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Morrison Academy MS Sports handbook
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Morrison Academy

Middle School

Sports Handbook

Morrison Academy

Middle School Sports Handbook

Athletic Philosophy

Athletic experiences are an integral part of the educational program of Morrison Academy. The ultimate purpose of the interscholastic and intramural sports program is to glorify God. It is our goal that all our participants maintain and uphold the Christian values of the school. Athletics are to contribute to the development of desirable sportsmanship, character, attitudes, and behaviors that reflect Biblical values.  Morrison Academy believes that students should enjoy their involvement and competition while growing physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  (See Vision for Our Physical Education Learners, Appendix 1)

Our programs will encourage individual participation and achievement by providing an opportunity to learn and play sports. This will stress participation by every student who possesses a sincere interest to do so in the earlier years, with more competitive and selective levels later. Morrison Academy recognizes developmental stages through which students progress and acknowledges those stages in their program. Through participation in athletics, students learn to work cooperatively with fellow students and coaches.

Middle School Participation

Morrison Academy believes that middle school student participation in sports is desirable. All students should be encouraged to be involved with the emphasis being on maximum participation in both practice and competition. Every athlete on the team should receive playing time in competitions (although not necessarily equal playing time).  Athletics at these levels should contribute to the development of sports skills and knowledge that will enable the student to pursue sports on a competitive basis in high school or for use during leisure time.         

Athletic Code of Conduct

The athletic program at Morrison Academy has as primary objectives the development of self-discipline, a spirit of cooperation, and respect for rules and authority. We seek to instill in our students, principles of justice, fair play and good sportsmanship within a Christian environment.

In order to accomplish these objectives, it is necessary to develop and maintain a team and school spirit that is based on Christian principles, discipline and uniformity of goals.  Certain regulations are necessary to prevent the disruption of team spirit.  Athletes are expected to submit to the rules of Morrison Academy, the Athletic Department, and the sports organizations we participate in.  Athletics should foster sportsmanship at all times. It is the privilege of each one of us associated with athletics to manifest our principles in our own actions. The Principal, in conjunction with the MS athletic director, may limit a Middle School student’s participation in sports for disciplinary or academic reasons.

Athletic Programs

Middle School Membership

Morrison Middle Schools are members of TISSA, Taiwan International Schools Sports Association, the international middle school sports association in Taiwan. The primary tournaments are soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Sports Seasons

Fall Season - Soccer (Aug. - Nov.)

Winter Season - Volleyball (Jan. - Mar.)

Spring Season - Basketball (Apr. - May)

TISSA Invitationals

Cross Country (March)

Swimming (Fall and Spring)

Badminton (Spring)






Before/on Aug. 1st

Age is the primary determination

Grade 8


Grade 7


Grade 6

Two students from a higher grade level can play down (to field a team) as long as they meet the age requirement. Only one player can be on the field at a time. (MS Tournaments are for MS students only.  HS students are not permitted to play on a MS team.)

Schools are permitted to have up to a maximum of three students per match who are one year older as of August 1 - although they are of the same grade level as their classmates.  Tournament roster sheets may have a maximum of three names listed as overage and only two players are permitted to be fielded at a time.


Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. All coaches need to meet the Morrison Child Safety protocol requirements.
  2. Remember that young people participate for pleasure and that winning is only part of the fun.
  3. Never ridicule or berate a young player for making a mistake or not coming first.
  4. Be reasonable in your demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  5. Operate within the rules and spirit of your sport and teach your players to do the same.
  6. Ensure that the time players spend with you is a positive experience.  All young people are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.
  7. Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of all the players.
  8. Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with the sport.  This includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators.  Encourage your players to do the same.
  9. Show concern and caution toward sick and injured players.  Follow the advice of a physician when determining whether an injured player is ready to recommence training or competition.
  10. Obtain appropriate qualifications and keep up to date with the latest coaching practices and the principles of growth and development of young people.
  11. Any physical contact with a young person should be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the player’s skill development.
  12. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Remember that your children participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
  2. Encourage your children to participate, do not force them.
  3. Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than on the winning and losing.
  4. Encourage children always to play according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
  5. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  6. Remember that children learn best by example.  Appreciate good performances and skillful plays by all participants.
  7. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  8. Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  9. Show appreciation for volunteer coaches, officials and administrators.  Without them, your child might not have the opportunity to participate.
  10. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  11. Tournament Directors have the right to ask a parent to leave the premises if they violate the parents code of conduct.

Appendix 1

Vision for Our Physical Education Learners


The vision of the Morrison Academy educators is that a maturing Morrison student will,

As a Christ Follower,

1. integrate Biblical principles and values into sports and fitness activities

2. accept his/her self worth as God’s creation

As an effective communicator,

1. demonstrate competence in speaking and listening in relation to physical activity

2. contribute positively to teams or groups collaboratively with interpersonal skills

As a rational and critical thinker,

1. analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize concepts within various athletic contexts

2. understand that they can be creative in an athletic situation to problem-solve effectively

As a life-long learner,

1. maintain intellectual curiosity regarding physical and health issues

2. utilize technology to appropriately maintain fitness goals

As a moral and ethical citizen,

1. make ethical decisions from a Biblical perspective regarding physical and health issues

2. respect persons of other ages, races, cultures, faiths, and values

3. demonstrate self control in attitude and behavior

As a steward of quality of life,

1. participate in regular physical activity in a way that enhances wellness

2. maintain disciplined health habits