Events & Activities

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(this is what we did in 2022; activities we do yearly and are expected to be included in 2023 are in bold)

Friday, 9 September 2022  (Registration opens at 4pm)

For the weekend we have the divided ballroom plus guest rooms 123, 124, and 126.

Hospitality snacks and drinks will be available so you don’t starve before Dinner, or any other time during the weekend

Games will be available so you don’t get bored.

Puzzles & Punch (The ice breaker and paper games can be found in your goodie bag. Peachtreat punch will be in the hard-drinks room.)

Codenames - team builder? Ice breaker? Time for your thinking cap

Chocolate Orgy - need we say more?

Saturday, 10 September 2022 (Paper games due by midnight)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Basics of Shibori Workshop - Bring along a couple of white cotton t-shirts or handkerchiefs that could use a new life, and prepare to be creative and amazed, and possibly messy

Chess, a history and how to play it, and how to play it even better (plus sample setups to try to win)

Euchre, how to play it, plus a Tournament

Films From the Past We May See In The Future: Time travel movies - A guide to time travel on screen, from time loops to time-travel romance to Bill and Ted

Your Lymphatic System- It's Time you knew how it Impacts your Health - What is the lymphatic system? What can go wrong when it gets gummed up? What can you do to improve its flow & your health - simple actions & exercises.

Mead Tasting - A brief history and how-to

Mongolia: Well Worth a Visit - Has Mongolia escaped your attention as a country worth visiting? In this presentation, the speaker will elaborate on his 2019 visit to a land of contrasts, where a modern capital coexists with nomad families living in gers.

The Philosophical and Allegorical Journey of Tai Chi - Tai chi - as well as being a profound method of self-care and health practice - can also represent an ordered sequence of symbols that represent the cycle of becoming and passing away.

Rummikub - rummy + mah jongg + luck + strategy

Saturday sundaes - you knew there’d be a time-honored dessert

Speed Puzzling - yes, puzzles can be a group endeavor and a contest both

Toast to our friends at the EG (Eternal Gathering) - to remember all of those who are enjoying our RG in another time and place

Who's That On The Screen? Women and Other Invisible People in Film and TV - Hollywood is gradually discovering that straight, White, non-disabled men are not the only people in the world and, therefore, don't have to be the only people seen in films and television shows. In fact, diverse stories and characters even make good business sense. This presentation will discuss the evolution of this revelation.

Sunday, 11 September 2022


Meet the RVC/AMC - What’s happening in our Mensa world? Ask Nancy Campbell, Vice Chair for Region 5.

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