Customizing your Gateway Theme

Welcome Screen

To adjust the welcome screen go to the Settings page in the Menu


We recommend a 330x130px logo with a light gray (HEX #fafafa) or transparent background (png image)

Background Image

We recommend making the background image 1920x1080px, the actual visible area on most screens is only 930x1080px, but having 1920x1080px means the image will grow and look good on screens more than 3000px wide.  Here’s a visual representation

The idea here is that the main part of your background shows up on the 930x1080px box, and the secondary portions of the background can be on the orange part, this will be visible on wide screens, finally the red part is for very wide screens, you could probably leave that as a solid color.


The dimensions of the red and orange columns are 185x1080 and 310x1080px.

Please note - Images are available on the gateway only via a URL/link directly to the image. This means that you have to upload your logo to a website that hosts the image, and use the link to that image in the field on the gateway. Here’s a list of websites that provide free image hosting.

Header & Subheader

The Header & Subheader are plain text, they can be left blank if you choose, you can also choose a color and gradient for both.


The Links are displayed in the footer of the main page, they can be http or https, you can add multiple ones or leave it blank

Choosing a theme / color palette

Mar-03-2017 08-26-21.gif