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Year 5

I will now post all your work and updates on google classroom as you are doing a great job of using it!

This is a beautiful book you might like to dip into. You can read it for free here

BBC bitesize are offering daily lessons which might be useful to enhance your learning. I will add a reminder about any that link to our lessons but obviously feel free to watch others if they interest you!

You can view them on the iplayer or from your red button on the TV or here

Norfolk library service have launched an ebook club. ‘The train to impossible places’ by P.G Bell is the next book.

All of the titles will be free to download using the Libby app on tablets/phones (and there will be enough copies for everyone that wants to read it). You will need a library card and PIN to be able to access the books. If you need to join the library, you can do so by using this link, the details you need will be sent by email.

 If anyone has any difficulty downloading ebooks you can email and they will do their best to help.

I have also been adding book puzzles to the classroom. You can find them in the ‘other’section.

J.K Rowling has released a new book! It is a fairy tale that she used to tell her children when they were younger and will be published online in installments. You can read it here. There is also information about a competition to illustrate the book on the website.

I know from our assemblies and performances that you are great singers and enjoy a sing-a -long so you can access the sing up website (that we use in assembly) at home.

Here is an overview of the work you will be asked to complete during the week. Daily tasks can be completed each day, weekly tasks can be completed when you choose during the week. It is helpful if you practise times tables, spellings and reading regularly, a little each day. You might also like to keep reviewing all your maths skills using Sumdog regularly.


Early work






Topic (Science/Art/Geography)


Daily- maths activities and tasks (might include Sumdog challenge or assessment)

Friday- Arithmetic

Regularly-Times tables practise


Daily tasks

Weekly task


Regularly  (20-30 mins)

Comprehension (Friday)

Weekly tasks

Early Work-daily

New early work will be assigned in the classroom.

You can complete it using the quiz form there.


Useful maths websites

MyMaths - Bringing maths alive - Home 

User name: holtprim Password: circle


New lessons, assignments or activities will be assigned daily. I will put a variety of activities, powerpoints and videos which might help.

Keep up your practise of your times tables, practise on sumdog and practical activities like cooking and games which you might be doing at home.


Spellings -weekly

I will give you new spellings to practise each week. Practise them little and often, maybe using the spelling activity sheet you have in your planner.

Grammar/Punctuation-weekly task

Information and assignments in the classroom!

Writing -daily task

I will assign daily tasks in the classroom.

If you want to write your own letters, emails, postcards, stories, diary entries that you would like to share with me too, I’d love to see them!

Reading-daily plus weekly reading comprehension

Keep up your daily reading-at least 20 minutes a day.

You might have seen ‘First News’ in the library. You can access a digital copy here.

Maybe you could share your reading recommendations in the stream in google classroom.

Topic/Science-weekly tasks

I will assign the tasks in the classroom.

You might also like to have a go at some activities from these websites:

Magic Science Experiments – Science Experiments for Kids

                      Home | WowScience - Science games and activities for kids

Extra challenges and activities

You could have a go at designing the artwork for a new book token here

You could win £10 voucher for everyone in the class!



Learn a poem. Find one you like and practise it until you know it off by heart.

Learn to sign your name.

Choose a place you would like to visit in the future. Research it. How would you get there? What could you see/do there? How much will it cost? Why do you want to go there?

Learn to juggle-maybe find some tips online or in a book.

Create a lego maze for a marble. How tricky can you make it?

Write a letter or a postcard to someone special.

Set up an assault course in your garden. Challenge your family to do it in the quickest time

Learn a magic trick and perform it to your family.

We’ve used this in class but you can access this at home too.

Learn the flag and capitals of as many different countries as you can.

Learn to sew on a button

Do a birdwatch in your garden. Can you identify all the different birds? If not, try and find out what they are. Maybe you could sketch or paint one?

Take 20 close up photos around your house or in your garden. Can your family identify what the photos are of?

Try some mindfulness colouring (there’s lots on twinkl

offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS)

or zendoodles/zentangles

Learn the phonetic alphabet

Read a book and watch the film. Which was better and why?

Organise your books into alphabetical order

Can you do the plank? How long can you hold it for? Try and increase the time over the next few weeks. Keep track.

Compile a list of your family’s favourite songs. Maybe you can make a playlist and dance around your kitchen!

Make something using origami

Design a robot-what useful tasks could it complete?

Write your name, maybe in bubble writing or a graffiti style. Decorate the letters and around the letters with things you are interested in.

If you are able to go on a walk, can you identify the different trees you see?

Create a quiz. You could do it with your family.

Learn to tie knots. What is the knot useful for? (I bet the cubs and scouts in our class will be experts at this!)

Learn to count to 10 in a different language (one that we haven’t studied in school.)

Enter a competition (with an adult’s permission)-you might win a prize!

Make a collage of your favourite things

What is braille? Can you find out more about it?

Go on a scavenger hunt or make up a scavenger hunt for someone in your family.

Find an inspirational quote you like and design a poster for it

Compliment 3 people

Find 10 new words-find out what they mean and then try and use them in a conversation or your writing

Learn all the different counties of the UK

Create a coat of arms for your family

Design a new logo for our school

Create a top ten list-this could be your 10 favourite foods, your ten favourite football players, your top ten colours!

Peel the vegetables for your family meal (with supervision)

Make a bug home in your garden

Set the table, maybe you could learn to fold napkins to make it extra special!