Native Here Article for January, 2018 Bay Leaf

As we start the new year, we continue to thank our loyal customers who have been so steadfast in purchasing plants through the years.  Customers made Fall 2017 a great time for the nursery, coming to our monthly special sales events for manzanitas, ferns, riparian plants and trees.  Many favorable comments were received about our speaker series that introduced each of the special events.  These special events will continue in 2018, with our Grasslands Day on January 20 and Trillium and Other Treasures on February 24.

The speaker for Grasslands Day will be Jim Hanson, a Bay Area landscape architect, past president of the California Native Grasslands Association, and chair of the Conservation Committee of the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.  This promises to be an engaging day at the nursery.  For details of this event and for others in the series, please see the nursery website at, which also contains mid-month updates of our plant inventory.

Volunteers are the key to the continued success of the nursery.  We have an active team of experienced and permitted seed collectors who provide so much of the initial seed inventory, and, at the nursery, a dedicated core of volunteers who work one or more of our open days, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to provide customer support, propagation, grooming, watering and nursery maintenance, as well as any of the many last minute needs it takes to keep things going.  Our student volunteers generously represent far off lands and provide a special international flavor to the nursery.  If working with plants intrigues you, and if you would like to be with other wonderful volunteers, please consider dropping by during our open hours on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and sign up to volunteer or contact our volunteer coordinator Ruth Ann Pearsons

John Danielsen

Native Here Nursery