What are My Support Options for D3Splint and D3Denture?

D3Splint and D3Denture now include one month of our support subscription in the purchase price!  This helps us guarantee that we get our users installed, launched and off to the races.  After that, the subscription is completely optional. We expect about ⅓ of our users to want an additional 6months as they get solid in their workflows, and then only a small fraction of our users to keep a support subscription long term.  Our goal is to provide support at near cost so that we can focus on developing better software but at the same time achieve a good user experience for those users who do need support.

How can I avoid paying for support?

First, we want to let people know we are not out to make support and subscription services a big part of our business.  We want to do as much as possible to make our products NOT need support. Here are our tips and strategies for reducing your support needs.

Read the User Manuals

This is not meant to be snarky!  Not only do we want you to read the user manual, but we want you to COMPLAIN if there are areas that are unclear.  User manual access is guaranteed with the purchase

Watch the Basic Training

Basic training videos including walkthroughs of several cases are included for all products

Engage in the Community

Users often reply to well posted (screen shots, pictures, details of the scenario) questions in our user group on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/D3ToolUsers.  There are also several great youtube channels and web pages showing videos and how tos. For example Baron Grutter's D3Splint Playlist

What if I do need more predictable support?

You can grab a support subscription from https://d3tool.com/product/d3tool-support-plan/ and we are happy to help by email and in our periodic live group help sessions (“office hours”).

What is Included With the Support Subscription?

  1. Help with installation on primary PC
  2. Ticket/Email based responses through d3tool.com/help
  1. Errors and bugs software
  2. Understanding usage
  3. Fit diagnosis
  4. Case tips and pointers
  1. Access to live group help sessions.

What is Not Included With Support Subscription?

  1. On demand phone calls.  While we may schedule a phone call to help, we can’t guarantee phone help at this time.
  2. On demand live help.  While in certain situations we can schedule a TeamViewer session to help with Installation or to view a bug in real time, we cannot guarantee on demand live help
  3. Individual case design. If full control over a case is needed, we have a team design service on a fee per case basis.
  4. Help utilizing software beyond the scope of the built in workflows

Where and how do I access Support?

Support is accessed in one of four ways:


  1. Visit the webpage and a form will allow you to initiate a ticket. 
  2. You will then receive an email from support@d3tool.zendesk.com but you can IGNORE IT IF YOU WANT it is not necessary to register at the support portal.
  3. When one of us has received and initiated the ticket, you will get an email with a topic such as [D3Tool] Re: D3Splint Support Ticket.  Simply reply to this email and all responses will be tracked in our ticketing system!

Live Group Help Session (Office Hours)

Twice per month, live group help sessions will be hosted via ZOOM.  Invitations will be sent via email to all active support customers with the dates and times.  We will try to rotate and vary the times to give access to multiple time zones.

Creating a Ticket from Within the Software

Tickets with screenshots can be created and updated from within the software.  See this section of the user manual.