Floris Wolswijk

EA and Entrepreneurship

Floris Wolswijk is an effective altruist and entrepreneur. During his workshop, he will let you think actively about how you can combine those two paths. How can you do the most good, and built a sustainable business? And how does your effective altruist outlook on life influence your business decisions? Do you want to experience what it's like to be an effective entrepreneur? Come join Floris' workshop.

Floris Wolswijk has been involved with EA since 2015. Together with Joeri Kooimans he founded the local EA Rotterdam chapter. Here they, together with other awesome volunteers, organise monthly gatherings of (new) effective altruists. During the day Floris is the CEO of Queal, a company that makes complete meals for busy (or you might say, effective) people. Floris has taken the GWWC Pledge and the Founders Pledge.