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RHMS Science Olympiad


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Welcome to our Science Olympiad page.


Interested in joining the Science Olympiad Team?

The link to the application is below.

All applications are due by Wednesday October 8th by 3:00pm.

2021-2022 Science Olympiad Application

If you are interested, look at the Division B events so you can become familiar with them.

Link to Division B Events

Science Olympiad is a competitive science team with events involving studying, performing (labs) or building objects. At regional competition approximately 10-12 other local middle schools will meet and compete. The top 4 teams move on to the State competition.  Students on the team will spend about 8-10 hours a week on their events from October to January, and 12- 15 hours a week in February and March (depending on the students' number of events). Students are expected to work independently on the events and come to meetings prepared with questions/or other items needing help from the coaches.  Coaches do not simply teach - we provide information and students are expected to go and find further resources as needed. This is a club for students who are self motivated.  Each competitive team needs to consist of 15 students.

 Check out Science Olympiad at

Club Sponsor: Amy Beasley