Galloway’s Tech Talk


August/September 2018


Kindergarten students are excited to be in the computer lab. This month we will be working on learning the different parts of the computer and the jobs that they have. We will do this through read alouds and song. We will also practice using the mouse to click and drag and drop. We will  practice identifying right and left. Lots of skills for little hands.

We will continue to practice our procedures and active listening.

This is our read-aloud book. Ruby is a young girl who explores the inside of the computer to help her friend mouse.


monitor                  rules

Procedure              keyboard

Mouse                    cursor

Ms. Galloway is excited for the 18-19 school year!

First Grade

First grade students having been ready to start their technology adventures as well. This month we will be working on procedures and learning the different parts of the computer. We will become more comfortable using a mouse and dragging and dropping. We will begin learning the home row keys on a keyboard.


monitor              rules

procedure         keyboard

Mouse               cursor


Second Grade

Second grade students are excited and ready for action in the computer lab. We will be exploring using and accessing digital lessons in Google classroom. Students will also begin learning how to use various apps in the Google Education Suite. We have been practicing logging on and off of a site. Students who returned their permission slip will also begin building their portfolio in ClassDojo.

Typing Club


login                 password

taskbar             icon

browser            refresh

website            folder

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