West View Elementary- School Improvement Plan


West View Elementary Teachers will create, administer and analyze learner profiles twice a year, in order to collect student voice and choice. Teachers will use the students’ input in order to drive instruction.

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Parents)

  • Parent participation comparable to district average
  • Significant declines in the communication of and parent involvement in the purpose and direction of the school
  • Decline in % of parents who feel the school communicates opportunities for involvement with stakeholders
  • Increase in % of parents who feel their child has an adult advocate in the school

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Staff)

  • Significant declines in staff perceptions overall
  • Significant decline in % of staff who feel leaders support an innovative and collaborative culture
  • Decline in % of staff who feel purpose is based on shared beliefs and values that guide decision making
  • 15% decline in % of staff who feel school personnel engage families in their children’s learning progress

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Students)

  • 10% decline in % of students who feel students treat adults with respect
  • Less than half of the students surveyed feel their families are asked to come to school activities
  • 70% of students surveyed do not feel they are asked what they think about school

These are the current areas that we are working on and will be addressing throughout the school  year:

  • What efforts can be made to build more positive student-peer and student-teacher relationships?

Action steps:  Class Meet and Greet, Individual student recognition, learner profiles, Grades 3-5 can participate in clubs, Kindness week, Wise Eggs, and Guidance lessons

  • Consider assessing the current ways in which students have a voice in the school- How can this be tweaked to allow students to feel they have a voice?

Action steps:  Learner profiles use in K-5, SGA for 3-5, and pathways, playlists, and quests

  • How can you provide parents with hands-on exposure of the instructional shift occurring with JoCo 2020 so they can see how school is becoming different from their “traditional” schooling experience? How can you involve them more in the decision making process?

Action steps:  Curriculum night, Student led conferences, Powerschool Parent Portal, Parent/Teacher Conferences, inviting parents to SIT meetings.


West View Elementary School will create shared learning environments that are safe, encouraging, and provide opportunities for reflection and personalized learning experiences for all staff and students.

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Parents)

  • Nearly 20% decline in the % of parents who feel a safe learning environment is provided
  • Decline in % of students who feel the school has high expectations for all students
  • High % of parents feel their children know the learning expectations for all classes
  • Perceptual opportunities for improvement identified in the following areas:
  • Teachers meet student needs by individualizing instruction
  • Student access to support services
  • Student access to technology

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Staff)

  • 24% decline in % of staff who feel a facilities support a safe learning environment
  • Opportunities for improvement identified in the area of feedback and leadership engagement
  • 30% of teachers do not feel teachers were trained to implement a process that promotes student learning
  • Instructional opportunities for improvement:
  • Teachers adjust instructional strategies to address individual student learning
  • Teachers use instructional strategies that require student collaboration, self reflection, and critical thinking

AdvancED Stakeholder Data (Student)

  • 13% decline in % of students who feel the school is safe and clean
  • Decline in % of students who feel they are learning new things that will help them
  • Decline in % of students who feel their teachers help them when they need them

Supportive Student Achievement Data

  • Significant declines in 3rd grade math, 4th grade reading, and 5th grade reading proficiency from 2016-17
  • Significant declines in cohort proficiency in reading, grades 3-4, math, grade 3-4, and reading, grade 5

These are the current areas that we are working on and will be addressing throughout the school  year:

  • There is a glaring concern with staff, parent, and student perceptions about school safety and cleanliness? How can you tap further into these perceptions  to determine tasks for improvement in this area? How will you formatively monitor progress?

          Action steps(safety):  additional doors with fob access,  teachers talking to students about not opening the door for people that they don’t

          know or people without a  JCPS badge or tag, lockdown procedures will be practiced at least quarterly

         Actions steps(cleanliness):  each class make a plan about how to clean up after yourself in the cafeteria, classrooms, and bathrooms.  All staff needs be actively

        involved in the process

  • How can perceptual opportunities for improvement be paired with achievement opportunities for improvement to begin to provide more personalized professional development needs in support of the JoCo 2020 vision?

Action steps:  Microcredentials (The Learner),  Looking at data and deciding what the next steps are for your classroom.

  • Are there strong student - teacher relationships; is instruction relevant and innovative; are students being compliant to instructional delivery?

        Action steps:  pathways, quest, student led conferences,  flexible scheduling, using data from learner profile to change instruction, more flexible seating, etc.


West View Elementary School will embrace an evolving perspective for meeting the needs of all students through the practices of invention and iteration.

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Parent)

  • Decline in % of parents who feel facilities support student learning and financial resources are used effectively
  • Decline in % of parents who feel instructional time is protected

AdvancEd Stakeholder Data (Staff)

  • Significant declines in staff perceptions about resources, their alignment with school priorities and goals, and protected instructional time

These are the current areas that we are working on and will be addressing throughout the school  year

  • How will you conduct a needs assessment to identify resources and expenditures necessary to embrace more practices of invention andi iteration?

Action steps:  google form to assess needs, create amazon wish list for PTA, encourage teachers to apply for grants

  • How can improvements be measured formatively on budget expenditures and presented to parents so they can see the effectiveness of expenditures?

Action steps: technology plan on WV website, attend PTA meetings

  • Consider reviewing the logistics of the school schedule to identify potential issues that might be responsible for the decline in staff and parent perceptions about instructional time?

Action steps:  Leadership retreat, Remind 101, Dojo, Collaborate with your grade level before the retreat