Welcome to Mrs. Malinosky’s Kindergarten class!


        Reading: “We Are So Proud”                                        Math: Numbers 0-5

                Amazing Words: proud, preparation, cooperation,

                                Creation, float, guide

                Sight Words: I, am

        Reading/Writing: This week will focus on the following letters-        Social Studies: Cooperation/ How to work together

                Ff        Gg        Hh        Ii        Jj        Kk

                Ll        Mm        Nn

        Science: All About Me (i.e. favorite color, favorite food, etc.)

        CLASS DOJO

        I will be using Class Dojo to communicate behavior as well as any questions you might have about your child’s academics,

upcoming events and tests, etc. If you haven’t connected with your child on Class Dojo and you wish to do so, let me know

and I can print another code for you.


        Our class will be able to participate in specific activities throughout each week. Here is our schedule:

Monday:        Gym

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday:        Gym

Thursday: Computer

Friday:                 Library

*Please have your child wear gym shoes on Monday and Wednesday!


        Our lunch schedule is 10:35-11:00. Feel free to come eat lunch with your kiddo. But please only come once every couple

weeks. Also, you may send money with your student if they’d like to purchase an additional snack to go with their lunch.


        September 2: Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

        September 13: Fall Festival


        I am so excited to be your child’s Kindergarten teacher this year. This is my second year at Dayton City School, my first as

        a full time teacher. I spent the last 2 quarters of last year in Kindergarten and loved it! So I am glad to be returning. I have

        a lot of fun activities for all of our students to learn this year. We will be covering a lot of material including reviewing the

        alphabet, starting to read and write, counting to 100 (by 1s, 5s, and 10s), and a lot of other fun things to do with reading,

        writing, counting, social studies, and science. I will send out a newsletter each Friday that shows exactly what topics we are

        covering in each subject area. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using any of the information provided below.


        Classroom phone: (423) 775-8414 ext. 8206

        E-mail:        malinoskykr@daytoncity.net

        Message me on Class Dojo for the quickest response.