Events & Activities

(Tentative. Subject to whims of fate, or appearance of even better ideas.)

Friday, 28 September

16:00 Registration opens

Gifted Youth room (314) opens

Game room (103) opens

Snacks available in ballroom

Alcohol including Peachtreat punch in room 104

17:00 Button making / Puzzles & Punch

We’ll bring the button maker. Make a button (or two or three . . .) to compete in Saturday night’s contest. Enjoy Peachtreat punch. Settle in with ice breaker games and paper games in the goodie bags.

18:00 Cow tipping

Can you solve the clues as you tip cows all over the hotel?

18:30 Dinner

19:00 Codenames mega game

Choose your teams — red or blue. Then compete in this innovative word-guessing game that is even better with BIG teams. This is a great ice breaker whether you play with familiar friends or new acquaintances.

20:00 Beer tasting

Bring $5 and your taste buds. Beer dates back roughly 5000 years. Let's discover what modern brewers have done to this primal drink.

20:00 MadLibs

For those not indulging in the beer tasting, let’s see what kind of fill-in-the-blanks you can come up with now that you wouldn’t have thought of the last time you indulged in MadLibs.

21:00 Trivia

Team competition; using primary tools of pencil and paper, which team can arrive at the most correct answers in each category, and strut around as winners early in the RG?

21:30 Chocolate orgy

Chocolate is a primal love, even if it doesn't date back quite as far as beer. We shall indulge in a full buffet of chocolatey goodness. Mensa in Georgia will provide a few basics — cake, brownies, and the like. Details to follow. If you have a favorite chocolate, please consider donating some to the table.

22:00 Game: The Resistance

For those of you who loved Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, here’s another paranoia in a group game. This one improves upon Werewolves, as nobody is voted out, it doesn’t require a moderator, and there is more opportunity for logical deduction.

23:00 Ballroom closes

Saturday, 29 September

07:00 Breakfast

Complimentary breakfast for hotel guests until 10:00.

09:00 Mensa in Georgia Annual Business Meeting

Members are welcome to attend.

09:00 Death, the Word We Dare Not Speak: Are You Ready?

While the title of the presentation includes the word ‘Death”, it is much more about life, and the journey we and our loved ones undertake. The presentation is one (lay)woman’s story of navigating the mazes of her odysseys.

More information on Speakers page.

10:00 Escape room slots open (run throughout day)

10:00 Simple Qigong Exercises to Help Keep You in Your Prime

Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation that has been practice to promote health, spirituality, and martial arts training. This presentation will provide modifications for those who need to perform the exercises when seated.

11:00 Magic Show

12:00 Lunch

Travel back in time to enjoy the simple pleasures of a primary school lunch.

13:00  Primed for a Good Time in China

Join Maxwell's slide show as he recounts how visits to the cities of Suzhou and Lhasa primed him for a good time in China.

Speakers continue until dinner

More information on Speakers page.

14:00 Wine tasting

Is wine the primal drink? After 10,000 years, let's find out.

15:00 Makers’ Circle

Makers can gather to show off their finished objects and works in progress (and wannabees can ooh and aaah). Hot tea, scones, and biscuits (shortbread cookies) provided.

16:00 Tea Dueling

Who knew you could settle primitive slights of honor with civilized tea and biscuits? Learn the rules quickly by watching the 6½ minute video “The Noble Art of Tea Dueling” on YouTube.

18:00 Dinner / Button voting

Honor the cleverest results from our button-making machine.

20:00 Trivia

22:00 Saturday Sundae Party

We all scream for ice cream. If there is any leftover chocolate from Friday night, it might return for an encore.

23:00 Ballroom closes / Not Quite Midnight Movie

We’ll enjoy popcorn and a funny movie in room 314.

23:59 Paper games due

Be sure to turn in those completed paper games to win valuable prizes.

Sunday, 30 September

07:00 Breakfast

Complimentary breakfast for hotel guests until 10:00.

09:00 Meet the RVC

10:00 Toast to friends at EG (Eternal Gathering)

Enjoy non-alcoholic mimosas (orange juice + ginger ale) as we remember friends who made our group better. Followed by announcements including winners and upcoming gatherings.

Confirmed but not yet scheduled:


Massage instruction

Mead, history and tasting