Referral Wealth Builder Terms and Conditions

This document is officially referred to as the Referral Wealth Builder Terms and Conditions. It includes the Referral Wealth Builder Policies and Procedures and also includes, or makes reference to, other Policies enforced by Referral Wealth Builder.

Standards All Members Must Follow

Members of Referral Wealth Builder agree to always act honestly and fairly in a way that, when representing Referral Wealth Builder, will enhance the reputation of the Member and Referral Wealth Builder.

Members agree to always offer full support as a sponsor of their personally referred Activated Members and future prospective Activated Members. This includes avoiding at all times deceptive or illegal practices and making untrue claims regarding Referral Wealth Builder Products, the compensation plan, services, recommended affiliate programs and administrative officers.

Members agree not to make false public projections and claims regarding the income potential of any Member, including themselves and Members understand that the success of other Members may differ substantially and is determined by many variables beyond the control of Referral Wealth Builder.

When promoting Referral Wealth Builder, Members agree to be respectful of all prospective Members. This includes respectful acceptance of all prospective Member comments and questions as well as their privacy needs.

Members agree to be and understand that they are solely responsible for any and all legal and financial obligations that could result from their Referral Wealth Builder Membership. This includes, but is not limited to, self-employment taxes, income taxes, sales/use taxes, etc.

Members understand that the contents of this document will change occasionally at the sole discretion of Referral Wealth Builder and its officers, and therefore Members agree to review it from time to time.

Members understand that if they have questions pertaining to any of the legal documents supporting Referral Wealth Builder they should contact legal counsel in their jurisdiction for answers to resolve those questions.

Membership Details

Members of Referral Wealth Builder are required to understand and abide by the rules, terms, and policies outlined by Referral Wealth Builder and its officers.

Referral Wealth Builder reserves the right to change the rules, terms, policies and website content or any other aspect of its business at any time as they deem appropriate.

Referral Wealth Builder requires every Member to comply with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws, as well as all statutes and regulations governing Affiliate, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and Internet Marketing.


Member Status

Individuals may become Members by agreeing to comply with all Referral Wealth Builder Policies and Terms and Conditions. An applicant wishing to utilize the marketing system must fill out the registration form online and pay the required fees to access the upgraded tools and services.

Referral Wealth Builder and its officers reserve the right to reject any person wishing to become a Member or withdraw the Activated status of Members for any reason. Withdrawal of Member's Activated status by Referral Wealth Builder after any fees have been collected may be refundable at the discretion of Referral Wealth Builder and its officers, and depending on the reason for termination of the Member's account.

Any personal information collected on the Referral Wealth Builder registration form will be retained in accordance with the Referral Wealth Builder Privacy Policy.

Member is defined as someone who is involved with Referral Wealth Builder for either one or both of the following reasons: To use Services and to build a home business income.

The initial subscription fee is $14.95 per month.  Upgraded members may cancel and receive a complete refund within 30 days of initial purchase. 


Every Member has access to the Referral Wealth Builder Members Only Web Site. Members have their own Referral Wealth Builder turnkey marketing system for referring others to the Referral Wealth Builder Services and the ability to earn commissions for any sales they make from their personal website. Members may cancel their subscription at any time.

Member Status Rules

All Members are independent contractors of Referral Wealth Builder. Membership accounts with Referral Wealth Builder are not franchisees, joint ventures, or partnerships with Referral Wealth Builder, nor does any Member count as an employee, agent, or administrator for Referral Wealth Builder, unless otherwise directly solicited as such by Referral Wealth Builder and its officers. Members are strictly prohibited from stating or implying that they hold or maintain any other type of relationship with Referral Wealth Builder.

Members, Activated, Non-Activated or Lapsed Members have no authority to bind Referral Wealth Builder to any obligation.

Members immediately enter the status of Lapsed if Referral Wealth Builder is unable to successfully bill the monthly fees due. Referral Wealth Builder may attempt to bill subscription fees multiple times during the course of the Lapsed Period.

During the Lapsed Period Members will not have the ability to earn, claim or withdraw earnings. Members will retain their ability to access their AIM Center website as a Lapsed Member. They will also temporarily retain their position in the Activated Matrix, as well as any personal enrollees and prospects they may have gained from their efforts for a said period of time, that said period of time not to exceed 3 weeks.

If after the 3-week period Referral Wealth Builder is unable to successfully bill the Member, the Member’s account may be permanently closed. All personal prospects, members, the Referral Wealth Builder Matrix position and un-claimed and un-paid earnings will be forfeited.

Members can update their billing information at any time by logging into their Back Office and visiting Edit Profile tab.

Members can cancel their UP account by submitting a service ticket.  Commissions are not paid to any member who is not an actively subscribed to UP training and marketing system.  UP members may cancel at any time and re-subscribe at a later date.  UP members may not receive any commission due while they were unsubscribed.  Members who cancel and resubscribe later will retain all personal referrals and may begin receiving commissions again, beginning 30 days from the time that they re-subscribed. 

Members can become terminated from Referral Wealth Builder for violations of the Terms and Conditions or any other Policies. Members whose status becomes terminated immediately lose all access and rights to Referral Wealth Builder, their list of members and prospects in the system and any uncollected earnings.

Member Rights

A person chooses to promote Referral Wealth Builder under the terms and conditions set forth in the polices of Referral Wealth Builder.

Members may cancel their account with Referral Wealth Builder at any time by submitting a service ticket under the support tab. 

Members must be of legal age, or age of the majority (whichever maintains precedence) in the state, province, or country of their primary residence, unless they can provide legal exception allowing them to participate. Referral Wealth Builder maintains the right to ask any Member to provide proof of age for any reason.

Multiple Member Accounts

Members may have more than one account in Referral Wealth Builder. Any and all information held by Referral Wealth Builder in a Member's record can be used at the discretion of Referral Wealth Builder to determine if Member has direct ties to more than one account. All Terms and conditions apply to each account individually.

Referral Wealth Builder and its officers reserve the right to terminate any account held by the same Member should the member not adhere to the strict terms and policies of Referral Wealth Builder or any reason whatsoever at the discretion of Referral Wealth Builder or if any one of those accounts become lapsed and remain so for a period of 30 days regardless of the status of other accounts held by the same member.

Member Identification

Members may be required at any time to provide Referral Wealth Builder with a valid government-issued tax identification number (or other means of identification as mandated by the Members home domicile tax authority), as well as a current and valid billing and mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.

This personal information will be used for purposes pertaining to Members Referral Wealth Builder account only and will be kept in a secure location by Referral Wealth Builder.

Failure to provide such requested information and proof that it is current may result in termination of the Members Referral Wealth Builder Membership.

Any penalties or fines that may result from issuing an incorrect tax identification number or other personal information to Referral Wealth Builder or its officers will be the sole responsibility of the Member.

Member Advertising and Account Rules

No Member has exclusive marketing and sponsorship rights over a specific territory. Members found to be implying such rights risk immediate termination from Referral Wealth Builder. No Member has been given the authority to supply other Members with exclusive marketing material, methods, leads, etc. for any purpose.

Members found to be implying such rights, either online or offline, risk immediate termination from Referral Wealth Builder.

No Member has the right to promote and collect funds from the sale of Referral Wealth Builder Services from any third-party website. The only web sites where the sale of Referral Wealth Builder Services can occur are those provided by Referral Wealth Builder using Referral Wealth Builder’s merchant account(s) to collect funds from the sale.

Members found collecting funds for the sale of Referral Wealth Builder Services in any other form risk immediate termination.

Member Legal Compliance and Taxation

It is the Members’ responsibility to stay informed and comply with all national, federal, state and/or provincial statutes, laws and regulations, and all local ordinances and rules concerning all aspects of their Referral Wealth Builder business. Members are responsible for their own managerial decisions and expenditures, including taxes. Since no Member is an Referral Wealth Builder employee, with respect to any law, statute or rule for federal or state tax purposes Referral Wealth Builder is not responsible for payment or co-payment of any employee benefits and/or taxes.

Members will not be treated as franchisees, joint ventures, partners, employees or agents with respect to the United States Internal Revenue Code, Social Security Act, any federal, state and/or provincial unemployment act(s), or any federal, state, provincial or local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules or regulations of any jurisdiction whatsoever. All Activated and Non-Activated Members are considered to be Independent Contractors, with status dictating a non-employee status in all locations.

Confidential Information

All information found anywhere in the Referral Wealth Builder site and Services sites, as well as the content of any Referral Wealth Builder live calls is considered proprietary and confidential and for access by Members only. Information pertaining to other Members on the Referral Wealth Builder team must not be shared with non Referral Wealth Builder Members or any third party.

Restricted Countries

Due to legal and tax considerations Referral Wealth Builder may be forced to exclude residents of certain countries from becoming an Upgraded Member of Referral Wealth Builder.

Referral Wealth Builder Website Materials and Content

The name Referral Wealth Builder, all copyrighted material, Intellectual Property, Referral Wealth Builder logos, and the names of all Company Products and services are the intellectual property of and owned by Referral Wealth Builder. Only Referral Wealth Builder and its officers are authorized to produce and market the Services of Sites, materials and literature under these intellectual property rights.

Use of the Referral Wealth Builder name in any manner not approved or authorized by Referral Wealth Builder is prohibited.

Communications and Advertising

In all written promotional and information content both online and offline pertaining to Referral Wealth Builder, Members are permitted to use the Referral Wealth Builder name as long as they have received company approval.

Any Member found to be transmitting, displaying, or sharing any form of self-constructed marketing material pertaining to Referral Wealth Builder including online and offline written material, endorsements, conducting live interviews, giving speeches, trade shows, etc. without written consent or prior approval from Referral Wealth Builder or its officers will risk immediate termination.

Telephone and Fax Solicitation

Members are prohibited from using the Referral Wealth Builder name or copyrighted materials with automatic calling devices, call centers, and fax broadcasts to solicit new business, any member may use these methods to promote their business in a generic format only.

E-mail Solicitations 

Referral Wealth Builder does not condone or tolerate the use of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE) or Spam. All e-mails sent out by Members to promote their Referral Wealth Builder business must fully comply with Referral Wealth Builder strict Spam Policy.

Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of the guilty Member's Referral Wealth Builder account, with all pending earnings and valuables forfeited and no further access to their AIM Center. 

Income Claims

No income projections may be made public to other Members or any prospective Members. No Referral Wealth Builder Member is permitted to display their Real earned commissions as enticement to a prospective Member. Members cannot guarantee commissions, bonuses, etc.

Payment Options

Prospective Members of Referral Wealth Builder may only use any current payment processor displayed and made available on the Referral Wealth Builder site.

Price Changes

Referral Wealth Builder Fees are subject to change without prior notice. Current prices for Referral Wealth Builder fees can be found on the Referral Wealth Builder Website.


COMMISSIONS ARE PAID ONLY ON THE SALE OF Referral Wealth Builder Services, NOT ON THE ACT OF RECRUITING A NEW MEMBER. However, the act of recruiting a new Member is equivalent to making a Services sale, as every Upgraded Member of Referral Wealth Builder is by virtue of their status considered a Services user. 

Commission Allocation Schedule

Members who have earnings from the sale of Referral Wealth Builder Training & Marketing System will be paid on the 1st of each month for the month previous. 

The Referral Wealth Builder Earnings

The Referral Wealth Builder Earnings does not guarantee that any one member will earn any monies. Earnings are based on many variables mainly the Activated Member having Activated Members below them in their personal Matrix that pay for the Services, or the member receiving Activated members below them as a result of the efforts of their upline’s activity in regard to retail product sales.