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Chapter 3: Empty Fear
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Chapter 3: Skeptic Fears

        After the events of the Universe Showdown, the elders decided to form a grand

meeting and ball of the Order of Tachyon to celebrate the new Lord of Tachyon a year later. Neoum was quite nervous for the occasion for he has only bad experiences with crowds.  He would not allow this to go horribly for the Tachyeans needed a good impression for the new leaders of the court of the Order. Neoum prepped for a grand night for the Order and for the chance to make friends with some of the leaders there incase he would need support from the court, at least they would defend, or help the case. Neoum needed this to go well, so he went to Jelnorelus to learn how to be proper to a crowd of such prestigious influence.

When he came he noticed that Jelnorelus had a note at her living quarters. It read, “I be back in a week for the Ball of Order, just had to run some important errands. Don’t go looking for me Neoum, I’m just busy.” Neoum felt insulted that she would just assume that he would go looking for her. (Though he would normally look for her for most of his Lord of Tachyon duties knowing that she once ruled the Order not too long ago.) He was a tad disappointed by her leaving. He would just have to see if Sulfern could help him out, or maybe Trearomm.

Neoum started up a message for Sulfern only to be responded to quite quickly. {Oh hello there my friend, What do you want.} Neoum asked, {I have known you for quite some time now Sulfern, and knowing that we are friends I was curious if you….} {Sorry Neoum, I’m simply too busy to help you with your Ball or whatever it was for I’m starting season two of Universe Showdown on that day and my schedule is just too full for a large project to work on like yourself. I could though at least tell you that there is a certain elder that would be more than willing to help you.} This news only made Neoum upset. {I’ve already tried to find Jelnorelus, but she is out on errands for the week. Are you sure that you can’t help your friend, please Sulfern?} {Sadly I’m sure that I cannot help you Lord of Tachyon. Besides, this might be a good learning experience for you. Goodbye for now my friend.} The message ended only in the worse way for Neoum. He decided that it was time to see if Trearomm could help.

Trearomm seemed to be a bit flustered when Neoum found him. Neoum landed and went to him swiftly. {Trearomm, I haven’t seen you this stressed since you first brought me here my friend, what’s a matter.} Trearomm looked at him in a worrisome glare. {Oh Neoum, everything is a matter… except for energy of course.} Trearomm then started to nervously laugh as if that old joke could possibly be funny. {But with all jokes aside, I can’t believe how stressed I am about the coming of this ball, it is just too large of an occasion to disappoint Jelnory with this mess that consist of my being. Oh have you at least seen her today so you can help me figure out what will make her night.} {Sorry Trearomm but I’ve been looking for someone who would know where she is all day for I guess she’s going to be gone for the week on some errands.} {Errands! I can’t believe that she gone when we need her most! What an outrage this is! The only way now to know if I can make her happy is by mere guessing, and previous things she has mentioned. How am I going to do this! Neoum help me please!} {Trearomm calm down for just a moment please! Ok … I understand that you’re stressed over the situation with Jelnorelus and you having a grand night at the ball, but I need help trying to figure out how to behave on my part of this process. Maybe if you help me I can possibly help you with you problem.} {Oh Neoum that sounds like a marvelous idea. Wait a second you don’t know how to behave at parties.} {I mean that I need to know the proper edicate for the occasion so that I don’t embarrass the Order in anyway.} Trearomm was snickering by how nervous Neoum was acting. {Trearomm I’m serious about this. I need to make a grand first impression on the ambassadors or else I might mess up the entire thing. Trearomm please don’t mock me over this right now. You can make fun of me all you want after the ball, but right now I need as much help as possible to not destroy this event.} Trearomm pondered about it for a moment. Neoum was starting to sweat for the fear he might not be capable of teaching him. Trearomm seemed to had come to a conclusion, but then an announcement started to play, “The big night is almost here! Prepare for fine dining, relaxing scenery, NONSTOP action for the new season of the Galactic SHOWDOWN. Get your tickets today before they're all sold out!”

{Well Neoum I think I will be able to help you, but we need to get started right away so that you’ll be prepare for this special evening ahead of us.} They rushed off to start preparing for the ball with a mysterious figure is watching from close behind. “The Order will fail to unite no matter how much that child tries to bring it together.”


A week has past by with much preparation done on everyone’s part to allow the ball to be ready for the ambassadors to come, and reunite the Order of Tachyon. Neoum has been trying with Trearomm to be fully ready to be the representation of the Order, and soon the whole known universe if things go well with the night.

 Jelnorelus has finally returned after her long journey, going straight to Neoum to check and make sure that he is ready for the night. {Hello Neoum, how are you} Neoum panicked for he didn’t expect her until tomorrow. {Oh hello there Jelnorelus, I’m about ready for tonight, just need to generate a respectable appearance. I was so stressed about this event that I thought everything was going to fall apart. Well enough about me, How was your trip.} {Oh it was quite eventful. Do some things that were quite… well you get the idea of how it would have went.} {I see. Well let us look forward to the ball for I know with you there things should go smoothly.} {Um, sure Neoum I will totally be there if I have the time after I make all the reports of my trip in the archives.} {Wait you’re still not going to go. How am I going to be confident enough to go there with the idea that something could go wrong, and you won’t be there to save my…}  

Jelnorelus already left the area, and lost mental connection before Neoum could finish. Neoum practically as nervous as he was at the beginning of the week. The difference though was that he knew that at least he has been trying hard to prepare for this. He believe that his training for this event was perfect, and that even without Jelnorelus being there, he should be fine. Things at least will start looking up for the Order after tonight. I will finally do what I was destined to do. With that thought at mind Neoum continued to push on until the Ball comes.

Neoum, now at the entrance of the Ball, is greeting the ambassadors with hopeful smiles, and firm hand (or other limbs and such) shakes. He was actually excited to enter and continue the night knowing that at this point he has been doing a marvelous job, and knows the speech he’s going to give like the blueprints for his first Tachyium shield. Many species from all over the known universe have come to unite in peace and harmony. Some have traveled for months readying themselves for the coming event. Neoum had met some of the guest before at his ceremony of becoming the Lord of Tachyon and when he was first found, but he never expected so many people to come for this event. He was hoping there would be so many of them because they to wanted the same goal of peace through this ball, but with all of them here it seems he was a bit nervous by the sheer number. After another half and hour or so, (Neoum would normally know the exact time, but he isn’t focused on it for the guest were main priority,or at least that is what he is hoping for technically anyone can enter the ball.) He decides to enter after the last guest comes in with a couple of his servers at his side. He must of got a bit ahead of himself, hopefully it isn’t the stress of the ball.

The crowd went silent for a moment when neoum walked through the main hall, then were back to their business. Well at the very minimum they aren’t as concerned about this as I am. Everything should go smoothly. As Neoum continued to the stage of the ball room, He observed the guest as they had some small talk about the economic value of the galactic currency set back when the tenth solar bridge was finished. Neoum could never understand the purpose of economic transactions being established (like many other Tachyeans before him, Tachyeans believed in a completely socialist society as you humans would regard it), but it was never a true worry to him either for Tachyeans in general, even the poorest of them, at the very top of the economic classes for the fact that the Tachyeans generate a large amount of the economy by the production of Tachyium. The groups also talked about the recent rupture of the Hydralonical Star at the far outskirts of the second galaxy, which the tachyeans believe won’t be a huge deal as everyone is making it, and it at most should only collapse on itself. That at least is the calculation that was done on it about three thousand years ago. Then there was a corner of the politicians watching the first Ultimate Showdown of the season, which Neoum thought to be quite humorous after defeating the course a year ago. I wonder if the course has change all that much since the last time I was there. 

Neoum claim to a shocking conclusion a couple of moments later that he will need to prevent such gambling that those politicians were doing because that is an obvious sign of corruption, and if such activity continues under Neoum’s time being the Lord of Tachyon then the known universe will assume that He doesn’t have the power to take charge, even over the simplest task. Neoum soon understood that the majority of the ball was in disarray for the shifty groups just out of clear site were trading black market product like corrupted Tachyium, and tear seven or higher blasters. There was also the fact that many of the more wealthy of the bunch had slaves with them, and not just servers. Some of the groups even have pleasure servants for their bidding. This is a public and formal event, not some sort of mob boss party where breaking proper galactic code doesn’t matter. Neoum demanded one of the Tachyean servers to come to him. { Hello my lord my name is Granyxe.} { Oh hi Granyxe, I need you to help me urgently, please go to the front or get someone to go to the front to get the attention of the ball for I have a speech to give. Can you do that for me.} { As you wish my Lord of Tachyon.} { Oh and one more thing. You don’t have to suck up to me, you can just call me Neoum alright. Now go quickly for this task I’m asking of you is of major priority.} { Alright then Lord… Neoum.} Then with a slight trip, Granyxe was off to the front of the room. Neoum then made swift travel to the front without being interrupted by the guest.

Granyxe attached the mind amplifier to his arm and then started the announcement. { Can I get everyone’s attention please.} The room started to settle down a bit; all of then staring at Granyxe made him a tad nervous. He was at least able to recognize that he was doing this for the Lord of Tachyon, and if he were to fail it could hurt the reputation of both him , and the rest of his species. { The Lord of Tachyon has a speech for all of you before we get to the main activities of the Ball.} Neoum arrived on the stage ready to make his mark on the people, and redefine the importance of the Order of Tachyon, and the Universal code they must obey. Granyxe detached the mind amplifier, and gave it to Neoum. {Thank you Granyxe, this was a big favor you have done for me.} Neoum set the mind amplifier, and readied himself for his first major speech.

{Everyone, I know that we have been in shambles for centuries by the absence of a Lord of Tachyon. You all have had to go through a hard ships of some kind with little to any guidance for each of your civilizations. With the issues regarding  the progress of the Order of Tachyon, I will provide the outline of a new path so that we can all become, one again ,under the Order.  I have realized that we have disconnected from each other, and by this growing separation, the known universe has devolved into disorder of unbelievable proportions, allowing the growth of corruption, anarchy, and power vacuums as the progress of the Order is going backward with many new problems developing. Black market activity has gone through the roof with many difficulties to get support from authorities, even the Tachyeans have no power for the growing discrimination that has come to be since the lost of the previous Lord of Tachyon. There has also been many fatalities from unnatural causes such as the increase of disease and murder by the decrease of authority and the development of threats untreated by absence of guidance. I know I can’t fix the mistakes by the void of leadership, but I’m determined to  continue the quest of bringing all the universe together in peace and harmony as every other Lord of Tachyon before me. What I  want is to help all of you become the very best leaders for your people, and fix the new problems our Order has gained, so that we can produce the once great and stable society that everyone used to enjoy. Now everyone please then, let us start this process of fixing the Order by showing that we aren’t corrupt by stopping the gambling on the Ultimate Showdown, end this state of slavery that some of your civilization have imposed on others, cease the black market activity that is happening in this very ballroom, and bring an end to the prostitution that some of you were thinking of doing once you have left this building. We are apart of the greatest gathering of species in the universe, and I plan to make sure that we get to the end goal of eternal peace.}

The audience began to applause at the conclusion of the speech. Neoum was relieved with the response.

        As the night continued, Neoum started to notice that some of the questionable activity had started to go down. a good start to fixing the Order, or at least I hope. Neoum did believe that he had a impact on most of the audience during his speech, but he would acknowledge that some will not change for the better until they see results of his work as the lord of Tachyon. There was still a lot of trouble with the Tachyeans that were serving the other guest, but it seemed to cool down a bit since the speech to where they are mainly getting undesirable glares. Neoum was still hopeful that his speech reached out to someone people. Neoum was able to find Jelnorelus and Trearomm together heading toward the dance floor. {Hello you two, what did you think of the speech.} {I can’t believe that you were even able to grab their attention for more than two seconds, to then have them listen to most of your speech was quite the impressive achievement. I didn’t even have you wait for me to create your speech, saying that most of the time elder’s are the ones who create the speeches for the Lords of Tachyon. You really are quite the extraordinary Tachyean Neoum, I’m proud of you.} Jelnory then gave Neoum a hug of approval. {Thank you Jelnory, but you can stop. Seriously, you’re starting to squeeze the tachyium out of me.} Trearomm was so happy as well as he went on and on to Jelnory about how he was the one who taught Neoum everything he knows. Mostly everyone was having a grand time with the ball as lots og the guest were starting to dance as the night went on, and Neoum was finally starting to feel like he could truly help these people get to the end goal of total unification.  Then the lights went out with only a loud scream could be distinguished out of the confusion.



{Everyone, calm down and stay in groups of a minimum of five people with at least one Tachyean in each group so you can have some light. The power will be restored momentarily once we find the problem.} With the panic of the crowd, it was lucky that Tachyeans have telepathic communication or else there would be no order to come the situation to a stable level. The Tachyean and Hantoryorian guards started to gather everyone together to organize the mess that was developing. After a few minutes, the crowd was finally calm with only chatter as to what happened to cause the lights to go out. A few Hantoryorians guards came to Neoum with a report. “Lord Tachyon, we have found a body. It seems to be the corpse of the grand cleric of Trahazuric. We haven’t been able to identify exactly what ended his life, but from the burn marks on the ground and the ash, and molten flesh on his left arm suggest that it could have been from a Tachyium blaster with a Tachyium rating of at least six with scorcher on the side of said weapon. As to the weapon, it’s still unclear for the level of scorch damage off of the Rewten scorchers. Sir, we would continue to investigate the area for any other evidence, but because we don’t have a Tachyean approval from the Order to actually lead an investigation, and to use your status as the Lord of Tachyon now might seem a bit forced. The point I’m getting at is simply, your power would be scared that you think you have the immediate authority to control a situation, and that could cause more conflict within the Order Sir.” {Okay commander, I understand the situation. In that case I will do my own investigation over this situation.} Neoum was confident that if he did the investigation, that he would be able to should that he is competent to be their leader in a time of crisis such as this. “Sir, I will let the guest know that you will sort out this situation.”

The guards went over to the mass of frighten guest to inform the situation, only to start some commotion. “Wow, he thinks that he will just save the day like he’s some sort of hero or something is so insensitive.” “How will he be able to do this? And How will we know if it wasn’t one of those Tachyeans who did it, and they don’t kill each other, so will the culprit of the crime by properly punished.” “I can’t believe poor thrancirn is dead, he was such a cheery soul. He was also a large supporter of the Order, and Tachyeans as a whole.” “He was always saying that when a new Lord of Tachyon would be determined, the universal crises would be fix with ease only to die before ever seeing that his prediction was correct or not.” “This has to be one of the most irritating assemblies I’ve ever been to. I just want to leave, does anyone else feel like we should leave?”

Then everyone started to get wild up again, asking or even demanding to leave. The guards weren’t permitted to allow the guest to leave until the situation has been resolved, thus the crowd was evolving into a riot. “Stop, we will have you all escorted out safely once we have determined who has caused this murder, as well as make sure the area is safe to leave without any more casualties.”

Neoum was under a lot of pressure as to where to begin, the angle of the blast wasn’t very clear as the scorch marks were so large that it covered a five by five meter area. Then the true weapon that killed the grand cleric hasn’t actually been determined by the fact that the scorcher was such a high level of intensity, and it couldn’t of been just the scorcher for the fact it only generates fire so he wouldn’t have died that quickly. Then with the otherwise clean blast from the weapon would be very hard to decide if the blast itself was that of a disk, or an actually bullet of energy. There’s so much to understand able the situation, and with the crowd only getting more antsy by the second, he will have to find a way to get everything together. Then the crowd yells out that they have a detective that can solve this.

{Oh, you do?} Neoum questioned with the right idea as he didn’t think any of the guest were inherently detectives, especially one that can figure out the way at which the cleric’s arm was dismembered. “Yes, I have the perfect detective that can end this mess.” spoke Tyren, leader of the Ywernacks. “Yes, he is both the royal guardian of my people as well as one of the most impressive of my species. I would like to introduce the grandness, Duke Urner.” Urner approached the Lord of Tachyon with uplifting confidence, something of which relaxed Neoum quite a bit.

“ Oh great lord of Tachyon, I’m honored to be even within a system of you, you can’t even imagine the excitement that it is to face you as such.” Neoum, now a bit concerned, continued the conversation without hesitation. {I do see that, you are in fact extremely excited about this encounter, but of course you knew that tachyeans have the ability to telepathically communicate, thus we can understand your thoughts. I do hope though that you will be able to help aid this cause, for this situation has gone to extreme circumstances. As I’ve been informed, you are one of the duke’s of the Ywernacks greatest minds, so I’m looking forward to having your aid in this investigation.} “Oh but of course my lord of Tachyon, whatever you please. I do have to warn you though, I believe that the people want me to be the primary investigator of this operation as they have this understanding that you could be one of the potential suspects of the murder.”

Neoum’s heart sank at even the registered thought from Urner’s mind of such an idea. Neoum really wanted to prove that he was worthy of the position that he has been working up to his whole life. He didn’t even choose to be this role, and yet he has been trying at it without hesitation for he believed that whether or not he wanted to do it, he needed to do it for the greater good of the known universe. The idea never really occurred to him that other people in the Order would be against his leadership, especially after the speech that he thought was quite well constructed for the situation. Neoum decided that if the people want Urner to do the task, then he should respect their wishes.

{I believe that the wishes of the people is of greatest importance as of the moment, thus you will be doing the investigation for them while I find any clues that might assist your search. Let me just ask one request of you Urner, are you truly qualified for this task? Not to insult you in any way, I just want to be sure that you are in fact able to evaluate the situation properly so that everyone is able to keep at ease.} Urner seemed a bit taken away from the conversation by that statement, he resumed about a few seconds later with, “My lord of Tachyon, I ensure you that I am the perfect person for the job. I trust that you would be able to identify the great intellects from those of weak mental structure. I should honestly feel insulted by such a statement, but being one with immense knowledge would not enter conflict with those that are superior. I hope you can be helpful in my investigation.” With that, Urner stomped away utter frustration emitting from him. Neoum did try to communicate the fact that he was just wanting to verify with him for the greater good of the guest, unfortunately he obvious only heard the first part of the statement thus explaining the result of his emotional state.

Neoum started back to checking the blast zone with intense ideals of how the situation could of gone down. It was only ten minutes later when on the other side of the ballroom when Urner began to shout that he establish the location of the first clue. When Neoum landed down to the area that the others were starting to gather around when he was able to understand what they were looking at. “As all of you can see, this point right here has an unusual mark on that ground. This is obvious evidence that whoever did this must have fired from here for there were theses shards when I discovered the suspected area.” The guest were amazed at what seemed to be a simple Tachyium shard that must have fallen onto the ground when the lights went out, Neoum thought. That’s fine, I think it’s actually useful to consider that this could have been a slight error on one of the butlers ends. Of course the fact that the weapon was a bit more obvious with it’s destructive properties, I could only imagine that the real weapon would have to had been as far away from a Tachyean as possible for our heightened senses. Good job with at least calming the guest with your form of progress.

Neoum went along with the rest of his business in the area , then headed over to Urner for his good work with his discovery. {I believe that you’re doing marvelously Urner, I’m quite impressed that they believed that shard to have an significance to the situation.} Neoum noticed again as Urner seemed to space out by the statement that he made. It was about a few minutes later when Urner realized what exactly Neoum said, which had comfounded him to all extremes. He raced over the the Lord of Tachyon with such ambitious rage. “My, Lord, I don’t think you comprehend what I was expressing earlier with that shard. It could had been used as a power cell of the murder weapon, yet you just decide that the shard was just a way to smoothen the opinion of the audience! I feel rather disrespected by such an actualization! What humiliation are you trying inflicted upon me. I can’t stand when people decide that I’m just a meat head with no coherent thoughts. I know what I saw, and I don’t want you to just play me off as some form of actor, MY Lord!” Then He stormed off without another word.        

Neoum continued with his end of the investigation by checking where each of the Tachyeans were during the blackout so that he can determine that area’s that would keep the shooter out of their view. There were always to guards at each of the entrances, so that meant that the shooter had been a guest to the event. Neoum felt distressed by this realization for they might have been planning this out for years for any Tachyean guard would have felt the conflict of the murderer as they stepped into the ballroom for Tachyeans are able to detect the mental state of anyone’s mind. Then they had to be in a high ranking position in their species for only those of most importance would be allowed to come to the gathering for there really wasn’t a comfortable amount of room to have more than everyone that was already invited. The final thought that Neoum had on mind would be why, as in why would anyone be so selfish to ruin this first meeting that the Order has had for such a long time. This would only make the situation of the Known Universe worse with the fact that there still isn’t true order even with a Lord of Tachyon. The people would only give up on the Order, and use the gifts that they had gained from the Tachyeans to destroy one another for power over the universe. Such chaos would only result in the collapse into darkness.

Neoum was torn by that fact that he would have to accuse on of the guest as being the murderer. There were, of course, others that weren’t of official titles to any people, such as the slaves and prostitutes that some of the leaders had smuggled into the ball, but there were so few in that it would still make the race of that people look undesirable to interact with, thus bringing shame to the species as a whole. Now he would have to decide if he should start the interrogation on the political officials or do their assistants first? The worst part of all this is if he will have to invade on their mental state in order to get the results that are necessary to authorize the guest release. Neoum went to of the head of the security to see which of the choices would be the best course of action.

(My lord, I believe that the best way to determine the criminal would be to evaluate our suspects, understand the capabilities of each of the guest to see if they could have traveled from the point of fire to the location they were at when the lights had reactivated. Most likely none of the Tachyeans were in the area of the criminal for the tachyean would have detected the abnormality of both the guest that committed the act as well as the area’s atmosphere. I suspect that none of the ambassadors would have dared to do it for it would ruin their reputation, so I would start the questioning with their assistance or others that they invited. You know, there is one person that I thought was a questionable chara…)

The two were interrupted by a loud scream with the power deactivating again. They headed over the the scene only to see that the Empress of Jakturo was charred into a pile of ash and scales. “Look at what has happened, another death under the name of the Lord of Tachyon. Is this a sign of the misfortunes to come under this new Order. I don’t want to believe that we should suffer under this new rule without clear reforms of this fascist government.” This statement was spoken by Tyren with Urner at his side. “May I speak with you my leader. I believe that only a Tachyon would have the ability to deceive another one of their own, and who else to bring such skill to out smart the greatest minds of the universe except the very greatest himself, the Lord of Tachyon, Neoum. Who else would have left such obvious evidence against them as tachyium shards that would be perfect for charring a body like this poor innocent lord of their people. They supported your people, and yet you feel that the Tachyeans are the mightiest of all the known universe, but we will simply not bow to your rule like meer peasants. I refuse to allow such a mockery to occur to our people, the universe, and justice will prevail in the end whether you like it or not, Neoum.”

Urner had instilled fear into the audience, with the intention of bringing a form of uprising over the Order. Neoum was kinda impressed by such an outrageous comment, so his response was simple. {I think you have jumped to conclusions a bit to fast, I’ve hadn’t been able to even think of such an act for the past week for if I would have wanted to do it  with the most unpredictable way, so that I would never be expected of doing such a crime, to be the suspect of this crime would mean that I would have to have been in three different places at once. Not the hardest thing to pull off, but one of the more tricky task to accomplish, and to murder those that support the Order and Tachyeans as a whole would be strategically suicide for I wouldn’t have any support to backup my case in the event that I would have had even the slightest to do with such an act. Then consider that those shards that you found being Tachyium shards that power the meal preparation devices, but those have so puny of energy that it might at most burn the hand of someone who decided to handle it for about five minutes. I think that you’re just upset at the fact that I may have questioned your abilities of actually providing professional aid to this investigation. I thought you would have been one of higher intellect that could be useful to the Order as a whole. Sadly, I can’t allow such mistakes such as these to occur with situations as large as this has evolved to. With that in mind though, I hope I hadn’t ruined your reputation by such an extreme evaluation like such. What I had come up with would involve questioning of all the guest of the party as the video evidence suggest that we couldn’t have anyone outside of the room be incharge of the murder for guards had each of the entrances properly defended with multiple guards, so now knowing that, we should consider the following , and decide who goes first.}

Urner seemed to be completely flustered by the opinion that Neoum had made in front of all the ambassadors and most everyone else that were actually important to the universal rating. Urner just couldn’t move without the feeling of humiliation by all of those he respects. The crowd had seemed to calm down a bit after hearing the response of their Lord of Tachyon, they then went on with chattering about the murder, and the situation as a whole. Tyren simply walked away from the brain dead Urner for the fact that he didn’t want him nor his people to interact with such an individual. “I don’t believe this, I’ll go do that thing now.” Urner then hooked up with one of the prostitutes that Neoum saw with the other ambassadors from the beginning of the party. He decided to start with her as to any information with the murder.

Neoum was approaching the two when Urner started to scream at Neoum to, “get away from me, I’ve given up, you win.” He only went further away from the Tachyean with the pleasure servant at his side. Neoum appeared in front of the two ready to stop this. {Madam, may I be able to speak with you about the location that you were occupying before the events of the murders.} Urner had seem to have lost his mind as he went for his blaster directly at Neoum’s head. “I’ve had enough of this, all I want is to leave with some form of satisfaction tonight, and you just want me to be in eternal misery. I will shoot you down unless you just let me pass my Lord.” Neoum then disarmed the seemingly drunk Urner. He fell to the ground to start melting into a pool of his own fluids. Only thing that was still noticeable about him was the face in full shock.

{I… I don’t understand, what happened to him.} Neoum was now completely at a loss for thoughts. The head of security, Known as Rewyers after chatting from earlier, had come to him with similar confusion. {This explains why we couldn’t just identify the exact weapon of the murder. This definitely clears up the loose ends, but who is causing all of this harsh reactions.) Neoum then had thought of something that would just be exactly what he needs to solve this mystery. (I think i might have an idea of how this happened, but first I must ask you madam, have you been in interaction of any of the victims tonight.) “What, you think that I killed then or something. I know exactly what my body is capable of and that’s simply one of the things it doesn’t do. Besides, I barely touched him.” (Madam, who are the people that you’ve been with tonight for I think someone has planted something into you.) “What do you even mean, i just want to get back to work, is that okay with you , oh mighty Lord of Tachyon. I mean I was with many of the ambassadors, yet that only happened after the last three guys.” (Okay then ma’am, who was the person before those three.) “ Oh, that was the one guy, Tyren was his name I think.”

Neoum and Rewyers hurried as fast as they could to Tyren’s location. Tyren seemed to be a bit confused with the situation, and decided to duck out of the way as if they were going to hit him. “What do you want, mighty lord of the Universe, god sent, the purely en…” (Tyren, we don’t have the time to play around, we have found out what has been happening with each of the victims tonight, after finding Urner become a pile of ooze.) Tyren went white, almost like he was about to end up as the others that had already lost their lives that night. “I can’t believe this, you allowed one of my very best people to die under your watch. I… I very much cared for him, he was all I had left. After losing the rest of my family to assassination attempts at my life, he was all my life focused on, the alternative would be on my people. My Lord, I know that we have had our differences, but I want you to find whoever has done this to my…” Tyren fell to the ground, crying as the rest of the memories flooded into his mind. Neoum didn’t have this as a possibility, He simply let him finish for he was able to understand the genuine emotions that were pouring out of this broken man. “I don’t…. want this … be real, I just can’t... I wanted a perfect night…. I respect that…. Your list….ening to this old man. I know that we are of different opinion, I just can’t live on like this. I must tell you that he was my son, I kept him so close to me so that … if anything like this would happen I would be able to join him into the afterlife as father and son with my last words being the truth that i was his father. He will never know now, maybe he did, I can’t be sure. I know that he wasn’t the smartest, or strongest of us by any means, but he was the bravest by far if he truly knew what he was doing. I just need some time to myself.”

(I feel it is right to tell you that you mustn’t go to the mistress that you were with earlier tonight though for she has been invested by the very poison that ended your son’s life. I am truly sorry for the assumption that we made about you being the potential murderer. I see now that you’re just as scared as the rest of us, more even, I just need to know at what time did you meet up with her.) “Oh, I had her around the beginning of the night, before your beautiful speech. I was so hopeful of you when you came to us, and just set us in line. I just want to apologise for my behavior tonight.” (That’s fine, I forgive you . I want you to stay with Rewyers for now, you don’t need to feel weakness now, I should be the one who’s collapsing to the ground in agony, but there’s still a job at hand.) Tyren was finally smiling, after all of this, with hope that his people will see the rights that the Lord of Tachyon was going to grant them. Before Neoum could start to head back to the mistress, Tyren jumped in front of him. He landed in half  on the ground from the attack.

Neoum fell to the ground to see what he could do for the old man, but realized that he had already seen his end before he made the decision to jump. Neoum rose from Tyren’s body to appear in front of the murderer. It was exactly who he expected it to be. The mistress armed with a level nine Tachyium blaster equipped with the scorcher from the first attack. Neoum had forgotten that was still a possible murder weapon, but didn’t hesitate to disarm her. “I figured that you would have just arrested the poor foul, but to hear out his whole story was very against the plan, so I thought I could get you before you realized the result of all of this. Now let’s see if you can handle my boys. The Hantoryorian guards started to charge toward Neoum, who was unprepared for the attack couldn’t generate his weapons before the first one got to him. Rewyers slashed through the mercenary’s weapon with one quick slash of his axe, the Qarvax. Granyxe then assisted with the other enemies with his weapon of choice, the Bvernat. As the others handle the rushing Hantoryorians, Neoum chased after the mistress as she was blasting away back at Neoum. Each Blast had to be absorbed so that the guest wouldn’t receive the wrong end of the battle, so the chase was quite the challenge for Neoum. He was able to reflect the attack back at the mistress’s blaster, disabling it  and knocking her to the ground.

The mistress got to her feet rather quick with a illegal radiator grenade that disrupted all the Tachyium in the ten meter radius. Neoum was bewildered by the shockwave of radiation. When Neoum got to a moment later, the mistress was about to pull the trigger when suddenly, with the last of his strength, Tyren’s upper body throw itself on top of the mistress, defending her blast at Neoum. “I believe that you need to finish this Neoum, for the both of us.” The trigger was pulled, only to dematerializing the remanding parts of Tyren rested body. The mistress got some of his ashes into her mouth as she was about to scream in frustration. Neoum got to her instantly, smashing her blaster out of her hand.

“I will not accept this, I worked too hard to be defeated so easily by the lights of this child of a Tachyean. I will end you here and now.” She then took out a rather large dagger from her back as she transformed into a beast about 7 meters height, dark red with white eyes and hideously long claws that were about to stab into Neoum. Neoum then lost his patience with this battle, and thus transported to the center of the creature’s head. He then punched the beast, toppling over to cause a giant trembling shockwave across the ballroom. The rest of the attaching Hantoryorians had surrendered after she was defeated with Rewyers and Granyxe sweating from the battle. Neoum went to them, and the rest of the frightened guest to help escort them out of the ballroom to a more safe area.

(I would like to thank you for your patience with this event, and I hope we are able to form up again in a more protected setting to discuss more about the coming future of the Order of Tachyon, I know that’s what those who had past would have wanted. Be safe, and I will provide two Tachyean guards to guarantee your safety for the night. Thank you for coming, and I hope peace comes for all of you this evening.) With that, the ballroom emptied for the night. Neoum closed down the building for the night, then went home without a word with the Elders.        


(I thank you all for allowing me to come for the celebration of life. Tyren was one of the most brave people I’ve met in my life thus far. I will honor his people, and his name for he fought for the freedoms, and happiness of his people, and all other people of the Order of Tachyon. I may not be the most known of the Lords of Tachyon for good reason as of yet, but I do want to make it clear to all of you that I will not allow corruption to spread through this universe to the best of my abilities. I hope that all of you understand that I did my best for everyone in that moment of weakness, so did you leader. He was the most respectable of leaders that I’ve ever encountered. I wish to continue to help your people in the future, and I give you all my best wishes to live your lives to the fullest potential. Thank you all, and I will see you again on another mighty day under light’s infinite illuminances.)

 Neoum got down from the podium at the funeral of Tyren’s home planet of Ywernia in front of all the Ywernacks. He felt better doing this for them, it kinda brought his mind to a form of peace. After all, he was responsible of five casualties, all resulting in death, except the mistress who still lives on in prison. Jelnorelus went to Neoum, and gave him a large, warming hug of understanding. Neoum kept it all in until this point, not shedding a single sign of emotion, to then fall apart on Jelnorelus’s shoulders. (I try my best to be a mature leader, the person they all need me to be, but I’m still a child, I may have helped them the best that I could, but I will never forget, and very likely won’t be able to recover from this without real help. I just want to be the good guy, Jelnory. Jelnory, you were there, and yet you just let me take on that task without assistance. Was that some sort of test Jelnory, because if it was, I think I failed it miserably.) Jelnorelus pushed Neoum off of her to then express her mind. (Neoum, if you failed that test, then I failed you as an instructor, and friend. It wasn’t a test, you did what you could, and I believe that you put your all into it. The reason I didn’t help was because I was still trying to understand the situation myself. Even with Trearomm trying his best to snap me out of my trance, I couldn’t. I honestly believe that you were an inspiration to everyone that night. Tyren, Granyxe, Urner, Rewyers all did what they did because you helped them become brave when they needed to. You helped them overcome their fears, no matter how skeptical they were with such an idea. Neoum, you are so far proving to be one of the best Lords of Tachyons in our history.)  Neoum continued to cry with Jelnorelus bringing him back to the bridge to put an end to their hardships that day.