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Lesson Plan - What Do You Meme
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Lesson Plan - What Do You Meme?

Content: Internet Memes

Unit: Digital Culture & History

Time: ~1hr

Learning Objective

Students will develop an understanding of digital artifacts known as memes through instruction and activity. Students will understand the history and application (both entertainment and practical) of memes. Students will learn how to identify memes and engage in discussions about the future iterations.

Technology Standards

Technology Skills

Digital Tools Used


Lesson Plan

Instruction - Meme History & Evolution

Activity I - Independent Practice

Students will engage on a premade Padlet wall with a variety of 5 (or more) wordless images arranged in columns. Students are instructed to leave “comments” with their own captions for the images. Padlet allows allows for upvoting where students can see and “like” their peers’ submissions. Teacher has option to enforce a theme, limit on submissions.

Assessment (Formative) -Teacher will review submissions by students with students. The anonymity provided by the Padlet wall submissions allows for general feedback without singling out students. Time permitting, teacher can prepare a second set of memes for a second round of practice.

Instruction - Guided Practice

Activity II - Create a Meme

In this activity students will use digital tools to create their own meme. Teacher has the option to encourage a theme or topic. Students can use Google Image search to locate images or use their own camera or library of images. Student will add original text following the design guidelines. Once complete, student will submit the images to the empty Padlet wall provided by the teacher. Student will have the opportunity to view and “like” each other’s submissions. Time willing, students will be encouraged to submit at least one and leave “like” three or more.

Assessment (Summative) - Teacher assesses student submissions based on the technology standards listed above. The ability to understand, design, upload and practice digital citizenship within this closed social network equates to mastery of this lesson’s standards. This step can also be used as a formative assessment if teacher plans to use memes in future assignments/projects.

Going Deeper