Who is elderly? Actually, even though we don't want to admit it, all of our silver members are, technically, elderly. This means that we should be especially careful to minimize any chance of coming in contact with any contagious diseases including the viruses which cause COVID-19, and also the germs which cause the usual seasonal flu, pneumonia, and the common cold, among others which can develop into potentially lethal problems with our lungs and other organs. Here is what the village is recommending, especially for our silver members:

  1. You are grounded. Have you said this before? “I don’t care what everybody else is doing, you are not everybody else. Would you jump off a cliff because everybody else is doing it?You are grounded. If you get sick, we can’t help you. And you may end up depriving some child or young parent of hospital services, including a ventilator.
  2. Go outside to exercise or to have any interaction with people, staying at least 6 feet away. Sunlight will disable some viruses; and even if you are with someone who is contagious, keeping your distance lowers the danger of infection. Limit even outdoor contacts to a few people. Each additional person doubles the potential for contagion. It’s geometric, inviting five people increases the odds by 32, ten people makes it more than a thousand times worse. And considering that those people don’t mind being in large groups makes it likely that they’ve been exposed to lots of other people with all kinds of germs.  Did you take sex ed?  Remember that when you (ahem) touch somebody, it’s like touching everybody they’ve touched. Wash your hands when you get home.
  3. And you must exercise.  Advice on exercise is in a separate window on this webpage. Check it out.
  4. Maintain social contact by phone and internet apps, like and  Our Village volunteers have been phoning many of our silver members every few days. If you prefer not to be bothered by phone calls, tell the concierge right away. If you have an elderly neighbor who needs this service please let the concierge know or please call them yourself. Don't go inside their house, for your own protection and theirs.                                                                                            
  5. Do you need a face mask? Maybe if you’re sneaking out even while you’re supposed to be grounded.  We have neighbors on our facebook group who are making face masks, and they might give you one and share instructions. Google for more directions or search Youtube if you want to make some for yourself or to donate.
  6. Don't do dangerous things, like climbing ladders to change light bulbs. Contact the concierge. We do have volunteers who will help you, if need be; but we ask that you postpone indoor handyman requests which are not important for your safety, like hanging pictures or rearranging cabinets. If you’re not sure, just ask the We also have the phone numbers or emails of some neighbors who are not our volunteers officially but who are willing to help. Stay safe.
  7. Disinfect your phone, especially if you used it when you had not washed your hands after contact with a person or item that could possibly have been contaminated. Wipe it carefully; most phones are not waterproof. Stay safe.
  8. See our advice on groceries, deliveries, exercise, and fun at