Code of Conduct for Cyclists

This Code of Conduct is applicable to pupils in the School, including those in an EYFS setting*.

An active lifestyle is at the core of School life and there are many pupils who cycle or scoot to School.  To make cycling to and from School a safe and positive experience for everybody concerned, pupils must wear a cycle helmet and ride responsibly:

Be safe and follow the Highway Code Rules for Cyclists including wearing a cycle helmet which is the correct size and securely fastened, and using the correct front and rear lights and reflectors;

Take responsibility for checking that their bicycle is roadworthy and regularly maintained;

Behave in a manner which shows them and the School in the best possible light and consider the needs of others when cycling;

Ride in single file and slowly down Claremont Road / School Lane;

Not listen to music or use a mobile phone when cycling;

Ensure they can be seen by other road users by wearing high-visibility or reflective clothing, as appropriate;

Walk their bicycle to and from the front gates of the School and not cycle within the School site;

Lock their bicycle in the cycle stores provided.

For the well-being of our pupils, we expect that  parents and carers will support us to:

Encourage their child to develop their competence and confidence in cycling;

Provide their child with safety equipment such as high-visibility clothing and bicycle lights.

Ensure that the bicycles ridden to School are roadworthy and regularly maintained. Bikes must have both front and back brakes.

The decision as to whether a child is competent to cycle to and from school safely rests with the parent/carer and the School has no liability for any consequences of that decision. Parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the School’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycles.

Pupils who do not follow this code will not be allowed to bring a bicycle onto the School site for a period of one term.

*Whilst this Code of Conduct is applicable to EYFS pupils, the School would not normally expect EYFS pupils to cycle alone.

SLT member responsible:

Deputy Head (Pupil Welfare)

supported by the Senior Operations Manager

Date of approval:

January 2019

Proposed review date:

June 2020

Primary policy:

Behaviour Management and Pastoral Care Policy

Other related policies and procedures:

Equality and Diversity Policy        

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