The electronic credit will be visible in the client’s account within 5 working days after the cancellation (balance amount preceded by « - » ) .

Example: a credit of $25.00 will appear as « - $25.00 » 

In case of a child’s absence

Educ-Action will send a reminder email to the parents that the activities will be starting but it is the responsibility of the children to present themselves to their activity. Educ-Action cannot be held responsible if a child forgets or chooses not to attend the activity. We suggest that the parents do the following:

No refund or credit will be given to the parent whose child is absent from his extracurricular activity for one of the following reasons:

* A credit or refund will be issued if the child is not able to participate in more than three consecutive classes for medical reasons.

*There may be the possibility of an online make up class depending on the supplier.

** If a field trip or other special event is organized by the school resulting in the absence of 50% or more of the group of children enrolled in an activity, the activity will be retaken at a later date.

** If this special activity results in the absence of less than 50% of the group, the activity will not be retaken by the specialized supplier.

If your child misses a class because of an error on the part of the Educ-Action team, animators or school staffs, please contact us at 514-731-2242 x0 to evaluate possible solutions.

Expulsion from the activity


Unpaid activity or balance

Returned cheque

Refused pre-authorized payment or cancelled payment

Late arrival of a parent at the end of the activity (for activities in the afternoon)