This article breaks down the remaining games and their meanings to the current playoff standings. We will also include the teams schedules that are left in the playoff chase! We will break down each game by tier, top tier is most important.

Teddy Bridgewater is hearing MVP chants from all over the MOF

The NFC is being owned right now by the undefeated (15-0) Minnesota Vikings. Great pressure comes with trying to go undefeated in the MOF, which only legitimately happened once (Season 9 Chicago Bears 19-0). So you can imagine the pressure Coach Jonesy feels as he goes for win 16 and gets ready for his playoff push. The NFC playoffs have already been set, but seeding is now on the line. So let’s see how each game matches up!

Top Tier Games: NFC

Week 16

Dallas (3-11) at Philadelphia (10-4) - The last time these two played, back in Week 4, the Eagles came up with the victory pretty handedly 41-10. The Eagles clinched a playoff berth last night because of the Packers loss to Chicago so this gaem is to keep in the fight for the NFC East. Currently they are behind the Redskins due to their (3-2) divisional record. Hoping for a Redskins slip up, they could jump up and steal the division.

Washington (10-4) at Houston (10-4) - This game will also be featured in the AFC Top Tier games since its a big one for Houston as well, but we’re talking about Washington here. The Redskins, as mentioned above, hold a tie breaking lead over the Eagles for the NFC East. This game is not going to be a walk in the park. The Redskins need to bring their A game to beat Pauly’s Texans.

Week 17

Dallas (3-11) at Washington (10-4) - Again, like we mentioned above, the NFC playoff teams are set. The Redskins will have tough sledding Week 16 vs the Texans, and by the way the Eagles have been playing the Skins are going to need to win out to win the division, so this game is definitely a top tier important game for Mackdaddy’s Redskins. The last time these two played was Week 10 where the Redskins handedly won 45-10.

Atlanta (7-7) at Philadelphia (10-4) - The Eagles will also need to win this game to keep up with the Redskins or to clinch the NFC East. Depending on the outcome of Week 16’s games. The Eagles are one of the hottest teams in the MOF right now and they know it. If they continue to play their game they shouldn’t have a problem winning this game as well.

Second Tier Games: NFC

Week 17

Minnesota (15-0) at  Detroit (11-4) - Both teams have already clinched a playoff berth, and for the most part Detroit isn’t really moving much (either 5th or 6th seed). But this game has all the markings of a big one. The Vikings will no question be starting all their players to try and finish the regular season undefeated. The Lions will not hold any punches and will go for their throats to prevent that. This game is going to have a lot of fireworks, and almost would be considered a top tier game if it meant more in the standings.

LA Rams (11-4) at  LA Chargers (8-7) - The Chargers are fresh off an upset over the undefeated Broncos in Week 16, so they are looking to prove that they belong in the discussion for Season 44 if they can take out the Rams too. Depending on some Week 16 games, the Rams might not be playing for much, but most likely they will be playing for that first round bye that is so coveted. This should be an interesting game, and fun to watch.

Haynes Newman is suspended Week 16 but will still earn MVP votes no doubt

The AFC had their version of the Minnesota Vikings… until last night! The Los Angeles Chargers upset the previously (14-0) Denver Broncos, crushing their hopes for an undefeated season. Alot of blame is falling on Haynes Newman for being suspended for the game, but either way, the Broncos are the head of the class in the AFC and good thing the Chargers are eliminated from playoff contention.

Top Tier Games: AFC

Week 16

Cleveland (11-3) at New England (11-3) - This is a big game for alot of reasons. The Patriots along with the Broncos are the only other team to clinch a playoff berth heading into Week 17. This game means a lot more to Cleveland than it does the Patriots. The Browns could jump into the #2 seed with the win, or fall to the 5th seed with the loss. The Browns are on a 9 game winning streak after their heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs week 5. The Patriots are on an 8 game winning streak themselves, so this is going to be fun to watch!

Washington (10-4) at Houston (10-4) - Featured in the NFC top tier games as well, the Texans absolutely need this game to keep the Jaguars off their back. If the Texans can pull this game off, they will clinch the AFC South and they’ll be able to take a little bit of a breath. If the Texans fall, they will be tied with the Jaguars, and risk possibly missing the playoffs all together, something Pauly is not used to. The Texans have dropped their last two games, so they need to find it in a hurry.

Week 17

Pittsburgh (11-4) at Cleveland (11-3) - Talk about a huge game. No matter what Cleveland does next week, this game will be for the divisional crown. Also, depending on the Browns outcome, if they lose to the Patriots, both teams risk a chance of missing the playoffs all together with a loss and Chiefs/Jaguars win. The last time these two played was all the way back in Week 2 where the Steelers won 40-31. This is a must watch if there ever was one.

Jacksonville (10-5) at New England (11-3) - These last two games for New England are huge games, more for their opponents but if they want to keep that #2 seed they will want to win this game. The Jaguars are hanging on by a thread and need to win this game and get help to get into the playoffs. It will not be an easy task to beat Leet and the Patriots, but if Leet decides to rest some starters, that could make the pathway a bit brighter.

Indianapolis (2-12) at Houston (10-4) - This game’s importance will lie on the outcome of Week 16’s Texans and Redskins game. Either the Texans will already have the division wrapped up, or they will desperately need to beat the Colts in Week 17. The pressure is on the Texans, no doubt about it, but if Coach Pauly knows anything, he knows pressure. He has the most wins in MOF history for any coach.

Oakland (6-9) at Kansas City (10-5) - What is going on in Kansas City? They could have clinched a playoff berth already but they have 3 games in a row and now are on the verge of missing the playoffs all together. They do hold the tiebreaker over the Jaguars because of strength of victory, which could change hands easily. So they will have to win this game vs the Raiders to keep their edge over Jacksonville. The last time these two teams played, it was a barn burner 27-25 victory for the Chiefs Week 11.

Second Tier Games: AFC

Week 17

Denver (14-1) at San Francisco (2-13) - Clearly this game doesn’t mean anything to the 49ers, but the Broncos dropped a game week 16 and they should try to get back into the groove of things before the playoffs start. They will already have a bye week, so getting rusty is not an option. Cobb Webb, the rookie out of Mount Union is having one of the greatest seasons in MOF history, breaking the record for Interceptions and defensive touchdowns in one season.