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Education for Change welcomes your participation at the Board meetings.  The purpose of a public meeting of the Board of Directors (“Board”) is to conduct the affairs of the organization in public.  Your participation assures us of continuing community interest in our Schools and assists the Board in making the best decisions for our Schools.  To assist you in the ease of speaking/participating in our meetings, guidelines are provided at the bottom of this agenda.  All information on board meetings for the 17-18 school year can be found on the EFCPS website -  

Call In Number- 888-636-3807 Access Code- 9240268#

MEETING - Finance Committee Meeting

LOCATIONS - 333 Hegenberger Road Oakland, CA 94621

6855 Elverton Oakland, CA

DATE - September 19, 2018 4:00-5:30pm

Board Meeting Documents - (Available to Public the Day of the Meeting)



Person Leading

Clock Time


  • Call to order
  • Roll call


Roll call

Michael Barr, Chair

4:00 –4:01 pm

1 min

  • Public comment*

Michael Barr, Chair

4:01–4:04 pm

3 min


  • Adopt the agenda


Michael Barr, Chair

4:04-4:05 pm

1 min

  • Unaudited Actuals        

Recommendation for adoption

Richard McNeel

4:05-4:10 pm

5 min

  • First Interim Projections (Updated Budget)


Fabiola Harvey-Richard McNeel

4:10-4:45 pm

35 min




THE ORDER OF BUSINESS MAY BE CHANGED WITHOUT NOTICE - Notice is hereby given that the order of agenda items may be changed without prior notice.

*PRESENTATIONS FROM THE FLOOR - “Request to Speak” forms are available to all audience members who wish to speak on any agenda items or under the general category of “Public Comment.”  “Public Comment” is set aside for members of the audience to raise issues that are not specifically on the agenda.  However, due to public meeting laws, the Board can only listen to your issue, not respond or take action.  These presentations are limited to three (3) minutes and total time allotted to non-agenda items will not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.  The Board may give direction to staff to respond to your concern or you may be offered the option of returning with a citizen-requested item

*PRESENTATIONS ON AGENDA ITEM - Any person wishing to speak to any item on the agenda will be granted three minutes to make a presentation at the time of that item.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION WILL BE PROVIDED FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL WITH A DISABILITY - Pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in this meeting of the Governing Board may request assistance by contacting Education for Change Public Schools at or call 510-568-7936.

FOR MORE INFORMATION - For more information concerning this agenda or for materials relating to this meeting, please contact Education for Change at or call 510-568-7936.