The Simplest Symphony

The crescendo of breath when the warmth touches us,

and the the grasping when it fades-

The elegance revealing itself in each cosmic swell,

and the coveting for release when the breakdown raises the bounds of hope-

The universe expands to the droning of eternal equanimity,

balancing and completely chaotic all at once-

The further you travel inwards, the more you will find,

everything infinite, everything connected-

The lines in our hands, collectively harmonias,

until everything that ever was is splintered, and our grasp falls away-

As you are a part of it, and it is a part of you, you are able to serenade each other

This life and you a boundless love story,

The intangible seeping through anything that strikes a chord,

Raven ink communicating somehow on textured page,

The infinity somehow tangible when standing on a peak, the eternal ocean of rolling hills and canyons

The spoken word, capturing connection with a solid gaze, conversation of the eyes

The constant reminders of the existence of mortality

Anything that sings the feeling of forever,

Anything that twists the soul strings just right, radiating resonance

Anything that triggers memory, beyond this life as it seems

Remembering is climbing the staccato understandings of everyone and everything-

Forgetting is the last drop of whiskey, the cold screen, the glazed stare-

The monotonous waking.

Forgetting is the existential graspings, the standing alone in the center of a crowd

The stiff cotton sheets closing in, suffocating the orchestra of light

But always falling short, because we are the lighted homes we build

And within we dwell

We are the warriors of sound

So be still in the chaos

There is no pressure in this reality.

The symphony will go on.

Annotations (Songs that feel like the universe to me):

“As you are a part of it, and it is a part of you, you are able to serenade each other”

Inspired by Pink Floyd, "Echoes": Strangers passing in the street. By chance two separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me.

I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know

Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold- Kid Cudi

Come down come down sweet reverence,

Unto my simple house and ring…- Gregory Alan Isakov

In a world where God has taken off and the wars have been and gone,

a person's left with just themselves and their own specific song- La Salami

I'm always bumping into buddies whose names I don't know

I don't get off to sleep until a quarter to four

And then I wake up in the morning and I do it some more- Jeffrey Lewis