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Location: Remote + preparation + your nearest large city during the workshop.

Type of employment:
Independent Contractor

Job title: STEAM Camp Instructor

OSE STEAM Camp Instructors wanted

We are looking for entrepreneurial STEAM camp instructors to join us in holding multiple 9 day Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps. This position is for entrepreneurs, STEAM and makerspace instructors, and developers who wish to become part of an established network of open source change-agents who collaborate openly to leverage the quality and societal impact of our work. We teach collaborative design of sustainable technology that matters.

About OSE STEAM Camp

The OSE Steam Camp is a 9 day immersion that introduces students to a breadth of practical skills on their journey to creating the world around them. We teach a crash course of practical skills in open source, collaborative development.

Students in our camp learn to design and build common objects by building small working CNC tools using the OSE Universal Axis robotics construction set - including 3D Printer, circuit maker, and small CNC mill. Students learn an entire design-build workflow that enables them to design and build common goods such as a robotic vacuum cleaner, a Raspberry Pi tablet, and an aerial drone. By combining advanced modern technology and open source design workflows - we unleash the power of creativity. This is critical in creating the circular economy based on modular, open source design - where local communities can begin to build the common objects that they use every day.

We aim to run 12 events concurrently - to collaborate on projects and share expertise.  There is one instructor per event (instructor is free to bring an assistant-in-training)  and two qualified instructors if the number of registrants is 24 or more.

About the role and the STEAM Camp

The instructor role includes the necessary preparation, and joining a collaborative effort to improve the STEAM Camp event - which itself is nine consecutive days from 9AM to 6PM each day. The unique part is that we also work on real, open source product development as an outcome of the Camp. OSE would do most of the organizational work and back end, including shipping kits used during the STEAM Camp. You would be responsible for the teaching time - and helping to secure a venue, in addition to preparing your piece of quality curriculum. All curriculum becomes open source, for anyone to build on it and with it.

Our workshop covers design and CAD, 3D printing, CNC machine design, microcontrollers, mechanical and electronic design, and automation. We focus on a fully open source, modular, scalable, construction set approach. Part of our offer to you is rapid learning from other instructors - where we all collaborate on content and effective teaching - to make a state-of-art program. This is where we need your help!  We have been developing open source for a decade, and understand some of the challenges, and the level of effort required to produce results. We teach both technical skills and entrepreneurship. We plan on running 6 STEAM Camps at the same time to significantly scale our efforts. We require individuals who are committed to making technology transparent - specifically - by publishing as open source hardware.

We envision microfactories in all communities - with the potential to produce 80% of the products that we currently find on Amazon. We estimate that the current market for economic relocalization towards circular economies is about $30T - the size of the primary and secondary sectors of the economy - which lends itself to mass collaboration and is an explicitly high level goal of this work.. We envision lifetime design, and a shift from consumerism to ecological responsibility. From Open Source Ecology's perspective - open source, modular design leads to closed-loop material cycles and lifetime design - as anyone can fix or improve the products. The STEAM Camps aim to provide enabling design/build skills. We will also host public-interest incentive challenges for open source product design, for which the STEAM Camp provides training.

In the STEAM Camp, the first 4 days are skills boot camp, and the last 5 days are project days where all teams collaborate on a real product design. See the proposed schedule. The idea is that we continue developments in successive STEAM Camp, improving the product by building on past experience, until we arrive at commercially viable products with proper quality control - fully open source. We are interested in building long-term relationships - to leverage the true power of open collaboration.

We offer a revenue split of 50/50 with each instructor based on the net revenue of the particular instructor’s event, with an expected income between $5-8k per instructor per event depending on execution and results.

About you!

We welcome all applicants who fit our requirements and share our vision, but we imagine you as one of the following

Your Responsibilities

  1. Preparing curriculum and prototypes that will be used during the STEAM Camp. See specifics of curriculum at STEAM Camp 9 Day Curriculum. Current project for the 5 days is the Raspberry Pi tablet.
  2. Study the material and practice building the projects from the other instructors, in order to teach these projects effectively
  3. Identifying, and securing with OSE's oversight a suitable venue for the STEAM Camp
  4. Shipping your curriculum to OSE for evaluation and approval, so that the technology can be spread to the other instructors
  5. Assisting OSE in marketing by spreading the word through available channels
  6. A minimum of 20 hours (or as long as it takes) of time to prepare for the first event to meet and learn the curriculum of all the other instructors to present effectively and to lead the builds. This excludes the time required to build the prototypes. See the Instructor Exam for the baseline proficiency required in a STEAM camp.
  7. Teaching during the 9 day camp. The instructor is expected to be there at full time
  8. Releasing all designs and work (including written curriculum) under a CC-BY-SA or other OSHWA and OSI-compliant open source license

What’s in it for you?

Required Competence

Preferred Competence

Any combination of these technical skills: Design in CAD, Arduino, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Drones, Electronics and electronics design, CNC machines or Mills, circuit mills, lasers, Power electronics - welders, inverter, dc-dc, Electric motors - axial flux, and geardowns, and coil winders, 18650 Battery packs, Sensors and IoT.

It is also preferred if you have earlier experience in working with any of the open source toolchain  we use: Linux, FreeCAD, KiCad, Blender, WebGL, inkscape, flatcam, wikis, and live editable google-documents.

About OSE

The vision of OSE is to create a world of collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

An open source, libre economy is an efficient economy which increases innovation by open collaboration. To get there, OSE is currently developing a set of open source blueprints for the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) – a set of the 50 most important machines that it takes for modern life to exist – everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker. In the process of creating the GVCS, OSE intends to develop a modular, scalable platform for documenting and developing open source, libre hardware – including blueprints for both physical artifacts and for related open enterprises.


Each instructor runs an event in their local area - in the nearest suitable population center or venue. The preparation is done remotely, and some of the teaching is delivered remotely. State in your application in what city you would like to hold the workshop.

How to apply

In order to apply please send in a CV and cover letter to The cover letter should include a motivation of why you are the right person for the job and it should also include a rough plan or outline of how you can help us find local participants in your area for the workshop and how you would go about finding a proper venue to host the workshop.   In order to ensure a high quality delivery of our workshops we require all our instructors to pass our instructor exam as detailed in our wiki where you show us that you understand and can use the needed equipment and workflow. Studying for this can be done independently or by attending one of our workshops. If you buy a D3D universal solely for the purpose of this test then we will refund it for you after your first held workshop. Everyone who passes the test at this point will be accepted and registered as an OSE workshop instructor, and will decide together with us when to host your first workshop.

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity and welcome your application no matter who you are or identify as.

Data privacy

OSE works openly. All conversations with our emails are intended to be transparent and subject to sharing, with due respect. OSE does not sign NDAs in order to promote collaboration. All of our work is libre or open source. If you are discussing potential hardware development collaboration, your work must also be open source pursuant to the Open Source Hardware Association definition.